Heart Shaped Clouds - Much Love Mondays

Hi hi!! A lil' posting, I'm doing this one after reading Much Love for Much Love Mondays & decided to join in with the love, its a great idea! Be sure to check out her cute cute Japanese chocolate biscuits with the heart shaped eyes, I wouldn't want to eat them either, they're sweet!!

Well, what I heart today is seeing heart-shapes in the clouds as I drive past or ride past in my case, it always reminds me that love is all around even when its hard sometimes!! I see at least one everyday - no joke! And it makes me smile every time - what do you love??

Love Love,



  1. this photo is beautiful and calming, love it!

    thank you for all the blog love! Also noticed on your blogger profile you're a Virgo too! Woooo!


  2. @Anna..thank you, happy you enjoy it :)

    Your most welcome, I enjoy reading your blog, gets me away from the day for a bit!! Yes, Virgo..wooo..we are great :D Take good care!!


  3. I heart your heart. <3


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