{Heart says Love} Avalanche City

I've just discovered this fantastic band from New Zealand called Avalanche City! I was instantly taken by the songs jaggling guitars and sweet melodies that remind me of riding along in the car on a beautiful spring's day & spring is on her way I know it! And what's even better is you can head on over to their website and download the album for free - yes FREE!!

The album artwork which is precious is done by the talents of Gem Camille Speeden of Hunter Gatherer.

Enjoy, I know I do!


  1. such a cute album cover! i've never seen anything like it. thanks for sharing this band!

    if you have some time, swing by my little giveaway :)

  2. : ) I think its cute too! Your welcome for the share. My pleasure to swing by your giveaway :)

  3. thats such a fun song:) thanks for sharing.. and the music video.. so cute.

  4. love them! thanks so much for sharing I am always looking for good new music...one of the luxury I miss of having more free time is the time to discover so it's nice to know I might stumble upon something great visiting my blog friends!!!

    Thanks SO MUCH for putting up my little blog badge! It looks so cute with your designs. I tried to keep them simple and make them more like art for blog friends so add a cute design to their blog. There is also one that links to My Paris guide to ladies who want to have a little Paris Guide link on their blog for their readers :-)

    Hope you are well dear and always a joy to stop by the doll house!

    Kisses from Parissssss


  5. : ) Your welcome!! It is hard to get the chance to find some new music, so I am going to try and share some more often when I can!

    Your welcome for putting the blog badge up, it is really sweet & I shall put the Paris Guide one up soon too, as I have many friends who have yet to see Paris, so it will help them :)

    Am doing great, I hope you are well too!!

    kisses from Scotland



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