{Woman to Woman} Lykke & Adele

Hiya beauties!
Well, I had just one piece of music I was going to share & then I came across another & couldn't choose between the two, so I decided to have some girl power and share them both :) I think it works too as both are different sounding, but equally lush, so pending on the mood, you can spin either one and be happy.

First one is the second single from Lykke, off her album 'Wounded Rhymes'.  Directed by Tarik Saleh. I Follow Rivers released on the week of 28th (Feb) globally. Hypnotic vocals with a moody feeling that gets addictive. For more info go to: http://LykkeLi.com

Second up is Adele with 'Rolling in The Deep' from her second long awaited album '21'. The song is powerful as expected and quickly reminds you why you enjoyed her so much in the first place. She's beautiful & highly talented as always. It came out January 24th, so no waiting, hehe!! For more info go to: http://www.adele.tv/home/

I usually spin old records of singers like Kate Bush, but every now and then I find something modern that I enjoy & it's fantastic to see some outstanding female talent that doesn't include being half naked to gain attention due to lack of substance in the talent department, these women are gems & I hope you enjoy them!!

Happy Weekend


  1. Thank you, happy you enjoy them :) x

  2. Lovely music!! Always love visiting your beautiful blog :) Very uplifting!!

  3. Thanks my friend...have a great weekend!! xxx

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    a lot of kisses from poland!

  5. @Eve..thank you :) I love your blog too sweets!! And I shall follow you as well!! lots of kisses back from Scotland!! :*

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  8. J'adore Adele! I bought her album '21' two weeks ago and I've listenened to it countless times already. It's amazing!

  9. Thank you all so much!! I adore Adele, she is phenominal..that voice :)) Happy there are some who enjoy her too!! Love loves to you all!! xx


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