{Adventure} Follow Me Part II

Follow me...we'll wake up when the sun kisses the sky and feel the wind blow to beckon us outside to see what the lies ahead of us....

Follow me....to where the wind blows, the waves rush in and you can feel the soft grands of time slide through your fingers......

Follow me....where the bluest of waters glide across the skin, cooling as the sun warms. No thoughts enter the mind, but the refreshing surroundings of nature and all it's beauty. Where you can transform into a beautiful mermaid and feel free!!

Follow me...we'll wear beautiful colourful clothes and sit along the fields pondering here and there. We'll pretend we're movie stars from long ago..like Audrey Hepburn,
Bridget Bardot and Marilyn Monroe..just because we can & think it's fun ; )

Follow me...we'll ride our bikes along the boardwalk and feel the wind blow through our hair and leave our stresses and cares behind us!

You can ride your bike along the boardwalk or you can be far more daring and grab your board for more water fun....

Follow me..we'll have sweet ice creams to cool us down...any kind you wish, the choice is yours ;)

Follow Me..we'll ride the ferris wheel and touch the skies laughing all the way around until our sides ache!

Follow Me....we'll watch the sun set and cast golden hues over the sands to send us gently into a peaceful goodnight!

Wish all of you a beautiful and sun filled weekend!! Welcome to new readers & friends, hope this finds you well & happy :) Another long week coming to an end.
Much love & happiness to you all

To see: Follow Me Part I
Things I loved this week:


  1. Omg! Fantastic words! Everything is wonderful!

  2. Thank you sweetheart, happy you enjoyed!! xxx

  3. Had a great time following you along in a little daydream in orange! Hope your weekend will be just as lovely darling! xx

  4. Glad you enjoyed!! I hope your weekend will be just as lovely too!! xx

  5. What a gorgeous post, sweetie! Hope you have a lovely weekend! :) xoxo

  6. really nice pictures! a big inspiration! amazing blog!

  7. this is beautiful in every way.

  8. This sets the tone for the weekend perfectly! I'm just hoping for a bit of sunshine (though you know i don't mind rain *wink*) Beautiful imagery...xx -Dani

  9. Thank you sweeties!! Am happy all of you enjoyed & it set you right for the weekend!! Have lots of fun :) xxx

  10. Love the beautiful words and pictures. The colors are very calming and relaxing. The bed on the beach reminds me of rest....something I definetly need this weekend. Cheers again to sleeping on a bed on the beach for more then a few hours at a time, dare I say a full 8 hours :). Lol.

  11. Gorgeous, in spiring pictures!


  12. Thank you girlies!!! Amy, I think in a way, you and I would skip some of the other things and go straight to sleeping!! 8 hours seems so long ago, lol. But the thought is ever so nice!!!

    Have a great weekend everyone!!

  13. heys lovely!

    great to hear from you!
    i've been computerless for a long time now and i'ce missed ur lovely posts!

    i love this post especially the bed by the sea and the surf!
    i've been pretty much surfing every single weekend for the last month or so.



  14. Hey sweets!! Great to hear from you too! Ahh..shame shame! Missed yours too :) How lucky, I'd love to learn to surf, very cool!! I wish I could go surfing every weekend, that would be wonderful!! Keep enjoying for me!!


  15. Gorgeous images to follow along with the beautiful words! I remember Follow Me Part I! I was there and I am here to follow again!

  16. : ) thank you dollface!! Happy to have you along again :) xx

  17. Theses are all so pretty! Makes want to go to an empty beach :)

  18. thank you!! An empty beach sounds fab!! x

  19. Gorgeous images, gorgeous words. I love the ferris wheel particularly.

  20. Have a lovely weekend gorgeous!

  21. Thank you flowers!! @Tea for Two..ferris wheels are wonderful :))

    Hope your weekends are lush ladies!! xx

  22. Love all these summery fun and glamour photos. You have good taste.

  23. Haha..thank you..am happy you enjoed!! xx


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