{The Throne} Happy Monday!!

Throne (noun)

a: the chair of state of a sovereign or high dignitary (as a bishop) b: the seat of a deity
: royal power and dignity : sovereignty
plural: an order of angels

I really want this chair..in fact, I'll take the whole room really :) Not sure if it would be so relaxed to sit in, but I'd definitely look fab in it, haha! Like a rock star with people to clean my house (which I could really use at the moment). Happy Monday, I hope the weekend was great, they predict better weather for me this week, so I'll see how that goes! To be honest, I think I'd sit in this chair and fall asleep, this in between weather we're having just makes me feel sleepy. Anyways..I hope it's a wonderful Monday for you all & the week starts off fantastically!!

Loves n' cupcakes



  1. Happy Monday to you as well! AND YES!!! to that chair. Fabfantastic!

  2. Thank you flower!! Hehe..this chair is awesome!!

  3. :) yes yes! Have a great day!! xx

  4. and so do I! Looks like a perfect chair to fall asleep in or just to chill:)

  5. This chair looks like the absolute ideal place to breastfeed a baby! You need one in your house! Hope the week starts on a warm and happy note for you and your sweet ones!

  6. I would loooove to curl up in that chair.

  7. that chair is fantastic
    yes. i want it too!!

  8. @Martina..yes, it would be the perfect chair to feed the baby in..our special chair :))) I hope your week has started lovely and great for you too!! xx

    @Daniela..thank you :) xo
    @My Style Canvas...yes, me too :)
    @Francesca...let's hope we can have one in the future :))

    Happy day to you all!! xoxoxo

  9. Yes, you would look fab in that chair! Not to mention you deserve the realization of your dream, to have others clean while you rest. All mom's deserve that wish to be granted! : ) And, I'm agreeing, all the right pieces are together in this room and its adjoining room. I'd love to see a broader view.....the sofa or settee next to the chair looks intriguing! I love the gold table next to the chair....just the right touch!

  10. now that's a chair if i've ever seen one. so amazing!

  11. Thank you my sweeties...every woman should have a chair/room like this to relax in :))) xxx

  12. It's perfect! Don't we all deserve one? :) xoxo

  13. that is such a cool chair! :)


  14. Thank you sweeties!! Oh yes, all girls deserve this chair, to sit and feel wonderful in!!! Would be fantastic!! I hope all of you are having a great week so far! xxx


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