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Hiya dollfaces!! I hope you've had a cracking week :) Time for the weekend and time for some fun! Welcome to all my new readers and friends, am very happy to have you here! Feel free to say hello anytime here, Facebook or Twitter, I am always around somewhere to get back to you! Or you can just giggle at my Twitter ramblings and what not ;-)  I'm kind of using this post to catch up on things, I was tagged by the beautiful Anya to answer some questions, sorry it's a bit long. Talk soon!

Love Love to you all!!

My questions were:

1. How would you spend the perfect weekend?
Relaxing with a book or my paints or just outside with nature.

2. Who inspires you as a person?
Myself, my husband and children, my beliefs and art!

3. What would your dream job be?
Some art related job, working in a beautiful gallery or art director for movies/theatre.

4. If you could live anywhere in the World, where would that be and why?
Paris, because it's beautiful, full of art and culture and I always discover something new there!

5. What is your favorite film of all time?
Ooohh..can't decide. Too many I love just the same.

Pride & Prejudice {original}


6. Dog or cat person?

7. If we were going out for the day - where would you take me?
Hmmm...Paris! But, if it's other places where I'm from or have been, I would show you Scotland.


or we'd go to my favourite place back home in America:

{New York}

8. What defines happiness for you?
Doing exactly what is in my mind and heart to do! Then I have no worries or regrets about not doing something. You only get one life, so I have to live it as best as I can.

9. What do you adore most about blogging?
Meeting people all over the world that I otherwise might never meet. Sharing my likes with them and learning theirs too. It's always a pleasure. Although there can be ones that try to ruin it by being obsessed with getting followers/comments or who has what outfit, but their in a pity party with themselves as I don't give time to that. I like to keep it fun and hopefully my blog is a nice happy place to come :)

10. What is your favorite quote?
Ohh..too many. I like ones by Oscar Wilde, Audrey Hepburn, Ghandi. Though, I find it also important to live by your own words too. 

11. Do you like polkadots or stripes?
I love them both, yes...I'll take bows also ;)

Thank you Anya for tagging me, it was fun :)

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Pllease watch!
Learn more about the movement: Invisible Children...Kony 2012


  1. I loved your answers in this post Doll, it's always great to know more about you. I hope that some day you could get that dream job in art and that a holiday to Paris comes soon! Awesome stuff Doll, have a great weekend! It's weird how it came up on my reader that this was posted just one second ago haha, crazy stuff!

  2. oh how I'd love to go to paris one day. And new york! (even though I've went about 7 months ago but it was only for 5 days and was definitely too short!)


  3. This is so nice! I'm also a dog person :))


  4. Paris would be a great place to live! Maybe we could meet up for lunch someday:D I'm so glad our paths crossed and have enjoyed getting to know you! Enjoy your weekend:D

  5. Cool post with interesting answers.

    I've been missing in action of late in terms of commenting here coz of the constant running around.

    I wanna thank you for keeping in touch in my comments box at my blog.

  6. I think, you have a good idea. That's really nice question:)
    Wanna follow each other? so very happy fllwd by fashionable people, as you!


  7. Great question and answering! :)

  8. Great questions and answers! I love your movie choices and I to love logging because I can meet different types of people living all over the place.


  9. YAY thanks so much Kizzy for answering my questions - I adore your answers and would love to see Paris or Scotland with you. And I totally agree with #9 - love the people I have met and love coming to your lovely blog. Happy weekend doll,

  10. I enjoyed reading your answers! You have such a great outlook and zest for life :) Happy weekend Kizzy!
    rolala loves

  11. Great! Maybe we can follow each other?

  12. Amazing answers! I love that you are one of the people that inspires you. So true. And your movie picks are so awesome. :)


  13. love this! and relaxing with a book is my perfect weekend too.

  14. your post really interesting, too, dear. Emm.. what's you name? I can't see in my followers. hehe..

    have a nice wknd! ♥

  15. I enjoyed reading this post. I see that we share the same love for Paris. I also enjoyed watching the Kony 2012 video at the end, very informative. Thanks!


  16. Loved learning a little more about you dear! Paris is also such a dreamy and inspiring place, I do hope you find your dream job in an art gallery. I'm big on quotes too, love Ghandi's.

  17. Love the black and white polka dot tea cups! Just adorable . . .

    oxoxoxox from San Francisco

  18. Loved your answers and learning a little more about you :)
    I've already watched that video, it's really worth sharing.


  19. Tara @ secretsofamomaholic.com9 March 2012 at 21:55

    What an awesome post!

  20. Yes to Paris! (going in June!) and loved these photos and learning more about you!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  21. cool post. i'm from nyc too :D i couldn't agree more with what you said about happiness.. it is definitely doing what the heart and mind wants/needs!!


  22. I knew that I, along with your other blogging friends, would love you all the more by learning just a bit more lovelies about you! And, I have joined KONY 2012 for the Invisible Children. Oh my goodness, I cried watching. What a poignant, and profound, message! Thank you for sharing! I will be continually sharing! xoxo

  23. Hey .... Nice blog dear...m a dog person as well. chk the newest post on ma blog.. lemme know wot u think
    follow each other if u like mine too

  24. Such a cute post - love this !
    I will hopefully remember some of these wise words in the future :)



  25. hello.really niceposts.love ur blog
    i'm happy finding this blog.wanna follow each otheri will be happy fllwd by a cool person like u

  26. Paris is so beautiful. I would love to live there!

  27. nice Q&A dear!! i also want to go to Paris, the most beautiful city.. and also, being an art director would be cool ;D <3


  28. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog!

    I am now following you! I hope you will follow my blog in return!

    www.thesequincinderella.com xx

  29. Love your answers and you picked beautiful photos :)


  30. What a great post, I love how you answered questions with pictures!

    xo Gillie

  31. hey dear... following ya... hope u can follow bk

  32. Pride and Prejudiced is one of my faves :) Mr.Darcy..sigh!

  33. Fabulous post! I really love a lot of things you love. I'm not even an animal person--at all--but that picture of the puppy warmed my heart. How cute!

    [your everyday girl,
    writing about guys]

  34. great answers dear :)
    love your blog
    followed you, check and follow my blog too if you don't mind :)


  35. absolutley love collection and article! so beautiful!

  36. Ah, this is something different from your usual inspirational photos and words post. I enjoy reading and learning more about you. Ooh, and I love quotes from Oscar Wilde too. He's one of the most brilliant authors ever.

  37. I really enjoyed reading your answers and I am a doggie person as well!
    Come to visit my blog and if you want let’s follow each other on Bloglovin, GFC and Facebook!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  38. Love your blog. Hope you are enjoying being an expat doll!


  39. Lovely interview Kizzy - so nice to read your answers! Have a delightful rest of sunday!

  40. Kizzy! I'm just getting to T! LMFAOOOOOO Girl you had me cracking up. I ended up not doing any commenting yesterday. But I did write 5 posts. LOL So that will come in handy. LET"S GO TO PARIS! Girl, I would love to go there. And you're a fan of Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice? I just watched it this year from a recommendation from a friend. It was so good. He's a helluva an actor. Hope you're having an amazing weekend. ((HUG))

  41. the first photo is amazing.. well, each one is crazy, this post is spectacular



  42. Gandi was definitely a wise man!
    If you are ever in Paris, I hope to join you and have some macarons! ;)

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  43. Thank you so much for that fabulous post! The quotes were perfect and I'm so happy you shared that video..it's truly going viral! I hope you have the best week ever!

  44. I haven't seen Amelie yet, isn't that crazy?

    Other than that, that does sound like a perfect weekend, I'd live in Paris too if I could choose anywhere (and speak French better)!

    Loved this post.


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