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Bonjour loves,
Not long now until Christmas day :) All my shopping is just about done, soon I will begin baking up a storm of things to take to the Christmas dinner. I have mounds of things to wrap and cards yet to send – I am behind due to the ice and snow catastrophe we had recently. But, while the hustle and bustle is on for many, I think its important to remember what this magical season is about!!
Wether you believe in God or not, it’s still a season of love, one that should fill us with hope and belief to keep us warm and loving all the new year through. Reminds us, that it’s not all about ourselves, but about others and how we need to reach out in love each day, because the world is filled with so much negativity, why not make it easier for others & ourselves.
It’s a time that should bring all people together, regardless of where they come from, what they believe or where they are today. Because love is the greatest power of all. No matter what religion or beliefs we have, love is more than likely the very first belief, to love others & spread love wherever you may go.
There may be some who aren’t feeling the love around this time of year, due to being alone or depressed or anything. And its this very time, that we should reach out beyond ourselves and show love. There may be family or friends you haven’t talked to in a long time, what better time of year to reach out to them.
I watch this movie every year, sometimes even when it’s not Christmas, as it’s about a man named George Bailey, who’s deeply depressed and suicidal and ready to end it all, when an angel gives him a second glance at what would have been if he’d never been born. It’s a beautiful movie, that always makes me feel blessed for being alive and those who love me & that I can love back.


  1. adore this movie!
    thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! xx

  2. Your welcome & thank you for your comment to, I enjoy your blog & I'm happy you love this movie too :) xx

  3. I love the winter photos - great shots as usual - hugs xxx Helga

  4. Thank you very much, happy you enjoyed them :) Hugs back!! xx


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