Friday, 28 August 2015

Friday Favourites!!!

Happy Friday my darlings!! I hope you had a wonderful week!?! I took Wednesday off to take some outfit pictures, but it rained all day, haha! So, I'll have to get some done another day. But, it was a marvellous week any ways & I'm looking forward to the weekend. I shall leave with you with some favourites & be back here on Monday!! Have some fun my dears.

Loves & Loves

These oh so sweet brooches made by the very talented Amanda Fatherazi. I love them so, they make me smile. Amanda makes lots of different ones and each of them are so exquisite and you can tell a lot of heart and passion goes into them!! I'd love one!!

My favourite Instagram post this week, this marvellous silk scarf I received for my anniversary from my husband. It's from Karen Mabon and it's called the 'Clowning Around' scarf. I'll have it in an outfit post soon :)

My favourite look of the week from my dear Rommy!! I love cotton candy and all these sweet colours. The top is gorgeous and so are the cotton candy clutch & necklace pieces she made, you can find them in her shop as well!! Love it so :)

Favourite editorial of the week, this one is from Harper's Bazaar & it's called, 'Picasso's Women'. Shot by Ben Hassett, it's absolutely brilliant, Picasso is one of my favourites, so I really enjoyed this editorial, they've brought them alive really. You can see the rest of them through the link :)

And lastly, sometime ago I saw this video below of a paper mache dragon being made & it was quite awesome, mine would look a mess if I tried, ha! But, I loved this one!!

Un superbe dragon en papier mâché (Vidéos GAG)
Franchement c'est impressionnant ! :o
Posted by Vidéos GAG on Thursday, 25 December 2014