Wednesday, 22 February 2017

How to have a lovely day!

Hiya baby-dolls, I hope you have a lovely day!! Sometimes life gets way from us and we just forget to breathe. We rush and rush and by the time we are even at the door about to leave, we feel stressed and our day has barely begun. Why do we do that to ourselves? Sometimes, we just need to take a moment and breathe. Just take a deep breath and let it all out. I admit with three daughters, one still a baby, I'm lucky some days if I even change my shirt, haha. And before long, not getting everything done or even a spare moment of quietness, I can feel really dragged down and my spirit begins to feel low. 
So, I'm working to just take small steps to try and bring more loveliness into my day even if I can't get everything done because it's OK to not get everything done. You hear that? It's OK, not to get everything done, we are just one person and we can't carry the world on our shoulders, we must do what we can and be happy. Start small and bit by bit you will get there. I picked this picture because these things are, I feel simple enough to do but create a big impact! When's the last time you smiled at a stranger or had someone smile at you? How did it make you or that person feel? As easy as a day can turn bad, it can easily turn great with such a small step over the line. 
A beautiful perfume is such a great lift to my mood, I love finding a wonderful fragrant perfume  especially one that smells of flowers, and if the day is going negatively, I just breathe in my perfume and dream of being in a field of flowers and I feel amazing. And of course filling your home with flowers & plants gives that mood too. You can try giving out compliments and kind words to make a day better, give out what you enjoy. So, I hope the next time you're feeling stressed or strained, you'll try one of these and it lifts your day! I absolutely love seeing a smiling face walking down the street & enjoy smiling at people as I pass. They may not always smile back, but I feel great for spreading a smile and not letting their negative vibes break my good mood.
What do you do to have a lovely day? Let everyone know in the, have a lovely day dollhearts!

Loves & Loves