Wednesday, 3 February 2016

{Label Love} Dumpster Design - Suzuki Edition!

Hello dolls and Happy Wednesday! I hope you're having a great week so far! The sun has been shining these past couple of days, it's so glorious to see, long may it continue. I read that it's meant to start staying brighter soon, so let's hope! Today, I'm sharing something really awesome with you. Dumpster Design! Long time readers may remember a post about them sometime ago on the blog, but I just love them!! I'm very much into what 'could be' in fashion rather than 'what is', I love that one thing can be turned into something big with a little imagination and hard work. 
Daisy, the creator of Dumpster Design is a genius and these new pieces she's created for Suzuki are sublime. It's like Transformers meets Couture and I love it so...especially since I'm a massive Transformers fan since a child. These are all one-off commission pieces & I'll admit they look better than a lot that comes down the runway at the moment. It shows that imagination & creativity rather than trends and monotonous repetition wins every time. Below, you'll also find an interview with Daisy too, she's a fantastic gal and it would be just incredible to see her work in the flesh...maybe one day!! I hope you enjoy & wish you a sweet day dolls.

Loves & Loves

Suzuki Genuine Parts Dress
Watch the making video here

Suzuki Ecstar Oil Dress
watch the making video here

Suzuki GSX-R 30th Anniversary Dress
Watch the making video

Interview with D.D Creator Daisy Harris-Burland

1. For those that are new to your work, how did you decide on creating couture pieces from recycled materials? 
Hahahaha, well it all started because I'm a massive cheap skate to be totally honest. I was 16 and had prom coming up, all my friends parents were buying them £800 dresses, my parents obviously didn't play by those rules, so I ended up making my prom dress out of what I found under the kitchen sink. It had like a bin bag skirt with bubble wrap petticoat and a magazine cardboard corset top. It was all swell until a drink got spilt down me and ended up disintegrating to nothing while I was on the middle of the dance floor (I'm better at making them now…honest haha). Anyway, I loved making it, I loved the talk it created, and I loved that it was wearable art. It caused such a stir that I knew there was a business opportunity there.

2. Do you think they as well as being beautiful, also make a strong statement about the world's problem with 'fast fashion'? 
I guess they do, well yeah, of course they do, they are 100% recycled, completely bespoke, genuine originals. For me they are art. They fact they make a statement against fast fashion is a by-product.

2. When drawing up your ideas, do you start with the materials first or work on the concept first or does it change from design to design? 
No not at all. I never ever draw a design. I have no idea what the end result will look like when I first start. Which means my clients have to have a lot of faith in me haha. But each dress is so dependent on the materials provided.. its all about how they move, and fold or bend.. I work straight onto the mannequin..the shape and silhouette of the dress will start to come together as the build progresses. Once I have an idea of how a material best works then the making process can be very fast in some cases, the materials do the hard work for me!

3. Have you ever gotten any indifferent opinions or misconceptions about the work that you do? 
No not really, people see that they are very intricate and detailed and therefore appreciate the hard work that has gone into each piece. However some people say ‘well that’s not really wearable is it’ and its like, mate, I'm not making a bloody line of fashion for everyday wear, they are bespoke couture, they are as wearable as any Alexander McQueen red carpet gown. You don’t want to spill red wine on that, and you don’t want to spill red wine on one of mine. Simple haha.

4. If you could pick any company/label or person to design a couture piece for who would it be? 
Oh I really don’t know…before Suzuki I would have said a brand like that. Anything to do with cars or bikes or parts, really I'm an 8 year old boy at heart, I love getting greasy and oily and covered in crap that would horrify a Daz spokesperson or any 1950s middle aged housewife. My whites never stay white that’s for sure. But now I've lived the dream and cut up a motorbike, I guess I would have to say any standard mainstream celebrity who’s into wearing something a little different that would get the recognition that Dumpster deserves. I don’t care about being famous or anything, happy to be a Sia in that respect, but the work is bloody good. And I'm bloody proud of it. And it deserves to be seen.

5. You've just collaborated with Suzuki and I read on your blog that there were some mishaps (like cutting off the wrong bit off of a £700 side panel & putting a pillar box drill through your thumb - ouch) Have there been other mishaps like this with other designs? Because for me looking at them as the viewer, I know I would make a huge mess, haha!
Oh absolutely, the amount of times I go ‘shit. Wish I hadn't done/cut/torn that’. But in all fairness, you only know what works by doing it. It’s all trial and error and most of the time I’ll only realise something is really good when I've just torn it in half by accident haha. Injury wise, I've been to A&E more times than I can count due to various incidents. I've super glued my fingers together on countless occasions, seared my sock to my foot with burning hot glue, Poly Filler in eye, gassed myself in my studio with harmful plastic fumes…obviously only realising they were harmful after blacking out. Seriously, endless fun when you work with me. Endless I tell you.

6. Are your creations heavy to wear or does this vary based on materials used?
Yeah they can be heavy, but you’re right, it is so dependent on the materials- one made from old bike parts- heavy. The one made from packaging peanuts- light. Just basic key stage 1 science.  

7. How would like your work to progress, where would you like to be in the future?
As long as I am able to wake up in the morning, go to my studio (sometimes still in pyjamas, don’t judge) and get covered in glue and paper and all things art, then I am happy. The more people who know about it and see it and buy into it the better, but I'm happy as long as I'm making. Like I said before, my only want is for it to be appreciated on a large scale for the recognition it deserves. And it just so happens that the only way to do that is through fashion shows and awards etc. So NY fashion week, come at me bitch, because I will give you something even your grandma will go home talking about. (Do you think NY week has grandmas? Lets say yes in this instance).

8. Do you have a favourite design from your Suzuki collaboration or from previous work that you've done? 
Yes yes yes. The Suzuki ECSTAR dress. The design was inspired by a Japanese samurai warrior created from this years Suzuki GP superbike. Is it the bikes or the hairy biker men I love? I’ll leave you to ponder that one.

Thanks to Daisy for the interview, if you wish for more information, please check the website or contact: Please do not use/alter any of these photos without permission.