Thursday, 19 January 2017

| Dainty Boudoir | Lazy Bunnies!

Hello lovelies! Posting today as I ran out of time to get my post ready in time for yesterday. This is just a little post to share some pictures taken out by the water during a family walk along the esplanade. The sun was shining but it was icy cold. But, I love winters like this some times better than lots of snow. The air is refreshing, you can feel it fill your lungs and go back out on the warmth of your breath. 
Your cheeks warm like hot chocolates melt in your mouth. The feeling of warm sun rays intertwining with brisk cascading winds energises the senses, Dulling the mind of any worries or care. But, out too long and it can be too much for anyone not use to cold weather. But, for a former Michigan girl (Michigander) these cool days are not so bad. Though, I admit to not liking the rainy days so much when they persist after 3 or more days. 
But, these moments help me to think and clear my mind, feel renewed and energised. How do you clear your mind? Art or nature helps me to center myself, I couldn't live without them! Do you like my bunny?? The little eyelashes make me smile, I love it so. Everyone needs fun accessories that make them smile even on lazy days. My friend Claire makes them & many other precious pretties that I love so much. All hand made & hand sewn by her, she puts a lot of love into these original pieces, that's why I love them so much. Do make sure to stop by her shop as it's so sweet! I hope you have a wonderful day my lovelies, make sure you take time out to re-energise yourselves :)

Loves & loves

{Dainty Boudoir: Sweet Bunny Brooch - Clairey Lou Creations ; Shell Necklace - Suzywan ; Jacket - Gift ; Tights - Ebay ; Shoes - Topshop ; Photos by - Gorgeous Gavin}