Friday, 30 January 2015

Dainty Friday Favourites!

Ahoy dear dollipops, finally Friday & all is grand!! So glad it is Friday as now I can stay inside and not have to go out as it's been snowing and gotten much colder. Although, I may go and do some sledding should it stick a bit. But, what I do have for you are a few of my favourite things from the week to share, I hope you enjoy them. Monday is 'Share in Style' once again and the topic is Tartan, so feel free to join in. Have a wonderful weekend my dears, do let me know what you think of my Friday Favourites!

Loves & Loves

This amazing painting above here by Julie Filipenko, called 'Chocolate Soul', I am completely smitten and in love with!! This face and collar, everything is just too perfect. I can't stop looking at it and feeling lots of happiness. Please check out her other works because she is ever so talented!

This is my dear dear friend Jenny from SheLovesDresses, I love her so much!! She had a fun little giveaway on her blog of this stunning dress she is wearing here and I WON!!! Hahaha...I forgot I entered and so there you go. But, now it's mine, It is handmade by the amazing British designer Alexandra King, stunning red lace. This will be my first red dress really, so I am excited. I'm also excited about the project Jenny and I are teaming up for. I say 'Doll Power' a lot on Instagram and in life in general & I came up with the idea of actually doing something with it, I won't say anymore than that as I'd like to keep it a secret until it's ready and worked out in full details. But, it's going to be amazing and it's already catching on for people on Instagram to say 'Doll Power', which is super awesome!! I will let you know when it's ready :) 

My sweet friend Ivana from A Little Place to call my own drew this picture of me with my pink fluffy coat on, it's so cute, I love it!! Ivana does drawings of many blogger friends and features them on her blog. I really enjoy her art works and blog in general...she's the sweetest do pop over to her blog and say hello if you can. Thank you so much for this art piece & the other one you did of me as well, love them :)

This 'I Heart Unicorns' is just perfect for me, haha!! I first saw it on my sweet Sara's blog & instantly had to have it. I could buy perfume all day if you hadn't noticed already *wink* It's made by a Husband and Wife team - A Beautiful Life and it has notes of lemon, peppermint, pomegranate, and frankincense. Designed to provoke memories of the 80's and 90's!! I love the bottle as well and sure do want to try it :) 

Above: These amazing Ballet Bae platform shoes have had my eyes for a long while now. They are from Dolls Kill and come in white, black or pink as seen here. I love the laces, just really cute shoes!! I'd fall over in them, but I love them still :)

And lastly....I stumbled upon Ulyana Sergeenko's SS2015 Couture line and instantly - as usual became smitten with every item. There isn't any piece I wouldn't wear. I particularly loved the billowing on the cape of this one, it's just so perfect and thought it somewhat echoed the effect of a bustle skirt without being a skirt. The pink is so sweet as well :)

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

{Label Love} Adventure Land!

Happy days darlings!! How's the week going for you so far!?! I hope it's well :) You all know by now that I am a huge lover all things fun and quirky, it's a given!! It makes my life more fun and keeps the child in me happy!! The world is too gloomy and needs more fun :) A little while ago I was followed on Instagram by a shop called Adventure Land, I loved the name, so I quickly had a peek and saw how fun their items were & had to follow back - honestly, I saw unicorns..automatic love!
The idea for Adventure Land was created by Lo, while she was shooting a princess fairytale book. She wanted girls to keep hold of that special feeling you get from dressing up. These are affordable pieces to bring a little fairytale magic into your life & I just love them so. I bought myself the pony earrings with the tassels as their just too cute - though mind you, I have to keep them hidden from my two girls, haha! Will share them when they have pierced ears ;-) So lightweight, I barely feel as though I have them on, which is great! Superb customer service, as I was allowed to pay by paypal at no bother & they arrived quickly! This isn't a sponsored post, I just wanted to share how pleased I am! As you can see below, I have them on, soooooo love them! You'll be seeing them again in an outfit post soon & I will most definitely be shopping there again, below you can see my sure to check out Adventure Land & say hello. Have a great day darlings!

Loves & Loves

~ Adventure Land ~
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They ship worldwide, so treat yourself and enjoy!!

And here's me & my ponies!! Came in this precious shell with a sweet little unicorn friend, that I love! Sweet added details like that make me smile!

~ Dainty Doll Favourites ~