Winter Bliss


As said yesterday, here are some of the photos I took the other day!! The sun is out today like yesterday, so some of this snow will be melting as I type! But, it looked so beautiful I felt like I had travelled to Narnia. I'm not the biggest winter person, more of a sun baby, so to say I enjoyed the snow was a big thing!! Nature in all its forms is amazing! I'll try and go further a field soon & take more, as Scotland is beautiful in the winter around the lochs. 

Christmas day is fast approaching now, I have some last minute present wrapping to do & tomorrow is baking day..much to make, but I do love baking, so that will be fun :)

And I must get in more Christmas movies, I've not watched as many as I would like to, so have to remedy that!! I hope you enjoy the photos, as I enjoyed taking them as always. Keep safe wherever you may be!!

Peace & cupcakes,

Frozen slippers

Reaching out to the light


Blue Dreams

Winter Trees

Sleeping Snakes ; )

Frozen Sleeping Beauty

Whiskers ;)

All Photos by: ©2010.TimbarikaDoll.   

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  1. lovely, lovely pictures. and darling, have a wonderful christmas.

  2. Thanks so much, very kind of you!! Wish you a gorgeous Christmas too!! xxxx

  3. Some absolutely wonderful pics. I love the white trees, its like they've become alive in winter.

  4. Happy new year ! These are such lovely photos !

  5. Thank you very much Daisy...Happy New Year to you as well :)


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