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Hello beauties, Some time ago, I was checking my Twitter and discovered someone new following me, after checking them out, I discovered a place full of beautiful wonders. Their a new online Boutique store bringing you unique items not found anywhere else, ranging from vintage to handmade items. Being the accessory collector I am, It was as if they knew it already & fate was sealed. (I just love when that happens). Because its all well and good to put on a great outfit only to have no accessories to go with it. 
So, I browsed through their site & picked some random favourites to share with you, do have a good look at their site and treat yourself to something pretty :) If vintage or unique items are your love too, also check out: eclectic eccentricity am a big fan of theirs also!

Have a lush Thursday!!


For your viewing pleasure, listen to some beautiful music

Mondialito is a Japanese indie band consisting of members Fueoka Toshiya (composer/arranger) and Junko (vocalist). They formed in 2002, and the group releases music under their own label, l'azur record. mondialito's songs are sung primarily in French, and they have 4 albums to date.

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  1. Well found, more stuff that says Timbarika!!


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