Love Conquers All♥

Happy Monday!!

I'm still tired from the weekend as usual!! Don't you wake up some Mondays and think 'Oh no' and want to go back and hide under the covers!?! I do. Sometimes the things life throws at us can make you want to go and hide, you feel like you can't bare them, its just too much. But, how do we know, if we've not seen the other side yet?? I think the spirit is an un-breakable thing, if only we believed in our own spirits more. Sometimes someone else can do something that can cause us to be broken or not believe so much in others & doubt ourselves, I think that's when we have to dig even further and scratch with all our might to get back to the top. I think it can be done, I didn't always, but sometimes you find there is someone in your life that believes in you that much, you actually draw strength from them when yours seems to have run out. You begin to see the good things in life and the darkness ever so slowly begins to fade away. Just look around you, despite the bad things, there are incredibly wonderful things around that make life worth living and loving. And there can be people in the world that cause you to believe in humanity once more.

Have a wonderful Monday!!

                    "Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it".

Love this one...wish it would happen more :)


  1. I do feel that way on mondays! And you must always look at the wonderful things in life, to live a happy life.
    The T mobile dance is one of those little, wonderful things!

  2. I can feel this way too, I guess its a human thing to feel :) But, gladly there are things or people in the world that can make it better! I agree, the T mobile dance is one of those little things :) Have a great week!! xx

  3. Keep up that positivity!!! Always look for the light when everyone else cowers in the darkness.


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