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Good Morning!!

Well, is it a good morning for you!?! I hope so :) Here, it is slushy outside with ice, as it snowed again over the weekend. Taking my daughter to school was a laugh. Another week lies ahead of us, I hope it will be a great and fulfilling one for all of you.
Since its Monday & I usually like to start the week with something positive, I was browsing photos that I had taken last year & found one of a lady who I was struck by. I've later come to find out her name is Elaine Davis & she holds the record for the most piercings in the world. She currently has some 3,920 piercings and tattoos. She was incredibly friendly & warm, one of the nicest ladies I've met in a long time. When I first laid eyes on her, I was just struck by her vitality and spirit, she didn't care if anyone laughed, she is who she is & has no regrets. Knowing this look isn't for everyone, but I feel everyone can take something away from her diligence for life & its freedoms.
Which made me think, how many times in our lives do we put off doing some activity or wearing something or saying something because we're afraid to be ourselves? I know I've done this many times, I think society as a whole or people close make us believe we're not good enough if we don't fit into the little pre-designed box set out for us, but what about recycling that box and just giving yourself a platform instead!?! A platform to shout 'This is Me & you either deal with it or move out of the way because I am coming through'!! Wouldn't that be better?
Now, I'm not saying get confidence and be a complete arse after. But, confidence to be in your own skin and be ok with that, not over confidence to where you put others down, that's a bully. We're all different any way you look at it, even our friends are different, we're connected by common interests, but different in design and thinking & I think that's a beautiful thing & should be celebrated. I think we need people - blessings in my opinion like her to remind of that we only get one life, love it, live it, be happy, spend time with those who love you - truly love you and lift you up not for who you can be, but for who you are & the potential they see in your heart. Be kind & full of grace, because you never know when you might need it in return. Speak words of love that uplift even when you don't often find them come back your way (a hard one I know, sometimes even for me, but I am working on it) because you never know whats around the corner. Remember Elaine & just love yourself and show the world the beauty that lies within..it might just pick someone up from the floor of despair! Have a Beautiful Monday wherever you may be!!

* Love * Happiness * Freedom *


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