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Happy Saturday!!

It just so happens to be raining, so I will spend the day inside baking and relaxing!! But, just wanted to share with the ladies one of the items that I came across in the sales while out shopping. It's from Ann Summers & its gorgeous! I appreciate anything with a vintage appeal to it & I just so happen to adore stripes, so needless to say I ran straight for this once a foot was through the doors.
Why not wear something beautiful underneath wonderful clothes, no one has to know about it, just something to make a woman feel feminine and enjoy being feminine. Maybe I am leaning this way due to the fact that I can't exactly fit into any of these exquisite things right now, due to being pregnant, but I will be sure to treat myself afterwards. But, I enjoy everything womanly, feminine and Lady-like, we should embrace being women and enjoy it!! And BEST of all its on sale :) So, why not grab a bargain if you can!!

Have a love filled Saturday!!


  1. So THESE are the underbits you were speaking of. hehe I love them, very different and fun!x -Dani

  2. oui oui madame!! Glad you love them too :) xx

  3. You found my weakness - lingerie - more posts like these please, lol.

  4. I agree totally! I am a new follower, dear. Lingerie is amazing.

  5. Hello there!! Yes, Lingerie is amazing, why not make yourself smile :) Happy to meet you! x

  6. I am having a lingerie obsessions right now! These are cute :-)

    xoxo Haleigh

  7. Hehe..me too!! Love girlie pretty things :) xoxo Timbarika!!


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