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Agnes, she takes pictures, she acts, she dances, she’s the Artsychameleon. And I wanted to share a bit of her talent with you. Well, what can I say about it? A lot really, but I won’t, I’ll just a say a little & let her work speak for its self. Looking at her artistic pieces, there’s this exquisite articulation there, something that reaches out and touches your emotions. Each piece brings its own life and movement, much like a dance. Agnes captures something in her subjects that maybe they don’t realise about themselves, a beauty that only a viewer can see and feel. From architecture, people to still life, each piece makes you want to be in the photograph or at second best, hang it on your wall and her presentation style blossoms with a delectable vintage warmth that fills your heart.
Wandering over some of my favourites was a challenge, as I enjoy all of them in different ways. The interesting use of light, colour and shadows really helps her subjects to drown themselves in the idea being put across, each one of them pushes beyond the limits and this can only be the result of a photographer that is so well liked and easy to let go around.
I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know her through her work & she’s even unknowingly helped me to push forward in my own photgraphy with her encouragement and enthusiasm for what I may see through my eyes. She has vision & is able to spot vision in others, which I find would be most helpful not only in her photographic talents, but also in her dancing & teaching abilities.
Each piece no matter what it may be shines & sparkles, I never tire of seeing what she may pull out of the hat next. If one ever gets the chance to work with her, please do, as those who’ve already had the pleasure of it, will agree it was worth every moment to be pushed and expand themselves. Let her tell your story & show your beauty to the world.

Any enquiries about her work or just wanting to get in touch please contact Agnes at the following:

Agnes Muljadi.

©All Rights Reserved. Do Not Copy without written permission.
Permission obtained from Agnes to use her work.

She is a Los Angeles on location, lifestyle photographer.


  1. Marvelous photo work..she has a great eye!! Super models :)

  2. The picture of the girl on the tracks is divine!! xx

  3. Thanks for the links, am heading over to her website now, to check out more :)

  4. Goodness, the mood of the first two is striking! Thanks for sharing!! x

  5. Thanks everyone for the kind words..am happy you enjoy Agnes' work, she's a great talent!! x

  6. Oh goodness, this makes me teary :) Thank you so much Kizzy. It means so much coming from you. You're totally my inspiration and my hero. For reals!
    Now, you just need to come to LA so I can take pics of your gorgeous self & your newbie ;)
    And last but not least, thank you SO much to all the kind comments above.
    xoxo, agnes

  7. Ahh no tears, i will have them too!! Your most welcome, really its my pleasure, you have a fantastic talent - it should be shared!! Ahh..thank you for the sweet words :)
    I will most definitely come to LA when I can, so you can shoot some pictures, besides its warm there, haha!!


  8. You've captured her like no one else. She's a ballet!!! Thank you!

  9. A wonderful writeup for an amazing talent. The fact that you can know her so well through her work speaks worlds in itself. Thank you for sharing so beautifully!

  10. Your welcome Isaac & thank you for the kind words too..Agnes is a gem!! xx

  11. Love your blog! Came across it through Agnes. Cheers to mommyhood.

  12. Ahh..thanks!! Happy you enjoy it!! Yes, Cheers to mommyhood!!


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