Be Soft♥

I found this browsing around on Tumblr and just thought it was beautiful. I think one should be soft, but on the other hand not just lay down and be a doormat, stand up for yourself. The days here are still cold, the wind hits like ice kisses against your face, making you wish you were somewhere else that's never felt the cold. But, thankfully Spring is coming and the sunshine will warm the souls once more. Then most will be sitting waiting for winter to begin again to feel the cool down, hehe. But, its a wonder weather and its many forms, goes with us and our many forms and how all of them make up who we are & we shouldn't let anyone steal them away or mistreat them. I hope the world around you is a beautiful place!!

Have a great Wednesday!!!


  1. This is really sweet, and to think about how much truth it holds, it's beautiful. :)

    It's been really hot around here. I just feel like having ice-cream all day!

    Hope you had a beautiful day. :)
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  2. Thank you :) Ahh..I wish it was hot here, so tired of rain..icecream is great all times :) Hope you have a beautiful day too!! xx

  3. this is a really sweet post! I am still really looking forward to some higher tempertures, it's so freezing cold!

  4. Thank you flower! It is far too cold, let's hope the sunshine is on it's way!! x

  5. definitely keeping myself soft:) love overcomes everything. and True grit was a very good movie! thanks for asking:D

  6. What a beautiful post! I also can't wait for spring it's going to be so amazing to wear skirts and short dresses again :)

  7. This is beautiful :) I totally agree! Just found your blog, now following yay!!!!

    <3mvv {stop by?}

  8. Thank you all so much!! Have a cracking day!! xx


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