Hello hello beauties!!

I hope all is well!! Not that I know anyone getting married, but I couldn't resist sharing these exquisite pictures from the BHLDN website that will be finally having it's grand revealing on Valentine's Day!! (first revealed last year to the industry).  Anthropologie confirmed that they are about to reveal their visions for weddings with the line: BHLDN.

You can check out the site & see it in all it's glory on February 14th (you can sign up just now to hear things firsthand).

The images, the colours, the music drawing you in (listen on website & if anyone knows the music, let me know, I adore it)..all divine!
I think if I had the money (from what I've been told, the retail prices range from $1,000 to $4,000 for gowns & $200 to $600 for event dresses) I would buy some of the items just to wear anyways, as its vintage and dreamy and well, why not!?! I'm sure anyone with good taste could make some of the items work perfectly well into their everyday/dress up wardrobes.

Enjoy, daydream & Love....



  1. I love the vintage look, especially the wispy feather boa bits.

  2. So beautiful! Anthropologie did a great job with this new inspiring!
    xox alison

  3. Thanks so much! They did do a fab job, I adored it all :)


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