{J'adore} Ruffles

I decided on something new...posting blocks of items that I really love at the moment, whatever it may be, colours, fashion, sweets, whatever comes to mind, maybe like a mood board & I'll also add my own pictures, I'm just still exhausted from my cold - hence the found photos, but I love ruffles, anything couture looking or gown-like. I always find it's one of the finishing touches that can really top an outfit off and I always feel grand in something with ruffles and intricate detailing, I would love to be able to create a piece of clothing with such skill, but for now I'll just leave it to the professionals. Hope you are feeling wonderful, wherever you may be!!

Love loves

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(all images were found online. Copyright remains with photographer, for showing purposes only)


  1. OMG, I love ruffles and these are all so beautiful. You have quite the taste gorgeous lady. Thank you for another beautiful blog and inspiration. xoxo

  2. Thank you my sweet friend, I appreciate the kind words..I just love these pictures. xoxox

  3. I love the ruffles! How sweet & romantic. x

  4. : ) me too..they are just gorgeous!! x

  5. Ahhh to wear any of those dresses..wonderful!! I like this idea :)) xx

  6. Super..beautiful picks..these are exquisite!! xx


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