Fantastic You♥

Wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weights you down.— Toni Morrison

When's the last time you told yourself, you should say it at least once a day. Look in the mirror & say it, shout it. Look back and think on all you've done & come through. You've lived & loved, fell a thousand times & found the strength somewhere to get back up another day. You're alive, it's all that matters, right here, right now. Focus on it. Let the smile form on your face, let the sunlight in. Begin to let your eyes become rays of light; strength for your heart to shine and guide its way out of darkness. Get rid of all the negativity in it's many forms & just Believe in Yourself. Be Fantastic, Because you are Fantastic.

Lots of Love,

(image by Rachel Smith)


  1. Ahh..what a lift for the monday!! Have a great one!! xx

  2. Thanks very much!! Happy Monday to you both!! xx

  3. That's such a great quote & oh so true!! xx

  4. Thank you..have a sweet sunday ladies!! x


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