{Photographer} Simon Proctor

Bonjour butterflies! It's friday - yay!! I'm so glad for it, I need a sleep. I came across these images & wanted to share them from photographer Simon Proctor.  I found them quite haunting in the most beautiful of ways & even more so the story behind them. Please enjoy & most definitely go to Simon's blog and read further and discover even more of his work, it's most definitely amazing!! Have a great weekend.
Loves n' cupcakes

'Last summer the friend of the international photographer Simon Procter, Rolande, an aged but still very wild paintress died. The family of Rolande agreed to open her studios one last time before all was cleared away. Simon Procter with help from his friends at Christian Dior Couture and his Paris creative team shot in this extraordinary space. The young french model Pauline Serreau was given the daunting task of embodying the dead artist. The following image,are a unique example of life, art and death interpreted through contemporary fashion photography'.



  1. LOVE them! Have a happy weekend too :) Thank you for your sweet comments, I feel like watching Pretty in Pink right now! xx

  2. Thank you :) They are gorgeous aren't they!?! Thank you as well for the wishes..and your welcome for the comment..I feel like watching the movie now too :) xx

  3. They look wonderful, enjoy your weekend!

  4. I've seen these somewhere around. They're really beautifully taken! And a little haunting too, but of course, in an artistic kind of way. x

  5. Thanks everyone..am happy you enjoy them!! They are a bit haunting, but very beautiful! I think haunting was what was wanted & very much achieved!! xxx

  6. amazing. definitely a bit haunting, but in the best possible way. drooling over these gowns and dying over that first picture! thanks for sharing :)

  7. I love that first photo. So beautiful! thanks for sharing :)

  8. @Beverley & much love...thank you for the sweet comments, am happy you enjoy the photos..I love that first picture best too!! Hope you've had a great weekend xx

  9. Oh Dior, Dior. J'adore dior. I love their perfume, their BLACKout mascara, I love their haute couture!

  10. Me too..always my favourite with what they design :)) If I was rich, I'd buy everything :))) Thank you!! xx

  11. just lovely ; )




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