{Beginnings} Bloom Brightly

.... il n'est jamais trop tard pour être ce que tu veux être | it is never too late to be what you want to be....{there is no limit, start whenever you want} {quote from: eva juliet}

Friday, woo-hoo!! And what's even better is it's another sunshiny day outside! If it continues, I shall be spending the weekend outside enjoying it after a long sleep in ; ) I think I may go out to the water to listen to nature where it's quiet and not too many people are crowded around. I was actually half way up a tree when I took this photo..sometimes the best looking flowers are the ones that aren't able to be touched by passersby. Nothing says Spring to me than flowers all over the place, the perfume they leave in the air is calming. Although I don't really take too many pictures of flowers now..I do try to stop and smell them once in a while I'm out with my camera. I found this quote randomly & it kind of hit on where I am just now, thriving towards getting where I want to be, sometimes people can make you think you're not good enough, but you have to look inside yourself and rebel against that, because at the end of the day, other's opinions mean nothing, it's you that lives your life & you should live it the best way you can & achieve all you wish to achieve. I think when we deny being fully ourselves, we deny the world of seeing just how marvelous we are :) Have a sunny and bright weekend filled with happiness!!

Lots of love,


  1. Very pretty this flower picture! Can't get enough of flowers right now, i missed them so much! Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Thank you!! Yes, I feel the same, must have flowers everywhere, have missed them too!! Thank you, to you the same :) x

  3. yay! excited. gets me excited when reading this:) it's still in the morning, but I hope the sun comes in the afternoon.

  4. It is not so easy to go against the flow and not to care about others opinion. As a human beings we crave attention and aceptance within society. But I do agree that we should be ourselves always and do what makes us happy (as long as it is no harm to others)
    Have a lovely weekend with many flowers :) Xx

  5. @Cylia...Thank you :) Am happy the post gets you excited for Spring & I hope the sun comes out for you today!! xx

    @Moni...yes, it's not always so easy, but if you never try, then I think you never fully discover who you are as a person. We do crave attention, but we shouldn't ever have to change who we are to be accepted, because then we aren't being fully accepted because others aren't seeing who we really are, so it's a bit fake. Being ourselves helps & I guess we won't always be accepted by everyone we meet, so we can only just accept that & keep being who we are, because it's not our faults really. But, I think some take it as their faults & try to change. We should just be happy as you say as long as we don't harm others!! You have a sweet weekend too with lots of flowers!! Xx

  6. I also sometimes prefer to smell a flower rather than take photo, it makes me more happy to feel it than to look at. I hope you also have a sunny weekend!:)

  7. Thank you very much dollface!! Xxx

  8. I'm pretty sure that all of the lovely flowers that just bloomed around here are now dead because of the massive snow we just got. HOW LAME.

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  9. Uff..that's is lame!! I hope the sun will come and blast the snow away again!! Have a fab weekend x

  10. oh wow, great photo girl! Have an amazing weekend!

  11. Thank you darling girl!! Enjoy your weekend too!! xx

  12. Love photo!!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Char x

  13. Your post is simply amazing! Loves it! I'm now subscribing to your blog on my google reader!

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  14. Thank you ladies, am happy you enjoy!! Wish you a great weekend too!! xx


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