{Daydreams} Amongst the Flowers

Spring Summer 2011 - The Campaign from Mulberry on Vimeo.

Ahh..it's finally officially spring & I am lovin' it!!! The sun has been shining here and it's beautiful!! I love spring, flowers coming out, birds singing, new animals hopping around in the fields (when your in the country that is) the air fills your lungs and you feel alive once more. I am definitely a Spring/Summer person rather than a winter person. Although I do adore Autumn (Fall as called in the US) too with all it's magical colours! My weeks lately have been baby shopping mostly, to get those last items needed, more shopping will be done after the baby arrives as we will then know if I have a prince or a another princess :) But, I have managed to sneak some items in my cart for myself which I will try and share with you all soon. I quite liked this advert from Mulberry & wanted to share it with you in all it's Spring glory!! I hope you have a beautiful day & that the sun will shine for you no matter where you are!!

Happy Spring!
Lots of loves


  1. I am definitely also spring and summer person :)
    I bet the shopping is exciting! I´m looking forward to know if you having a prince or princess Xxx

  2. I'm a spring/summer lover too - so refereshing to see the world getting green and pretty again. And you're having a baby! Oh my, congrats . when is it due?

  3. Happy Spring to you too! Isn't it wonderful?

  4. Thank you my sweeties!! Yes, Spring is wonderful, I just love the new wave of air and sights to capture with my camera!! I am looking forward to more shopping once I know if my baby is a boy or girl :) @Martina...I am due May 3rd :)) xxx

  5. Yes, I am so happy spring is finally here! Sunshine makes me happy :D

  6. Yes, time to relax and enjoy the sunshine :))

  7. omg lucky you, it's still minus 10 here even though its spring, but it is warmer that I don't need mittens, hehe

  8. Ahh...hope you get some warmer weather..it's coming for you ;) Thankfully no more mittens for you!! Wish you a fab day!! x

  9. love this campaign :)



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