Red Nose Day 2011

This Friday, March 18th is Red Nose Day for Comic Relief. In the UK it's where the whole country joins together in doing something funny for money and change the lives of those in need in Africa. The crazier you get, the more money that can be raised to make a difference in the lives of many. Celebrities, Sports personalities, Musicians, anyone can do something to donate money. Whats more better than giving to someone in need and making life for them a little easier, wouldn't anyone want the same!?! Everytime the event comes along, we sit and watch all the different people doing something crazy to raise money and awareness & also watch the stories of those the money raised goes to help, I can't help but be brought to tears & realise my bad days are nothing compared to those innocent lives face everyday. Please check out the website for Red Nose Day & donate or raise money as you can, you could save someone's life!!


Also, let us not forget all of the countries that have recently been dealing with tragedies themselves, Australia, Japan & Hawaii. Now is the time to bind together and help those in need. Because if these things can happen there, they can happen anywhere.

and to help:global giving | google person finder | british red cross | american red cross or text: redcross to 90999 to make a $10 donation | canadian red cross or text: redcross to 30333 to donate $5 & the canadian government will match the amount to $10 | australian red cross | or here to find a local chapter


  1. It's a fantastic event to raise money for Africa & we musn't forget the tragedies in Japan & Australia, so many innocent lives lost and shaken!! Blessings to them all! x

  2. great event! lovely post (:

  3. so wonderful! :)

  4. my prayers go out to them!

  5. It's so tragic what happened in Japan, and scary with the nuclear power plant. I hope things get resolved soon with it and my prayers are with the families in Japan :(

  6. It's super sad and scary..I just hope enough aid can reach them & get them all to safety. xx

  7. Thank you for sharing "Red Nose Day". I've never heard of such a fun and creative way to raise funds. I have come across soooo many wonderful fundraising means for those who are suffering. Every little bit we give helps in such a big way!

  8. Your ost welcome!! It really is such a fun day filled with great meaning. And kids just love dressing up and raising money, it makes them feel good to help too :) I hope you have a great weekend!! xx


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