{Escapism} Where would you wish to go?

                                   {Escape Machines - Surprise from The Cool Hunter on Vimeo.}
{DDB set up black cubes in Paris that were sort of a cross between HAL and the monolith. When passersby pushed a button on the "Escape Machines," the cube asked them where they wanted to go, and then made their dreams come true in an eruption of confetti.}

Happy Friday flowers,

I hope everyone is well, it's been another long week & the weather here has been up and down, lots of rain today (no April fool's joke here) But, thankfully my daughter will be off school for a break and I can rest and relax more, which is very much needed. I found this video on vimeo and really wished something like that would happen here. I thought it was funny how most people were afraid to walk up and do it & then when someone brave took the chance, the prize was amazing. Where you would wish to go to if someone asked you & then made it happen?? At the moment, I'd choose anywhere warm or if not I'd go to Paris for some shopping and relaxing or somewhere exotic for some Indiana Jones like exploring. I just thought it was such a grand thing to happen to these individuals, they would have had no idea what awaited them when they woke up that morning!! I hope everyone receives a surprise in some way like this in their lives. I wish you all a beautiful weekend, wherever you may be!!

Lots of love,

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  1. I would choose to go to Chile - being in places like this http://www.destination360.com/south-america/chile makes you forget about all the problems and breathe in the pure beauty of the world :) Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Chile would be splendid! Some days out exploring and breathing in the atmostphere would be perfect, I'd enjoy that :) You have a lovely weekend too!! x

  3. Paris for me! Thanks for visiting Inspired Design.. I am now following you! xo

  4. @Debby...Great choice :) Your welcome, I enjoy your blog..wish you a sweet weekend! xo

  5. How wonderful to be hugged by two huge kisses! So much fun and excitement! I just need my trips back and forth to New York to visit my oldest son! Love NY. Love him more. I pray for your much needed rest. Get every ounce you can! xo

  6. Aww...I hope you will get your trip to New York to see your son, how wonderful that would be for you!! And I am sure he would love it too :) Thank you for your prayers, I apporeciate them!! 5 more weeks until my baby comes & I have hit my peak of tiredness!! But, I am so excited!! xo

  7. Audrey Hepburn said "Paris is always a good idea" :-) but I would prefer something far away from shopping...travelling on exotic destinations near nature is always a transformational experience. it inspires... lovely greetings to you from another travel addict :-)

  8. great quote on the right by Audrey Hepburn! Happy Friday

  9. @Design Elements...I love Paris & enjoy spending time there. But, I agree, sometimes being far away from shopping & people is more nurturing to ourselves than we realise. I love exotic places & discovering new things & throwing on a pair of jeans and a tshirt to do it is relaxing in itself!! Happy greetings back to you, hope you have a great weekend xx

  10. OMG that is sooooo cool!
    talk about interactivity!!!!

    cool hunter has the best stuff!



  11. How about India.
    Visiting from Martinas blog, you have a wonderful space here...
    Have a lovely sunday:-)

  12. @Lisa...yes, it's brilliant!! I enjoy the Cool Hunter loads, always great what gets found :)) x

    @Arti...India would be grand, lots of rich culture and beauty :) Thank you, you have a wonderful Sunday too!! x

  13. hmm I want to travel the world with my boyfriend, I want to be everywhere, hehe.

  14. You should, will be a great experience for you..go everywhere you can go..helps the spirit to grow :)

  15. Thanks ever so much for stopping by my blog and leaving the lovely comments. I enjoy all your places of inspiration and encouragement and I am happy to have found you.

  16. My pleasure :) Thank you, so very kind of you to say!! I'm happy you enjoy. Wish you a wonderful week x

  17. Vraiment super ce blog! ;)
    A bientôt!
    Mélanie (pour les amoureuses de vintage : http://fripesketchup.wordpress.com/)


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