Where The Wild Things Are

Happy Wednesday peaches, I hope your week has been sweet so far!! Mine has been peaceful and quiet. My daughter is on holiday, so we've been hanging around, though the weather has been a bit mixed. She loves animals and has her own zoo of them (toys of course - although she'd have real ones if I let her) and I'm planning on printing out these photos for her room that we took at the zoo sometime ago & then just decided to share them to give you a bit of insight on what I do besides being a mother :) My camera goes everywhere with me & I snap pictures of everything I see. I love animals, but going to the zoo is always bittersweet to me, I love that zoos are working to keep species thriving and alive, but at the same time I would love for them all to be able to run free in their natural habitats. I guess until we can lock down poachers and stuff like that, this is a way for them to keep existing. But, taking pictures of animals is one of my favourites besides people. Always full of expression and life. I hope to one day travel where they run free & capture them in wild abandonment. Well, I wish you a grand Wednesday, keep well & go wild!!

Loves & lollipops,

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{A Light in the Dark}


{Eyes are like doorways to the soul}

These two beauties above & below came right up to us and stayed for a while, it was an amazing experience even between glass to have them rub against our hands and want to get close to us. If I could have guaranteed they would not have eaten me or any one else, I was quite tempted to set them free ;)

{Day Dreamer}

{Sleepy Days}

I assure you, the monkey was actually sleeping and not anything else, such cute and pleasant creatures.

{Walk Like a Monkey}

{Can I have a bite?}

{Lost in thought}

{Stand Tall}

{Lazing Lion}

{All images copyrighted to me, Timbarika Higgins. All Rights Reserved. Taken at The Edinburgh Zoo, in Edinburgh, Scotland}


  1. waow these are really amazing girl! you have some talent:) what camera do you use? thanks for your feedback on my story:) really appreciate it! I'm having a great week so far.. hope you too;)

  2. Your photographs are AMAZING! Love these. xo

  3. Thank you very much sweet girls!! Am happy you enjoy them :) xo
    @Cylia...I use a Sony A350..really would like a Canon when I can save up enough to get one, but it's not always about the camera, more the eye who takes the picture :) And I love taking pictures :) My week is going grand..thank you sweethearts!! xox

  4. Beautiful, you can see your love for animals through your pictures & I can see you have an eye for feeling their emotions too..I want to go to the zoo now :) xx

  5. Ahhh...I love the monkeys..haha..so funny!! Outstanding work :) xx

  6. Well, thank you very much!! How nice to read..I appreciate all the kind words, now I don't know what to say :) I hope all of you are well and have a fab week!! xxx

  7. You take some amazing pictures Timbarika!!!You capture the soul of some of those creatures. Keep it up!!!

  8. beautiful nature animal shots

  9. Love the monkeys!!!! :) Maybe cos I´m a monkey too hahaha
    I wish to go to safari park to take the animals in nature - would be awesome! Have a lovely weekend Doll!!! I am off to Poland in 3 days...not gonna be online so often....I hope I´m not gonna miss your big news! kisses and all the good energy from Madrid!!!! Xxx

  10. oh my goodness! i cannot believe you took these pictures, they look like they're right out of a magazine. and the animals were all so cooperative, i don't think i've ever seen a leopard at the zoo before!

  11. Wow, great pictures! I always have my camera around because you never know when you need to capture a moment right?

    Hope you're having fun with your daughter!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  12. These are absolutely amazing! I love them :)

  13. Thank you all so so much, I really appreciate such sweet words! I'm happy you all enjoy my work. I get a real pleasure from taking pictures & animals never cease to make me laugh or challenge me when taking a picture!! I hope all of you are well & have a great day!! xx

  14. WOW, such great pix! Well captrured. I love the lion best, that is how i feel today, just lazing in the sun (if i could ;))! They will look good in your daughters room!

  15. omg I thought that monkey was dead too! it was just limping there lol. I love the lion sleeping pictures, mmm I think I need a nap now :)

    you have a great blog, I'm following you now!

  16. Gorgeous. Love animals! I went to the bronx zoo over the summer and it was so awesome to see all the animals in action.

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  17. Thanks everyone for the great comments, I appreciate them, I shall visit your blogs soon :) I love animals too & they have great characteristics, you never know what you may get to take a picture of :) The monkey & lion make me very sleepy too, hehe!! Wish you a wonderful rest of the week :) xx

  18. such amazing pics! :)


  19. I love going to the ZOO. It remings me of my childhood, when everything was so slow, so big and so wide. Now the world has shrunk a little bit, at least for me. ZOO is the place where I can eat ice-cream and candyfloss til my stomach starts to ache. I also prefer animals to run free in their natural habitat, but Im sentimental about zoos though. Have a great weekend dear!

  20. loveeeeeeee the black and white and the silhouettes.



  21. Thank you sweethearts for all the happy comments, am pleased you enjoy the photos!! I hope all of you have a safe & wonderful weekend!! xxx

  22. Such pretty pictures! Great blog you have! Kisses from the Netherlands.


  23. Thank you very much!! Kisses from Scotland!!


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