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Hello flowers! I had this post pre-set to post for today, as I've been getting contractions now & need to rest when I can and time the contractions as they come. Funny thing about labour is it can come in a flash or you can be waiting for a while for it to progress, so I am going to keep moving around as I can to help it along and rest too. I loved this quote as it's so true & sometimes I need to read words like this to wake myself up. We really must love the person we are, as we are one of a kind, created in love. Don't follow anyone else's path, carve your own! Love yourself and any flaw you may have, because that's what make us all beautiful! Have a beautiful Wednesday & I will try and keep everyone posted on things!! Lots of love to you all!!


  1. Hey you! Love that quote - so true! And oooooh, your baby is preparing to come. Hope you still have a relaxed day - am sure this will work out fine ;) xox

  2. very nice article!


  3. we are beautiful:) and so are you!

  4. There is some truth in this. Maybe loving your flaws is all about the ability to laugh at them? I mean having some distance to what we do and who we are?
    Have a good night!:)

  5. Best of luck with the baby times! I hope it's joyous and lovely (and not too painful,ha)! ♥

  6. I am a little behind in reading all of my favorites! I am impressed with your ability to keep moving along naturally while in labor! What a champ! I love the resilient mother in you! And, I love your inspirational quote!


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