{Style Inspiration} You Can Leave Your Hat On!

Happy Monday flowers!! What a rainy weekend I had & it's still coming down :/ Where did my spring go, I wonder!?! Ahh..am sure it's coming back and lots of sun is on it's way! I hope all of you had a fabulous weekend. With all the rain, it made me think of hats and I love hats!! I wish I could just buy lots of them in all kinds of styles. I love how they can change not only your attire, but also your face and attitude. And best yet, hats are something you can wear all year round and they never look out of place. I adore this first picture the most, I actually would like her whole outfit to wear, hehe! Stunning photo. Well, I am rushed off my feet with my new baby, but enjoying. Looking forward to the summer and relaxing with school runs and just being in the sun :) Not long now!! I hope all of you have a beautiful Monday & week to come!! Thank you so much for all the sweet comments, I try to keep up with them and your blogs, it may take me a while, but I will return the kindness. And a BIG welcome to all the new people that I've noticed around..great to see you!! Take good care!!

Loves & big hugs,


Hat by Dior - 1948
L’Officiel De La Mode - 313-314


Isabella Blow
{All images via Tumblr}


  1. Love the second image down, so gorgeous! Love the mustard, pleats and hat! Miss Walker xoxo

  2. Yes!! That's the kind of hat to wear with many different styles too!! Great with pretty little dresses like the one she's wearing, I love the pleasts too :) xoxo

  3. i missed your posts as well!
    i haven't been online much so i'm getting my blog catchup sesh right now!

    lovely set and great photos as always!
    loveeeeeee the eiffel tower. its couture but spells ironic to me as well!

    hope ur well lovely!



  4. I love all of these hats. Especially the second one. I must get one for the summer :)

    Hope things brighten up for you, my dear! xoxo

  5. Love the many styles of hats! Actually the styles are endless! I wish we wore hats more often in America! But, for now, we'll just indulge in lovely images like these!

  6. Thank you flowers!! I love so many hats, it's hard to choose!! I wish everyone wore different hats, it would be nice to see on grey days!!I hope all of you are well & wish you a beautiful week!! xoxo

  7. the photo with the big pink flower hat is gorgeous.
    I love hats, so for me great post.
    Hope everything is ok with you and your new baby.


  8. : ) Hats are fantastic, just love them!! All is ok here, thank you for asking!! We are enjoying my new baby lots, she is another joy for us!! I hope you are well & have a great week!!


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