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Hiya dollfaces, I was sitting at home watching this documentary that I had taped (because they come on at night & I'm not always able to watch TV when trying to get the kids to sleep) and I was very moved to watch how this young boy works every day. We complain so much how we don't have this designer bag or that designer whatever & this young boy, who in my opinion like my girls, should be out playing ball and happy with friends is working many hours for very little money, just so jewellery stores can have gold for us to buy. I just don't see how this is fair, is gold that needed for an outfit or wedding ring or whatever!?! The way he has to drop into the mine to get the gold is so dangerous, not to mention how he's put at risk by breathing in the mercury fumes and touching it with his bare much shorter is his life going to be!?! This has me thinking that a person's happiness of a gold watch or ring is just not worth shortening and even ending another's life!
Some may be sitting and thinking 'Well, why doesn't the government do something about it?' I honestly can't could be said that they want to keep the money coming in & it's lots of governments and companies sharing in the wealth of this trade, not just one. As all the gold gets combined to be sold to jewellery stores..very sad! Then you can say, 'why do the kids and people do this work?' Well, have you ever been so hungry you'd do anything? Have you ever needed clothes or other everyday things to survive? It's all they have, theres no mall they can go and work at and get paid fair money, so this is what they do. I just hope the next time you buy a gold item or diamond even, you think of who may have risked their life so you could have it and ask the jewellers where they got it from. Many jewelers - good ones should be able to tell you where they sourced it from & if your not sure, don't buy it. I've joined the campaign in rejecting dirty gold mining and I hope with everyone's help we can bring an this an end to this shameful way and bring awareness to people to be more conscience of the products they buy. This not only has a majour impact on the children & people who must work for the gold, but it also has a very dramatic effect on the earth as well. It has me thinking that I'll be much more aware should I wish to buy gold jewellery (which I most likely won't as I don't really like it to begin with) and ask where it's come from, to save not only lives, but the planet!


This is part of the documentary revealing the dirty gold practices, speaking to a young boy about the work he does and how it effects him & others working, very sad. I could hardly watch, but its so important to know what effect it has!

For more information &/or to sign the pledge to end Dirty Gold Mine practises, go to:


  1. This is horrifying..those poor children. I have children around their age & I can't imagine sending them to work anywhere, let alone a place like that! It must be stopped..I didn't know all these things..thank you for posting them & making me aware!! xx

  2. I watched this even though it was basically teaching me to suck eggs (I already know it and would never touch gold with a ten foot clown pole) because I think it's good to have a reminder of the reality.. And that camera going down the mine on that boy scared the crap out of me. This world is a strange unfathomable place at times..

  3. @Sara..your welcome. I only had a small knowledge of this, but thankfully know more now to not even bother! x

    @Tea for and me both..I was terrified when he went down the hole, just not right. The world is a wrecked place!!

  4. No child should EVER be anything but loved, or expected to do anything but receive LOVE! I can't take it! And, what's good in the world is tarnished by evil doings! Our God has given enough in this world that this and every other child should be taken and nurtured to health and loving intelligence! I wouldn't be rich for more than a day 'cause I'd be giving it away to those who need it!

  5. I agree with makes me angry and so sad at the same time!! We have so much, its just not right that there are still those who go without and have to do these things to make the money they need and it isn't even enough for them. These are the people worth fighting for!! Thank you for commenting, most ignored this post, but I just feel strongly about it!!


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