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\bi-ˈjü-əld, -ˈjüld, bē- also -ˈj(ə)ld\
: ornamented with or as if with jewels

Happy Friday flowers!! I hope you had a great week! The sun has been here on and off, but it's been enjoyable. I received an award the other day and I just wanted to say a massive thank you, I really appreciate it. Thank you to Kariyah, who gave me this. Below is what I had to do, I hope it's not too boring! I will award the 15 people later, as I need to think about it. All of you have a wonderful weekend with lots of fun!!

Love loves


• Link back to the person who gave you this award
• Complete the form below
• Share 7 random things about yourself
• Award 15 bloggers this award and notify them of the award


Name your favorite colour - baby blue
Name your favorite song - I have too many to name, but here's a few: 'Just Like Heaven' by The Cure, Girls Just Want to Have Fun' by Cyndi Lauper,  'Hymn A L'amour' by Edith Piaf.

Name your favorite dessert - anything chocolate

What upsets you - Arrogance and intolerance

When you're upset you - listen to music and sing

Your favorite pet - don't have a fave. I have 5 geckos at the moment, I'd like to get a bunny and another gecko - a day one though thats blue :))))

Black or white - Black

Your biggest fear - not achieving the things I want or not having the courage/self belief to do so.

Best feature - no maybe

Everyday attitude - laughter

What is perfection - seeing your imperfections and be ok with them.

Guilty pleasure- eating a shed load of cake...but I love to bake ; ) I'm forever chained to hip hop abs to stay healthy.


1. umm..I collect teacups, vintage ones, anything unique looking and usually never a set, I like random pieces more.

2. When I was little I wanted to be Wonderwoman, I had the costume, my mum made me a truth lasso and head gear and I would run around the house tieing up my toys as bad guys and jumping off the furniture & got in trouble ;) lol. (Linda Carter version always)

3. I love love Period dramas (well all kinds of movies too) but I adore Pride and Prejudice (original, no remakes) and laugh how she loved Mr. Darcy as soon as she seen his huge house, but I liked him as soon as he walked through the door and had that grumpy, stern look on his face, haha. My husband makes the same face - yesss <3

4. Just before my mum had me, she went to a KC & the Sunshine Band concert and when I was little I was obsessed with them and my mum had never played me any of their music after she had me, only while pregnant, so she thinks I must have been jamming away to them in her belly, lol.

5. I enjoy living in United Kingdom more than America...I've learned so much here, the people are darling, the way they dress and carry themselves has actually helped me to gain confidence, the wide range of accents is enjoyable, really the British charm is infectious and they have the best tea, lol ; ) (I say UK because I've lived in England & Scotland and I enjoy them both)

6. I like accesories and bits and bobs, this isn't all of it, only what I could fit in the shot, lol!!! Oh and squeezing this together..I don't follow fashion trends nor do I listen to some over paid whom ever try and tell me how to dress or what to wear, I wear what I like and what I feel good in, simple as that!! I tend to dress in eras, haha. I like different styles from different years, its like time travelling for the day ; ) lol.

{Miso Pretty lotion, smells like blossoms: gift; Dior Perfume, Lanvin perfume, some vintage necklaces, pink heart necklace made out of a vinyl record for my friend's band My Passion, 3 old vintage boxes (my husband collects them - the older, the better, we have them all over the house), some polishes gifted to me, mother of pearl necklace gift from Austria, Geisha doll - from a set of 4.} 

7. I'd like to live in Paris sometime.

{©KizzyDoll. Please Don't use without my permission}


  1. Nice post =)
    I like your blog =) Following you =))
    Hope you follow me back ^^

    And thanks for the comments on my blog ^^

  2. Oh and I so wanted to be Wonder Woman too!!! I even had the underoos. Do you remember those? LOL

  3. That picture of bejeweled face is gorgeousss !!! :)
    love it how all your posts give me inspirations !! :D

  4. nice pics!

    i live in paris, it's a good place to live!

  5. Congratulations on the award. Such cute accessories. Hope you have a lovely weekend too!

  6. Congratulation !The photos are great. Enjoy your weekend. :D

  7. wow. that first photo is simply stunning.

  8. thank you for your comment darling!
    i follow you !
    have a great weekend!

  9. Congrats on the award! A smile sure is a great "best feature" and I am sure yours is just lovely :)

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  10. Hey !
    I'm in love with the first pic, I would love to takes pictures like that :)


  11. I also love period dramas! They are just so good! Have you seen the Forsyte Saga? It's one of my favorites!

  12. who doesn't love Mr Darcy??? love this post and definitely a well deserved award!

  13. congratulation! you deserve to be awarded! nice blog!

    It's a GIRL Thing

  14. Lovely stuff about you - I always love learning a bit more about my blogfriends - :) I too LOVED living in England - the diversity, the chivalry and the pace - make me miss my Londonia :) Have a great weekend doll - A xox

  15. cool photo and it's great to learn more about you.

  16. omg that first pic is gorgeous! ♥

  17. i love the facts about yourself! make me wanna be friends with you more!

    jos xx

  18. i like reading your random facts :D love wonder woman haha!!

  19. The first picture is sooo beautiful!

  20. Thanks for stopping by my blog and comment love!
    you're a charm! we are in touch! :)
    a kiss, Claire.


  21. congrats on the award!!! :)

  22. Haha I got a good laugh at the wonder woman part.. I think a lot of girls wanted to be her...

    Love! ~Angel

  23. I always love posts like this because you really get to know the person behind the blog. great answers.


  24. ooh I want to see your teacup collection! Ahh Mr. Darcy...I re-read the book recently and loved the banter between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  25. Thank you very much for stopping by my blog sweet! See you Here!
    A big kiss ...; Claire.

  26. :) I loved this opportunity to get to know you and I am loving that you're an Anglophile :P Britain for the win.

    Your dresser has lots of pretty things on it. *drool*

    Oh, and another *drool* for Darcy, obviously.

  27. I love darcy to bits too! I would totally swoon in his presence!!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    talking blogger bullying

  28. omg i want to see your teacup collection!!!!

  29. Fist image took my breath away! WOW!


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