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Hello dolls, I hope you are well!! For those who celebrated yesterday's holiday, I hope you enjoyed it and are working off the food that you no doubt enjoyed ;) The wind is blowing like a boxer two stepping in the ring outside here, as the rain sprays over like whales blowing as they reach the top of the water. It's quite a mix. But, I sit here warm in my house with one of my lil' angels giggling happily with her toys. The weekend is at our doors waiting for us to come out and play, I could do with a wander outside really. I'd hope it settles enough to venture out into the woods and explore, because at the moment, the wind is far too strong and I would be blown over, hehe! But, I hope wherever you may be in the world, you are happy and warm!! The Christmas movies have started on tv, I've already watched Home Alone 1 and 2 with my girls and they loved it, hehe! Be safe & I'll have more stuff next week!!

Love loves
P.S. For the doll that asked, yes I do talk on my twitter and facebook sometimes, and you are more than welcomed to join me there!! ; )

{My winter gloves bow details, My new pointsetta for Christmas time, 'Figs & Rouge' organic lip balms to keep my lips protected against the harsh winds..to be honest, the vintage-look tins got me to buy them, but the stuff is amazing, so I recommend it, warming up with a cup of tea (vintage tea cup) and a strawberry & white chocolate muffin, has jam inside it too, delicious, and my perfume of many, but it reminds me that spring is after winter, hehe}

{All photos taken by me, so please don't use without permission. ©The Dainty Doll's House 2011}


  1. Must check out those lip things!! How good does that muffin look?! haha!! I love the Dior perfume too..hopefully winter won't be too bad..have a great weekend darling! x

  2. I need a poinsettia! Thanks for reminding me!

  3. Oh I need to get a poinsettia!

  4. lovely!!! <3

  5. So sweet your photos Kizzy - that's so great about blogging - we learn to take good photos and have so much fun with it! Have a fabulous weekend! xx

  6. Love the pictures. So pretty.

  7. oh i would love to eat that muffin! i think i'll be watching some xmas movies too.

  8. Lovely lovely favorite things! Those gloves are so beautiful, I am really in need of some new ones ever since I ruined my favorite pair of pink leather ones {from Milan} last year...you are inspiring me to get a new pair!

    Hope you are warm and cozy and have a great weekend Kizzy!

    xo Mary Jo

  9. Beautiful photos- so sweet!!
    Love Miss Dior!!
    Hope you're having a great day!!!

  10. My gosh Miss Dior Cherie is like heaven!

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  11. Hey Kizzy! I'm just coming out of my Thanksgiving food coma girl. LOL I spent most of the day in bed. I was so full and tired. LOL Girl that weather sounds wicked. You guys be safe and definitely stay indoors until it clears. That kind of weather surely can give you the blues. Glad you're watching uplifting movies. They are funny! Love the color of those gloves. That poinsettia is SO PRETTY! I get so tired of seeing red and white ones. That's a beautiful pink. I believe in lip balm too. Those are so cute. Peppermint & Tea tree sounds divine. I don't think I ever had a strawberry and white chocolate muffin. YUM!!!! I've heard wonderful things about Miss Dior Cherie. Have a lovely weekend and fingers crossed the weather is better my friend. ((HUG))

  12. i love your teacup and saucer...been looking for some really cute ones at thrift stores.

    What's the next line? Help write the story!

  13. adorable! the lip balms are so cute ;) ♥

  14. I love these photos so much. It's crazy you live in Scotland, I always thought you were residing in America for some reason, everything about the photos are so elegant and pretty.

    Thanks for your comment too, that really gave me a serious boot and made me realise I was being spineless, so it's appreciated.

  15. awesome pictures dear! that muffin looks so yummy :9 great post <3


  16. Love your photo!!!!!!!!! (I'll give you a tip write on your photo your name or blog name for not stealing those beautiful photo!!!!)

  17. Hey Kizzy, yep the cold has set in here too - freezing this morning - brrr.
    Loving the lip balm in the vintage containers - they are lush, must try and find them when visiting London for Xmas -yay.
    Have a warm and cozy weekend sweetheart,

  18. Muffins <3 <3 <3 hahaha! :D


    Have a great weekend :)


  19. Your photos are always amazing and I love the beautiful flower and the bottle of miss dior...it smells heavenly.

  20. aww love all these sweet photos! :)


  21. i love your picture, they are so adorable :)

  22. These pictures are all so warm and so chic! Oh and "Home Alone" really brings back memories!
    I hope you're having a great weekend darling!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  23. I like the lip balm photos!
    I recently partnered with JewelMint to give my readers a 50% discount on their first purchase, so be sure to check it out! Take care.

  24. Wonderful photos to dream...

  25. These lip balms are soooooo cute! :) I bet they smell wonderful too! X


  26. Love the color and the bow on the gloves... Beautiful pictures as always.. I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving on Thursday!

    Love! ~Angel

  27. Sounds like a good plan, yes the wind and rain has been a bit too much, but I was happy to pull out the new hats and gloves as well. Your photos are lovely, hope you enjoyed yourself this weekend dear. xo

  28. I love that photo of the Miss Dior perfume! One of my favorite scents and I love the bow :)

  29. Really gorgeous and seductive post. Love those pictures, ahh Miss Dior Cherie, it is sitting on my dressing table as we speak ;)

  30. I like you articel,home improvment

  31. I always love to see tea cups like the one you have pictured. Lovely post as per usual . . .

  32. really love your personal photos! especially that cup of tea and a delicious looking muffin. Did you make the muffin yourself? Or where was it purchased? Sounds like something I want to cook up soon!



  33. I never tire of pretty, feminine pics!

  34. How wonderful pictures! I have the Miss Dior Chérie perfume too, and it smells even better than it looks (even though I didn't believed that it could happen) anyways. Gorgeous blog! Take a look at mine too:


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