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Hello my darlings!! And Happy Friday!! Woooooo...so excited for the weekend, I have so much to do :))) Lots more Christmas decorating to get on with and I am being good and will start my Christmas wrapping now as there is a lot to wrap and I have very curious young girls who can't keep away, haha :) Though one of the presents doesn't help as it's a talking My Little Pony, hahaha :) (Don't worry my youngest can't read yet). So, I must wrap things to keep prying eyes away, but they are so excited to get all the lights up and decorations, it's their favourite part!! I will leave you today with the best house in the whole wide world - well for me any ways...I want to move in here and live, haha!! It's a dream home and I love it to bits. 

The Eaton House is a mansion guest house that is decadently painted entirely in pink, it explodes with flowers and fairy lights. There is even an unicorn sculpture in the garden perched on a bed of pink flowers surrounded by gold heart-shaped stepping stones, a fireplace, a hot tub and pink flamingoes. It's only just recently been finished, but it has already hosted an awesome list of guests such as rapper Iggy Azalea, model Felicity Howard and tv foodie Gizzi Erskine. The owners are best friends, James Lloyd-Roberts (45) a photographer and fire-fighter and Amy Griffith (37) an artist. They've spent the last four years lovingly creating a paradise of their own magical vision. 

The 13 room boutique is often hired out as a guest house, studio for photo-shoots and special events. It's famous for it's excess of pink, but there are several other themes of décor throughout. Amy designed each one, painted every wall, hand-painted every flower & everything else throughout the home. There are themed rooms such as the Mansfield Suite (named after the actress Jayne) which has lights, antique clocks, heart shaped pillows and trinkets to encapsulate the femininity and Hollywood glamour. There's a cowboy room, a vintage-inspired Riding Room complete with floral curtains, dressing table and a wall covered in gilt mirrors. 

As you can see in the pictures...this is a minimalist's worst nightmare in terms of living space, but as someone who lives & breathes art, expression, exploration, fashion and music, this is a dream house!! My mind instantly goes into over drive, inspiration and ideas dance around for days and days. I love it sooooo much!!

You can visit the house, enjoy the atmosphere & if you would like to sleep there for two nights' bed and breakfast for up to 12 guest, that will cost you £2,500. You get breakfast served in the morning and nearby, guests can enjoy the taste of nature and visit the many local attractions such as visiting the renowned Tiptree Jam Factory, a nature reserve & bird sanctuary, award winning nursery, the zoo, local farms or just have a lovely peaceful country walk!

I think a bunch of us bloggers should pull our money together & have a great time there one day - what do you say!?! I'm in, hahaha!! I hope you love the house my dears...you can find more information on their website and Facebook page! Have a fantastic weekend!!

Loves & loves

{All photos are property of Eaton House. No alterations have been made. Contact Eaton House for more information}


  1. Morning Kizzy! Ah, I would see you so well in this house! How dreamy and beautiful is it! The bedroom, in particular, caught my eye, would be great to spend a night there, pajama party with all the bloggers lol!:) Btw, your little babies are so sweet, I can imagine how much excited are for Xmas time. I will decorate my home too this weekend, cant wait!:) Have a marvelous weekend Kizzy, lots of hugs and kisses! xo

  2. This house is amazing! Like a giant Barbie house, and I love Barbie!!! Have a wonderful weekend xx

  3. Oh my god, it's Barbie's dream house and would be an amazing home for you, too!!

  4. Holy Molly - now THAT is a lot of pink!

  5. OMG! It's the most magical place I've ever seen! Every room is a little paradise of good taste and love... The garden seems heaven *O*
    Have a nice weekend, my dear.


  6. Oh this house is amazing!!! I wanna live there!

  7. If you ever go and live there, you must bring me with you! Enjoy your weekend mu deae dear Kizzy!
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  8. wow, a big pink house!!! this is a real dream house!!!!
    i wanna be there!!!

  9. I can imagine you living here. So much so that I don't think anyone else would be better suited to rule over this little world. This ought to be your home!!

  10. that is so unbelievable! thanks for sharing!

  11. Incredible house..... how dreamy!!!!
    Happy friday Kizzy!

    Kisses, love Paola.


    My Facebook

  12. Coming over with you to visit all these places, ahhhhhhhhhhhh
    I know it is wonderful the pre Christmas . All the wrapping and decoration. We also have a Crib that I painted, so it is an event to have it all set, but not before the 8th of December cos Christmas lasts in Spain until the 6th of january.
    Have a lovely weekend. It must be really cold in LOVELY Scotland now

  13. Oh my a pink house! Too fabulous! Have a wonderful weekend Kizzy! Happy wrapping!

  14. What!!? A pink house? So cute and different. Hope you have a great weekend doll.

  15. Adorable! Thank you for this interesting Post ,love it :)


  16. Dreamy and fantastic! Have fun with all things Christmas Kizzy!

  17. Oh my so much pink!!! I would love to spend more time in the green room sincerely. :)

  18. I will be your room mate for 2 nights Kizzy in this dream house. It is breathtaking. It reminds me of a doll house. So pretty.


  19. omg are you serious?!?! a place like this exists. I would do anything to go there and give the whole world to live in a house that looks exactly like that. I am so in love.

  20. Oh wow, that house is insane! I like the pink bedroom :)

    Corinne x

  21. Hi Kizzy! The house is a dream. It's not too expensive for 12 people. I bet we would have a lot of fun! I can't believe you're already wrapping your Christmas gifts. I should hurry up now. I have no idea what to buy. Have a wonderful Saturday doll!!


  22. I have so much to do too. Alle the decorations and x-mas shopping.
    Loving these very cute inspo too.
    Happy holidays.

    xx Lori

  23. This house screams YOU! & how adorable is that garden?


  24. Wow! :D I SO want to go there and do a photo shoot - and to party with you and other bloggers of course :) How wonderful to have the money to decorate your dream-home. Maybe one day... :) Have a fab weekend honey! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  25. OMG I can't believe it! I want to live here! :)))




  26. What a beautiful place. Wow, you're already wrapping? I am still trying to get things together, but at least we will be done decorating soon. Happy weekend.
    Weekend Style Files

  27. this pink house looks like a dream...at times a bit tacky, but on overall fabulous...that would be my impression anyway.

    what you wrote about wrapping presents and your babygirl reminded me on my mum..she is such a kid, she always tries to unwrap or figure up what is in her presents.

    Have a great weekend sweetheart!


  28. Oh very amazing place, thank you for share these cute pics!


  29. That's such a beautiful house but it's a whole lot of pink...:-). I put up my Christmas decorations today too but have not gotten to the gift wrapping part yet...:-). You got some great presents for your girls. The talking Pony is such a cute idea.
    Have a great weekend.

  30. The Eaton House LOOKS NEXT LEVEL AMAZZZZING!!! The unicorns are incredible! The pink is sooo gorgreous! IN LOVE!!! Need to stay here!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  31. that pink bedroom kizzy is killer! hahaha i love the garden and that purple room too! it's much bigger than i thought. i could definitely live there. i hope you're having an amazing weekend! tree decorating and wrapping presents is fun. you guys enjoy!

  32. Oh. My. God. This is beyond anything I've ever seen in my entire life! The floral display besides the stairway is beautiful and the pink bedroom looks as though it was MADE for Barbie! Thanks heaps for sharing this Kizzy, it's like a whole other world! :)



  33. It's just 1h past 1st of December here and you're already wrapping your gifts? I feel so ashamed that I haven't even done my Christmas shopping! The talking pony sounds cute. I love pink but I don't think I can live in a pink house like this for good but I would love to experience living in it for a while. What a lot of photo opportunities and bragging rights. I can imagine you loving this house for it is pink and girly, artistic and quirky and just so full of vibrancy.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  34. You known I am a pink lover....
    So pretty

  35. My daughter will love this place!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  36. I'm in Kizzy! That would be one fabulous trip, this place looks absolutely unique and amazing. I will have to come back and catch up properly on all your recent adventures as I've been sick for the past two weeks but am now back to myself thankfully! Have a lovely week xx

  37. Something magical about this house!

  38. I so so so want to visit this place! Do you follow them on Instagram? It's a visual delight!! It reminds me of a British version of the Madonna Inn (which I'm also desperate to visit!!) xxx

  39. ohmygosh!!! this place looks amazing :D

  40. Oh man! I just sent this to my sister-in-law! She LOVES hot pink!

  41. Wow, I can't believe my eyes! This whole house is pure art! What a master piece the owners created, who wouldn't wanna live in there? Great post! Have a wonderful December and feel free to stop by ;-) xoxo

  42. Those beds and mattress are pretty

  43. What an amazing place!



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