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'I want to be a living work of Art' said Marchesa Luisa Casati in one of my favourite quotes of all time. In every part of our being we are works of art, but sometimes, we can even wear works of art! Have you ever wandered around a museum and lost yourself in a painting and thought, 'that would be amazing on a skirt or a jacket'? I know I have and that's exactly the situation I thought about when I first gazed at these marvellous pieces from Dead Sleekit.
Why should we leave the art just to the walls, why not wear art & be a walking gallery!?! In everything I wear, I want to feels it's spirit and know the person that made it put their every being into it's creation! 
Dead Sleekit is the new independent clothing label of award winning Scottish designer Iain MacDonald. Limited edition and printed from actual paintings drawn by Iain himself - so you literally are a walking piece of art when you wear these designs, I love that so much! 
What is also marvellous is that there are so many separate pieces, I like the option of mixing pieces together with other styles in my wardrobe. The colour use is also very striking to me, as I haven't seen a lot of these colours used just now, which is a bonus to someone who thrives on individuality. 
As much as I love this collection, it at the same time leaves me with a burning curiosity as to what future collections might venture from here. I love that a big statement has been made with the paintings, but not a defining one that boxes Iain in and might squash the notion to bring out a new collection that is completely on the other side of this and that's the best thing for me, I can't wait to see more! These pieces are made to order & completely tailored, cut and crafted in Scotland to the highest of standards. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and venture to the website for more information and prices too. 

Have a lovely day my sweethearts.

Loves & Loves

Dead Sleekit: Website / Facebook / Instagram

{All Images Are Used with Permission. Please contact Dead Sleekit for more information & permission. All rights reserved}


  1. These outfits are amazing dear !


  2. the third set is my favourite, thanks to introduce us.


  3. Hello from Spain: great proposals. Nice photos. Keep in touch

  4. Beautiful collection!!! nice combination of colors!!!
    Have a nice day, dear Kizzy!! and my g+ for you!!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  5. Morning Kizzy! Ah, Im in love with her quote, one of the most beautiful and inspiring Ive read! She is truly amazing, love her creations, the collection is simply to die for! Cool, fierce and yet feminine, what should be for a woman :) Happy Wed dear, many kisses! xo

  6. Fab outfits. Love the last one especially!


  7. Hi Kizzy, you have selected some great style. Really love her creation. Everything is so bright and colorful. Great inspirational post dear. Wish you a great day. kisses <3


  8. Wow - this collection is amazing!

  9. I love the idea of walking around in a piece of art. The designs are really stunning!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  10. All these dresses are really beautiful, the model has a face very particular, I like it.

    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger Facebook Bloglovin'

  11. I love her designs :) so original and colorful

  12. That last set is so sensual and attractive but in a very unique and original way. All of these creations are absolutely wonderful and I appreciate that you shared them with us.

    Have a lovely day!

  13. Yes, I HAVE actually gone through an art gallery thinking some of the paintings would look great printed on a piece of clothing! :) I love these ones here. The jumpsuit in the second pic from above is my favorite! :) xxxxxxx

  14. These are really original and stunning!


  15. I like that the clothing includes paintings from the designer, himself. Love the two pieces.

  16. Oh this is very nice!

    Would you like to follow eachother on G+ & Bloglovin?

  17. Landscape and flroal prints in clothing are some of my favourites. These designs are great, especially the first skirt! I want that! :) x
    Sparkling Statements

  18. Gahhh I am so obsessed with these pieces, such a talented designer indeed! Definitely agree with you and can't wait to see what he comes up with next *__*

  19. "A living work of Art" indeed and you would look Fabulous in everyone of these outfits.

  20. Love the prints so colourful and pretty :)

  21. Amazing prints. The dresses and skirts are so stylish.

  22. Absolute candy indeed, my friend
    Great taste.

  23. Wow. That's a gorgeous range of art inspired garments!!!
    Thanks for introducing the brand, Kizzy!
    Fashion Panache Blog

  24. super cute outfits! amazing collection.
    i llove your blog

    wanna follow each other? let me know.

  25. Indeed a work of art. Lovely!

  26. The more I think about fashion, the more I realize how talented each designer has to be in order to create such wonderful pieces. I agree with you. Wearing a piece of art has to be the coolest thing.

  27. I had not heard of this label, it looks really nice.

  28. Wow this is so cool Kizzy :) Hope you have had a wonderful holiday doll xxx

  29. My favorite is the very first outfit! This is so true Kizzy. There are so many great pieces of art and upcoming artists. Why just display something on a wall. Wear it to feel good, look good and show others. Great post.

  30. I love wearing clothing that looks like an art piece! This collection is wonderful. I've worn some art inspired clothing on my blog. I'll leave you the link to my favorite one here:http://inspiremyfancy.blogspot.com/2014/08/graffiti-me-and-call-me-art.html

    Much Love,

  31. Very original and stunning pieces! I love the colors, the proportions, thanks for sharing! Hugs xxx

  32. I'd never heard that quote before but it's an interesting one - I can see why you like it as with all of your colourful outfits and interesting accessories, you're pretty much a piece of living art yourself! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  33. Love the prints and can definitely see myself wearing them :) x


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