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Hello lovelies!! When I was growing up, I despised pink, I wouldn't go anywhere near it & now I love it. I grew to love it myself instead of people saying I must love it because I'm a girl. Even though blue with always be my favourite colour, I've fallen for pink more and more. So, I thought, I would share some pink things that I've loved this past week with you. Top left is the incredible Le Pustra photographed by Mimikry Berlin. Le Pustra is one of my favourite performers, am always amazed. Hopefully one day I'll be able to say hello at one of his shows, so far I've been too timid to, ha!! Top Left is one of my favourite paintings by Jean-Honore Fragonard, it's the perfect visual image of spring for me!! All his work is such a dream...perfect :) Bottom Left is this incredible outfit created by artist Calliope Bridge, she creates the most amazing clothes and art. I could just surround myself with them always. So dreamy and perfect!! Bottom Right is another art piece by Conceptional Collage artist Sara Shakeel  I found her randomly on Instagram & just love her work. It would be so cool to see flowers like this in real life, haha!! Check out her insta for more work, it's brilliant!! Have a wonderful day dolls.

Loves & loves


  1. Beautiful!

    Have a lovely Day :)

  2. Lovely photos! I adore pink but I always have, I remember it was the favourite colour of my mum too 💗

    Have a great Wednesday sweetie!

  3. ohhh, love that you share all that fabulousness with us, love your pink inspiration, and love that you also despise pink when it was compulsory and then embrace it with joy when it's your choice!
    besos & love

  4. You always bring magic to my life, dear friend.
    Happy Wednesday

  5. I love soft pink on 'things' and bold shocking pink to wear.

  6. Pink, such a lovely color!
    Amazing pics, as usual!
    Kisses, Paola.

  7. I was the same way. Hated pink when I was achild but can't get enough of it now ;p

  8. This is so interesting! I Used to love pink as a teen... my room was ALL pink! Every wall a different shade! And I would wear only pink clothes :D
    Now, I only have a few handbags, and maybe some floral items :)


    Novelstyle Blog

  9. Amazing post! Thanks for sharing! ������

  10. I never would have guessed that you used to despise the color pink. It was my first favorite color (that's since changed to blue and gray). But I still really like it and I'm glad you do, too.

  11. It was the opposite for me. I am now loving blue, but purple is my favorite color. I started loving it and embracing it during college. I love your picks here. You have great taste.

  12. Lovely selections babe, so pretty!


  13. Haha I think that all the girls have hated pink colour, and now when we are women, we love it! Well I only like it, it's not pure love.
    Pretty pics :)


  14. I'm the same! I didn't like pink because it was so much associated with "girl" and so I gravitated to blue which was more of a "boy" color. But as an adult I have grown to love it and embrace it, although yellow is still my favorite color. I call it my happy color :)


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