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"At The End of the day all that matters is love and memories. So make sure you give it and make sure you make them" 
- Trent Shelton

My favourite times during the day is when the day starts & the day ends. Sunrise & sunset are some of the most beautiful times of day. Everything feels like that part of the movie where everything moves in slow motion. We walk slower, we breathe deeper and prepare ourselves to start the day or rest our tired heads. The light in the sky is at it's most potential, either working to get brighter or slowly dimming away to shine brightly somewhere else in the world. The mind is either preparing for all that will be faced during the day or letting go of what was accomplished or still to be. But, one thing that is always there no matter what - is possibilities! 
Even when we don't accomplish everything we set out to during the day, the possibility of accomplishing it the next day is always there. It gives us hope, it causes us to push forward even when we rather give up. If we'd just focus on the now rather than what we didn't get done, we'd be far happier & less hard on ourselves. We're not failures if we don't get everything checked off the list, it's just that some things are meant to be done on another list, on another day!
So just like the sunrise, start off gently and gradually increase your brightness & shine your light in this world, it was meant to be. And at the end of the day, go out strongly, rest, think about what you did do & look forward to what is to come!! Have a wonderful new week my lovelies.

Loves & Loves

{Dainty Boudoir: Dress - Vintage ; Shoes - Betsey Johnson ; Earrings - I'm Your Present on Etsy ; Choker - Ebay} 


  1. Morning Kizzy! Just love that quote, so very inspiring! Those are also my fave moments of the day and what you wrote is so true. You look stunning! Enjoy your summertime my dear, hugs! xo

  2. Those are my favorite times of the day as well. As you said it's not just about the beauty but that those times give us pause to slow down enjoy and reflect. And those moments are so crucial given the times we are living in right now.

  3. They are also my fave time of the day although sunset is my favorite in summer (while I hate it in winter) because I really feel that I have acomplished something good during the day!
    What a beautiful dress kizzy, definitely my kind!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  4. I love this! As always you look sooo beautiful.

    Regina/ Margarita Bloom Beauty & Fashion
    WEBSITE: http://www.margarita-bloom.com
    BLOG: http://www.cherrylipsblondecurls.com

  5. Beautiful words. One of my favorite times of the day is definitely early in the morning around 5am when nothing else is awake. Everything is still, calm and quiet and that's really peaceful.

  6. I am so happy to read your encouraging post! I don't think I read enough of them and they truly make me think and appreciate life. Thanks for that! You do look stunning in that dress! Such a lovely pattern!


  7. WOWWOOWOW!!!! AMAZZZZZING!!! Such an inspiring post!
    xoBeckerman Girls


  8. Wonderful Post! You look super gorgeous, also your Words are beautiful.


  9. I love this post and you are a Beautiful treasure my Dear Sis.

  10. This is such a beautiful way to see it, I always enjoy the sunrise/sunset. Agree that it's truly the perfect time for a mindset to let things go and start a brand new day. Gorgeous photos as well Kizzy, do love your dress! <3

  11. I love that inspirational quote. I also realised in reading this that I too love sunrise and sunsets very much. In addition to the pretty colours in the sky, I the extra contrast and shadows on the trees and buildings as the sunlight shines on everything at an angle. Recently I have been getting up around dawn once in a while. I seem to see more birds and squirrels then.
    Your vintage floral dress looks very pretty.
    I love your sage advice - it's beautifully written and very inspiring.
    Best wishes for your week too.


  12. It always make a difference to start our day positive. Very encouraging post.

  13. What beautiful pictures and perspective. They are my favorite times of day as well and so, so beautiful. Keep on shining my friend!

  14. So glad to read your inspiring post. This is one of my favorite times too but unfortunately I often missed that time due to my sleeping problem. What a lovely dress you have picked here. You look beautiful <3
    Love <3
    Have a great day <3

  15. Lovely and inspiring post doll. I love the early morning, even before I go workout. Before the shopkeepers open and all you can hear are the birds singing.

  16. I love the positivity of this post dear friend. Inspiring! -And you look so bold and beautiful. Such a lovely dress. :-)



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