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Hello poppets! I hope the weekend was bliss, here still some rain and cloud, so movies are always a good way to spend the day inside, unless you have a good book and I finished mine, so movies it was. Sometimes I instead of a new movie, I like to dig out an old favourite to watch. And I was in a bit of a rebel mood, so I looked into one I religiously watched growing up. I just loved and admired the lead character for her un-willingness to give up what she believes in no matter the cost. Sometimes you need that in this world, people try and beat you down to conform to their way of thinking and it can be demoralizing. Another reason & the biggest reason I loved this movie growing up was because the hero is a woman, back in the 80's when this came out, there wasn't that many women in such a of the closest things to it for me was Wonder Woman. We need more females in strong and intelligent roles, not just to be seen as pieces of meat to gawk at. I believe women can be both beautiful, strong and intelligent...we're able to have careers, degrees, run households, bare children and everything after all. The run down of the movie is below & the first part of it also, I hope if you do watch sometime, you enjoy!! Just a little way to start my week of strong!! Have a great Monday!!


P.S. sorry if this was a long post & I rambled, lol ;)

Billie Jean Davy and her brother run into some teenage boys who start trouble with them. Billie humiliates the group of boys and speeds away with her brother. Later the group of boys find them and try to settle the score. They find her brother - Binx's scooter and steal it. Billie Jean and her friends go to the police & talk to a Detective Ringwald about the scooter, but he doesn't take them seriously. So, Binx tries to go get the scooter back on his own and comes back severely beaten and the scooter is trashed. They go to Mr. Pyatt's shop (the leader of the group of boy's father) to get the money. My Pyatt takes Billie upstairs and gives her $50.00 and says she must 'earn' the rest and tried to assault her.
Not realizing what is happening upstairs, Binx goes into the store himself. Finding the store empty, he leans over the counter and opens the cash register to get his money but instead finds a pistol inside. Billie comes running down the stairs with Mr. Pyatt right behind her. When Mr. Pyatt sees that Binx has the pistol, he tries to trick Binx by saying the pistol isn't loaded. Binx accidentally fires it, wounding Mr Pyatt in the left shoulder. The kids race away from the shop and become fugitives.
By the time Detective Ringwald realizes that he made a mistake in not listening to Billie Jean, the situation is spinning out of control. Throughout it all, she only wants the $608 to fix her brother's scooter and an apology from Mr. Pyatt. Billie Jean decides to make a video of her demands, and before she makes the tape she cuts her long, blond hair into a crew cut as a sign of her rebellion. As the media coverage increases Billie Jean becomes a teen icon - a symbol of youth empowerment, and the evidence of the injustices adults are capable of.
{Trailer of sorts}

{Go Here to Watch the First Part of The Movie & The Rest - Here}


  1. Sounds like a movie i'd like to watch - must see if i can get a download. Here, it's weather for books and films as well, but today, must work - while sipping a lot of tea! Have a fine day sweetie! xx

  2. I hope you can get a download, its a great movie :) It got sunnier today, i hope you won't have to work too mucg and the sun will come back for you!! Have a great day!! xx

  3. Ahhh..I remember this!! Fanastic, gonna watch it again, has been ages!! xx

  4. I wish they'd have this on dvd!! I remember when everyone cut their hair like this because of her!! Fab movie!! xx

  5. i love digging out the old awesome movies on a rainy day. so fun!

  6. Gotta love a good rebel!
    Thanks for the review dear!


    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  7. Oh my you just brought me sooo back! Loved this movie! I must rent it immediately :) xoox

  8. Haha!! It is an old one, but I love it!! Hope you can get it and enjoy!! :) xoxo

  9. I've never seen nor heard of this movie! I watched the trailer after reading the summary. Most always, women take a stance and are proactive when it comes to protection of someone they love. I completely understand what you are implying in regards to more strong women! We seem to lead the way quite often!

  10. Am glad you see where I'm co,ing from!! This is a great movie!!


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