When I woke up....

Ahoy!! Happy Monday!! I hope the weekend was super :) Mine was movies, books and children's playtime!! I woke up this morning with a zillion things running around in my head, not the normal things most people think on, like what they have to do today and so on. But, things that really made no sense once I put them all together...I'll give you a run down.....

I had this image in my head, from the artist I talked about in this post and how I'd really love to be the one in the picture:

I had this song playing in the background, because you know...Wild Boys always shine.. ;)

I was thinking about when I read this book...read it if you haven't, but don't see the movie, it will ruin it for you, because the book as usual laughs in the face of the movie! Burroughs is awesome!

I was thinking about these socks and tights I have yet to wear and what I might wear them with..still no clue, but there you go! Just love them though :)

{top tights, bought at River Island & bottom socks bought in TKMaxx}

I was also thinking after watching the movie 'Tangled' lastnight with my husband & daughters, we want to get a Chameleon and I want to name him 'Karma' lol! To go with our 6 leopard geckos we already have :) Funny movie, my daughter was still talking about it this morning before school!

I also thought of the Phrenology head I have & how I searched high and low for one, no idea why, I just wanted one. I like to buy strange things (well strange to others, normal to me) and learn about them, but I have yet to get a book on Phrenology, have just read about it on websites. But, my vintage hat does look rather dandy on him!!

I also thought of this painting that I love, not sure why. But, I just love the blue colours and the mood created & how I feel when I look at it, just brings a sense of calmness to me.

The Lamentations of a Poet
watercolor over graphite, with gouache, on paper

I thought of all these things and just as I was drifting back to sleep, the alarm went off and my best thought was time to get up and feed my lil' beauty Noémie (1 month old now) while her big sister gets dressed for school.

So there you are, my morning thoughts, random as they come! I almost forgot it was Monday today, felt like Sunday...now I have the Bangles playing in my head (Manic Monday)...ahh it never ends! I do hope everyone has a great day & the sun shines for you wherever you may be!!

Loves n' sparkles,


  1. Oh, your baby girl is so beautiful! Such a precious little face. xo

  2. Thank YOU!! She's a star!! xo

  3. your baby is so pretty! and Duran Duran, I've liked them since 98? Ahhh they can do no wrong :D

  4. the first photo is beuatiful!love it.
    Hope you have a nice monday.


  5. Awwwww, such a sweety with her big brown eyes - or are they blue? A lot is on your mind, - especially that first image caight my eye! Hope your evening is lovely and relaxing! xx

  6. Thank you ladies!! @Pop Champagne..Duran Duran are fab..sadly I have liked them since the 80's, haha! @Martina..blue eyes at the moment, but they say babies eyes can change, so we'll have to see if they stay! My older daughter's eyes did, she has brown eyes like me :) Hope your evening is sweet and relaxing too :) xx

  7. Awh Kizzy she's just gorgeous! And now you have me singing my favorite band. I'll be a Duranie forever and ever.

    Oh and yes Augusten Burroughs is amazing. I love every single thing he writes. Oh and he also just happens to be friends with my Cardiologist and actually wrote about him in Possible Side Effects :) xoxo

  8. Thank YOU!!! Haahaa..yes, I love them too!! Me to, forever!!

    AAhhh..amazing, that's so cool!! He is fanatastic!! :) xoxo

  9. You have such wonderful thoughts...

    Oh I love socks too and I buy them even when I don't know when to use them...love to have them in different colors.

    I'm a Duranie back in the day...love that they have a new album that came out...

    I'm so loving your blog, I just know I have to follow you...

  10. Thank you!!

    Yes, socks socks..always looking for new colours and designs :))

    Yes, I miss the 80's really. Duran Duran - Adam Ant, sadly most music today just doesn't have the same style!

    Thank you so much, I shall come over and return the love!! Hope you have a beautiful day!! xxx

  11. that first picture is beautiful. and i love those socks and tights!

  12. Yes yes!! Me too :) Hope your day is great!! x

  13. I've always wanted to read Running With Scissors - I'll have to pick it up this weekend! And, great song suggestion :)

  14. Do it, it's a great book, you'll enjoy it :) x

  15. awww!! she has such pretty blue eyes! you are truly blessed! and i love tangled! hahaha! definitely made me want to get a chameleon myself :)


  16. The first photo reminds me of the famous work by Tim Walker, a girl with the white paper geese. This one is darker however.

  17. Thank you sweeties!! Hope all is well!!

  18. Great post! Really sharing your morning thoughts for real! I, too, have music playing along sometimes...usually favorites of course. Music is emotional. The choice of song usually dictates whats inside.........therefore, I believe you were having a very pleasant and energetic morning for a busy mom!

  19. : ) I agree music is emotional! I listen to it whatever my mood or when I need a pick me up! I think I had Duran Duran in my head because I watched a countdown of them on a music channel, lol. Hope you've been doing well flower!! xx

  20. You're so awesome!! Thank you for this beautiful post. It makes me smile :)

  21. @Jessi...YES!! That movie was awesome!! xx

    @Agnes..thank you thank you flower!! xxx


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