She's a Lady..

"Lady Like"

1. Characteristic of a lady; well-bred.
2. Appropriate for or becoming to a lady.
3. Unduly sensitive to matters of propriety or decorum.
4. Lacking virility or strength

It's not possible to convey how much I adore what she's wearing..stunning! Just the kind of things I like to wear, I'd really love to go back to the days when women dressed like this on a daily basis and didn't need a reason to, it was considered the norm! So, I like to dress like this when I get the chance!! It makes you feel good to dress all lady-like and glamorous, well that is unless your male ; ) hehe. I do hope all of you have a great weekend, Talk to you soon cupcakes!!

(note, I wouldn't wear the real fur though, I'd have faux fur & real animals alive and running free)



  1. Very Pretty! Love her hat, and oh my, those sparkly birds!!!!

    I wore a straw hat and a ruffled top last weekend and an elderly woman said I looked like I walked right out of the 20's.
    (in capri's? ... must have been the hat!)

    Thanks for stopping by my studio tour!
    ~ Violet

  2. Really cute outfit! I am so loving red lipstick this season.

  3. Stunning is the word! The fur, birds and hats are perfect.


  4. That's a gorgeous dress! I agree with you completely, it's always so nice to dress up and look a bit more elegant. I'm gradually buying up a lovely collection of dresses for work which are really flattering and floaty - it's so much fun!

    Have a super weekend :)


  5. Thank you ladies, I appreciate it!! I really would love this outfit, it's gorgeus!! I hope all of you have a beautiful weekend xx

  6. Hey !
    I like her outfit, that hat looks stunning. I wish a could go back at that time too, people where really stylish back then :)

  7. I guess we can dress this way since we can't go back in time :)) People were stylish back then!! Xoxo

  8. Love the ladylike look as well Kizzy, although i'm, most of the time, more of a country lady, wearing wellies with her dress, or riding pants. But sometimes, it's got to be glamour;)

  9. amazing picture :)
    Love Lois xxx

  10. Thank you ladies!! Martina..its ok to be a country girl..I like that too :) xxx Thank you Lois xxx

  11. Agreed - such classic and delicate style and I'd go with faux fur too!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  12. Gorgeous photo with a stunning outfit. Of course, Lara looks gorgeous. xx

  13. What a gorgeous outfit! Everything is gorgeous, but I am especially loving the print of the dress! xo

  14. Yes, the print of the dress is so pretty and unique, it caught my eye first!! xo


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