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The other day I was browsing through blogs as I do sometimes and I came upon one talking about the actress Vanessa Hudgens, while I admit I am not a fan, but I was quite taken back by the blatant words against her all for a little hair cut. I read the post and then decided to investigate it myself. It turns out the actress cut her own hair for a movie role, hence the shorter hair (which she herself has said not to like it, but it was for the role). The post I read (which will remain un-named) only went on to rip the poor girl to shreds without knowing the reason for the said haircut in the first place. I'm all for someone sharing their opinion, but please make it an intelligent one based upon all the facts, not just useless dribble. The writer proceeded to spout venom like a crazy serpent such as (this is not word for word) 'The hair cut makes her look fat and ugly' and 'we'll love you again when you grow your hair back out - maybe', after reading, I was just going to ignore it, but I quickly commented to state the haircut was for a movie and it wasn't so nice to be that way (ooh how 5 years old do I sound) but, if one doesn't stand up for something they feel is wrong, won't it just keep going. And fair enough it's her blog, but I think I still have the right to respond, because isn't that what we're all asking for, is someone to comment!?!  People that slag someone off if they step out of the comfort zone of looking nice and pretty and change how they look for their art, should be applauded in my humble opinion. Considering the vacuous and mundane teeny roles she had previously, some people wrongly think an actress like her should remain in those pretty roles and get by on her looks. What they fail to realise is that maybe true actresses do not wish to be typecast, like to stretch themselves for their art and would like to do the kind of gritty roles that would see them taken seriously by a wider audience.  Instead of those screeching that she's cut her hair (it grows back anyway), perhaps they should applaud the fact that she is a versatile actress, willing to go the distance for a role.  I'm sure she wants to be known for more than looks, to show dedication to her art and to prove that she is not just a pretty face - but an intelligent and serious young actress.  Also, is it not about time that us ladies stopped tearing into each other and bitching about others just for their outward appearance (sorry, real ladies don't do that, do they)? I'm not trying to slag off anyone myself, but give a different point of view, these actors enjoy their work or they wouldn't do it, and anyone credible is willing to push the boundaries to make the viewer believe every last moment of their work or otherwise it's pointless!! (as you will see below).

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!!

(Vanessa Before and After)

Other actresses/actors who have changed dramatically for a role & in some cases won Oscars for it:

Christian Bale for The Machinist

Renee Zellweger for Bridget Jones (Come on who wouldn't gain all this weight to play next to Colin Firth, I would, haha..show me the cupcakes)

Jared Leto as Mark D. Chapman in Chapter 27

Demi Moore for G.I. Jane (Tough girls are awesome)

Dustin Hoffman for Tootsie ( I flippin love this movie)

Charlize Theron for 'Monster' (amazing).

To end on a happy note:


  1. I don't really like the way Vanessa changed her look! It's pretty awful.. nice post!

  2. I think she looks lovely and your post is so very true - I am SOOOO over angry haters outthere - perhaps it has to do with age, but I cannot be bothered anymore - if you have nothing good to say - say nothing at all:)
    I live by this quote now Kizzy doll - works for me.
    Thanks for the quote on the bottom - beautiful.

  3. spectacular but true.. is amazing the changes they must to do for their job!



  4. i agree with you hun. we should use blogs for positivity not hate! xxx

  5. thank you sweetie!!!!!
    lovely post!!!!

  6. Like the words! That's great and I agree with that.

  7. Happy International Blog Day, Timbarika! Today is set aside for bloggers and to celebrate we are to promote six blogs. I posted and then realized I left off a very important blog. So I edited
    (http://shellygregoryslushlife.blogspot.com/2011/08/happy-international-blog-day.html) and you are one of my promotions! xo

  8. I know what you mean.. there is no end to this pointless bitching.. it stops making sense after a while.. and that too for trivial things such as a haircut! I mean, she cut her own hair... not that blogger's hair right? I dont know why some people right such hate posts.. they need to grow up.

  9. I am all for changing for a role...it makes acting so much more interesting...

  10. Haters shall remain haters. I tend to see the bright side of life;-)
    I love the quotes above. Have a happy day, my lovely.

  11. yess! as josh strickland sings, "haters haters haters pleasee go homeeee!" haha :)
    thank you for your sweet comment have a great day!! :)

  12. I love the text at the end of the post!


  13. i love this post. and thanks for your comment on my anonymous post. i totally appreciate your thoughts and opinion and completely agree with you about artists wearing what they want and not caring. it's commendable. never worry about sounding bitchy because i love it!

  14. I love the quote as well. This has really made my day, staying true to myself is key to my own happiness.

    Luv Lisa x

  15. Some people say the vilest things online and become so judgmental. I'm glad you stuck up for Vanessa. It is true that actors that changed their appearance really got good roles and accolades. Love the last line - stay true to yourself!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  16. it's always interesting when stars change their looks for whatever reason.

    I saw Jared Leto on the VMAs and he was sporting a mullet!

  17. I still can't get over Jared Leto's transformation, lol..wow



  18. This is amzing post, really interesting!
    Love it! :)



  19. I quite like her new look, different from all the "pretty girl next door" look that seems to be the main default setting. I don't see why it would be anybody's business what she does with her hair and I find it particularly weird that somebody claims to not like her anymore just because of a haircut?!

    I think you're absolutely entitled to give your opinion in a constructive way even if it's not "nice" and I think your point is a very valid one.

    Have a great week xo

  20. Great post!! You have to admire actors who change their appearance to play a character. It shows devotion. Some people are just too harsh on celebrities.


  21. they really sacrifice a lot of themselves for their roles sometimes its even psychological they're so devoted! thanks for the comment!


  22. I think it all goes back to "if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all." Vanessa couldn't be ugly if she tried! xo

  23. Hmmm... I really think it was kind of you to comment like that.

    I think celebrity bloggers tend to be snarky, I think that's their style.

    That being said, I like the long hair on Vanessa ♥

  24. Some peoples changes are good others are really bad! I actually have never been a Vanessa fan but I do not like the new look.. Ha, don't know why!

    Love! ~Angel

  25. I've always admired actors who cut hair, dye/bleach hair, gain weight, lose weight, and do things like take crash courses in ballet just to do a role. I have to say I believe most folks thought not all) if they are hipped to the fact, admire this kind of devotion to career. Bravo for your standing up and presenting facts!

  26. I understand you! I find haters just shallow people.. I feel sad for them. I should admit Vanessa looks beautiful with short hair. That hater person must be having some mental problems... LOL


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