Rebels Unite

Here's to the crazy ones
The misfits. The rebels.
The trouble makers.
The round pegs in the square holes.
The ones who see things differently.
They're not fond of rules.
And they have no respect for the status quo. 
You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them.
About the only you can't do, is ignore them.
Because they change things.
They invent.
They imagine.
They heal.
They explore.
They create.
They inspire.
They push the human race forward.

Maybe they have to be crazy.

How else can you stare at an empty canvas and see a work of art?
Or sit in silence and hear a song that's never been written?
Or gaze at a red planet and see a laboratory on wheels?

We make tools for these kinds of people.
While some see them as the crazy ones, we see them as genius.

Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

Apple Inc.

I used to do 'Lundi Love' every Monday & then stopped, but decided to resurrect it as I felt it was something I really enjoyed and what I had set out to do when I began this thing. So, I'll try and do it more often. I hope everyone had a great weekend. I love quotes and all that stuff, they give me a lift when I'm feeling the strains of the world. But, I was thinking the other day..what is my quote, what will I leave behind for people to get a lift from!?! I had to think really hard, because I'm always saying lots of things, and then something popped in there...'Imitation is the lowest form of flattery'..I know your thinking to the famous quote and wondering why would I say it that way?? Well, when we imitate someone we are cutting off the very source that makes us amazing - ourselves!! I don't want to inspire people to be just like me, I'd like to inspire people to be their very best selves. Because when you think on it, the very people you are bending over backwards to emulate, are the very people who are striving to just be themselves too. Be strange, be anything but mediocre, you only get one shot at life, live it up, go wild, wear what you wish as long as your not hurting anyone (hence the riots) have fun :) Because when your old and grey, you may be sitting there wishing you had done those things, but the time will have passed.  Have a life that screams 'I Am Anything But Normal'!! Because what is normal anyways!!?!! ;D

Have a fun day beauties!!

I challenge everyone to adopt this fear. I challenge everyone to run from any hint of normalcy and to shun the act of settling for merely “good enough.” You are great. Anybody can lead a normal life, but you are not anybody – You are somebody. You are somebody that deserves more than “good enough.” You deserve exceptional.

Just some of the woman who I feel have done this in their life & inspire me, us women have done amazing things in the world, we can be whatever it is we want to be!! I used just women as I feel things are run by men enough & this is my space ;) hehe

Grace Jones - Model, Actress, singer - Madness makes life more fun & so does not caring for the approval of others ;)

Agyness Deyn - Fashion model, actress and singer. Your beauty isn't held in your hair, clothes or loads of shines from your heart & soul :)

Betsey Johnson - whimsical fashion designer (one of my very faves) Live a colourful life!!

Kate Bush - singer, writer, producer, artist, dancer! I adore her <3

Helena Bonham Carter - Actress! Wear your own wings & soar like a bird!

Cyndi Lauper - singer, actress, Human Rights activist, quirky is stunning!!

Theda Bara - American Silent screen star, one of the most popular, she just shines!

Audrey Hepburn - Actress & humanitarian for UNICEF

Harriet Tubman - African-American abolitionist, humanitarian, and Union spy during the American Civil War

Christina Hendricks, Actress & healthy role model for women who wish to learn to love the skin that covers their beautiful bones!

Rosa Parks, human rights activist, a gentle soul!

Annie Lennox, singer and activist, androgyny love!

Angela Davis - political activist, writer, scholar, women can be smart AND beautiful!

And Best of all:


  1. Excellent post! People should be inspired to be the best of themselves... and not blindly try to imitate someone else... I think each and every one of us has extraordinary potential to be great and achieve great things... And reading a post like this serves as a much needed push :)
    Thanks for writing and sharing this... I needed it!

  2. That is such a wonderful post...
    truly very inspiring ♥

    Love the quote and the pics of lovely rebels ♥

  3. So much inspiration! Great quotes!!/MandyCrandell

  4. The words in the first picture is from a poem? :) I read the poem last time. :)

  5. Fantastic post!!!!!!!!
    I love Betsey Johnson & Audrey Hepburn!!!!
    Thanks for stopping by & visiting my blog. Come back & visit again soon!!! :-)

  6. Love the Grace Jones picture :D


  7. This is so beautifully stated and such a wonderful message! Love them all! xo

  8. hey nice blog!!!

    we like itt

    hajar et mounia

  9. Thoughtful views into the hearts of those you admire! Don't you just love Audrey Hepburn, the actress, but especially the gracious woman she was....

    ~ Violet

  10. hey! I love your blog! and I like your post
    I will follow you!

    kiss; claire

  11. this is a really nice and inspiring post. thank you!

  12. this is such an inspirational post, and those quotes- soo true!

  13. beautiful blog, my dear! <3

  14. Love your blog!

    Follow me if you like my blog and let me know it!I'll follow you back. :)

  15. Thank you for this wonderful inspiration. . .

  16. This was a really thoughtful post and I liked all of the photos you featured! It is true, be fearful of mediocrity, 1/2 way done is never good!

  17. what an inspirational post! I wish I was like these people but think I'm a little more ordinary!

  18. Sweetie - WOW this post just rocks - you know what - it is sooo true. Creative talented people rule - thanks for this, it made my day being the creative nutbag that I am ;O)

  19. Okay ... first things first ... LOVE Betsy J.!!!! She is truly an inspiration to embrace who you are and shine on :)

    I also adore any Robert Frost quote I have ever come across ... so inspiring!

    ❤ Cat brideblu

  20. :) I love so many of those women.. (And, on a side note, Annie Lennox in the Sweet Dreams video.. *purrr*)

    This is a great post. I feel ready to do something.

  21. SO inspiring!! I Love "Be fearful of mediocrity." I am tweeting that now!

  22. Hi! I've selected you to win an award!

    The winners were announced in this post:, and you can find out what do with it on this page:


  23. I can't even tell you how much I LOVE this post! Right on, sweetie! :)

  24. Beauty is in the heart and soul - love that comment!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  25. Love it! Especially the picture of Agy...

    Love! ~Angel

  26. thank you for the inspiration and beautiful thoughts. being quirky is wonderful.
    thank you for commenting on my blog posts and for the love!

  27. Beautiful images! They're all so inspirational! And thank you so much for your sweet comment, it really made my day :)

  28. What a fantastic post! I wish I had read it first thing this morning, its lifted me right up!

    I totally agree. Don't conform to anything other than who you are! I love edgy people, colourful characters and androgynous muses, but not really like that myself. If I was, it wouldn't be being me!

    I think everyone should just embrace themselves. A good heart is miles better than a good haircut!

    Girl about Town XxX

  29. This post inspires me to no end. You inspire me too. Thank you for dropping in and leaving me such beautiful comments...they inspire me as well. Have a gorgeous day! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  30. i believe that the most fun people are those that are set out to some up with the most creative things!!!

  31. Love these post, so beautiful ♥


  32. What an inspirational blog post! Love your selection of extraordinary women, especially Audrey and Betsey! :)

  33. What a fab, fab, fab post! I can't believe I actually like something that's been done as an advert for Apple... It's all so right though and so important to be a bit mad, be yourself and do what feels right for yourself. Thanks for a great post xo

    PS: Now following just because of that post ;-)

  34. i really like this post because even though i'm not a rebel i admire people who has a style and are not afraid to show it!

    jos xx

  35. Your quotes and words have inspired others to inspire. That is also a gift! xo

  36. This was a great post for some inspiration! Christina Hendricks is absolutely gorgeous, I loved the Harriet Tubman photo, and the mediocrity quote? I cannot get over it! Hope you have a great day!

  37. Very inspirational. Thank you so much for making this post. xx

  38. Yay to inspiring women!!!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    talking France

  39. awesome post i love it!!! power to the misfits!!

  40. great pics! very inspirational!

  41. Awe what a great post Kizzy!
    These women are true inspiration. Yes, if they could than we will be able to change the world too ;)
    even if our own world!

  42. I love your selection of heroines!
    They are inspirational for me, too.
    Joy xx

  43. Betsey looks a little strange :pp
    Kiss from Portugal

  44. Love this post! I adore that Robert Frost poem. It's so simple, yet so deep.



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