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Hiya dolls!! I hope the week has faired well for you. I received these awards ages ago, but couldn't really think of what to say about myself, I still can't but I really must thank Kim from Sassy Uptown Chic for presenting me with these sweet awards, I really appreciate it. You must check her out and say hello, she is a darling girl with a precious heart! I wish you all a great day..the weekend is almost here..welcome to all new followers & ones who have been tagging along with me for a while now *hug*


Hmmm..about me, I must list 7 things about me (am doing it for one award, as I'm rubbish at talking about myself) well randomness is always good. Here we go : )

I utterly adore Kate Bush, She's been a favourite since a child, now my girls love her too. The way she throws herself into each piece is amazing :)

I love the accordion - I know dorkish to some people, but hello..hear Yann Tiersen jamming on one and that is why, he's fantastical..maybe he gives lessons!?! lol!

I love burlesque, yes yes!! I've been to some shows as well. I think the women are marvelous and beautiful! Get your tassels and feathers out ;) hehe!

Burlesque Superstar Miss Sally Rand (1930s)

I'm quite addicted to Scottish snowballs, I eat way too many of them whilst drinking a cup of tea, but they are wonderful, if I do say so myself, lol. I only eat the ones from a certain store here because everywhere else I've had them have been not as nice. It's soft cake covered with coconut flakes with a raspberry jam center = happiness ;)

I will not watch a Leonardo DiCaprio movie and certainly not Titanic. Why you ask!?! Because my younger sister was over the moon for him back in the day and I had to take her to see Titanic over 10 times at the cinema, I kid you not!! And also watch his movies at home. And hang up over 600 posters of him on her wall - that is no joke, what a sister I am ;) I also stood in line at midnight at the video store to buy her the movie when it came out on DVD with my mum..we got our picture in the paper with others because apparently this movies was a big hit, LOL..who knew!!! haha!! I remain un-impressed with him.

Notice, I'm not even putting a picture of him or the movie!?! haha ;p

I never get tired of this song....

When I was little, I wanted to run away and live with The Munsters, wooo! They are fantastical :)




  1. congrats for the awards and thanks for videos :D



  2. You so desewrve this award KIzzy, and i love to look at your things and get to know you better ;) Hugs for a happy day!

  3. congrats on the awards!! How exciting! Glad to know a little bit more about you :)

  4. Hullo... Are we living in the same era? Gosh you post up videos of songs from yesteryears! U know I intially didn't know who Kate Bush was but once I clicked play and hear the very familiar 80s kind of music rhythmn, I knew the song.

  5. congratulations for those awards!!!!! nice list!!!!!!!!
    many kisses!!!!!

  6. Great post as always! It's so awesome you love Kate Bush, I'm actually a huge fan as well. I actually used to have a girlfriend who resembled Kate Bush a lot. When I told her she completely freaked out at me and took it as being a criticism as opposed to a compliment! For some reason she thought Kate Bush was unattractive, I couldn't believe it.

  7. HAHA Kizzy! Don't feel bad girl, I have more awards too that I haven't put up. LOL You are so deserving! I love you girl. You are such a sweetie. Thank you so much for the compliments girl. (BLUSH). I love the burlesque fashions. I may have to do a post about that. I've never been to a show. LOVE the Munsters and Addams Family. They had a quirky sense of humor. Wishing you a great day Kizzy! ((HUG))

  8. It´s good to now a bit about you. What a great personality. :)

  9. congratulations for the award!
    sometimes i find burlesque is interesting as well

    style frontier

  10. I loved hearing about your Scottish snowballs, I can see how they could be quite addicting! Luckily there's no such delicacy around here or I would be joining you! And I had to laugh about your Leonardo stories, haha!

    p.s. Thank you for your note about Scotland, what a wonderful adventure this must've been for you!

    xo Mary Jo

  11. Yann Tiersen has amazing accordion skills, i'm always impressed when someone can play it that well.

  12. Kate Bush & The Cure?!?! You're talking about 2 of my all time faves :)

    Congrats on the awards, sweetie! xoxo

  13. congrats, I love posts like this so you get to know bloggers a little bit better :) xo

  14. aww congrats on the awards! Those Scottish snowballs look and sound amazingly delicious!! I wanna tryyyy!

  15. i never tire of that song either... all time favorite!

  16. Hello, The Dainty Doll's House.

    The graceful sense wraps your artworks.
    It's excellent and lovely...

    The traditional celebration, kimono infants.

    The season of colored leaves, heartwarming atmosphere.

    The prayer for all peace.

    From Japan, ruma ❀

  17. Congrats! Thanks for turning me on to snowballs. I'm Scottish by decent and this is the first I've heard of them . . .

  18. CONGRATS on the awards Kizzy, well deserved. Loved reading your fun facts - must try the Scottish snowballs when I visit London for Xmas - can't wait.
    HAppy weekend sweetheart,


    you almost should let yourself watch Leonardo stuff - he is SO much more that Titanic and a lot rougher around the edges ha ha

  19. I love your randomness! Congratulations on the award!
    Loved the Munsters too! One of my favorite songs... Just Like Heaven in just about any version. Just talking about my vintage burlesque photo collection last night (how crazy).
    Have a great day!

  20. I want to be a burlesque dancer! But I doubt Ben would approve...;)

  21. Congratulations for this feat!A lovely post

  22. Congrats for your awards, you have a very original blog. It´s good to know more about you,I love the accordion too,Leonardo DiCaprio,the cure and The monsters. Kisses from www.stylepicture.blogspot.com

  23. I too love the Munsters. I grew up with the name Fleckenstein which was close to Frankenstein so I felt like I should live with them or have a house like them. You are a great sister...what dedication to her cause...lovely post. Have a great weekend! oh, and those Scottish snowballs...yum to the max. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  24. OMG! Why don't we live closer to each other? Seriously. Burlesque= something I would love to try at least once. I also like drag shows.. HAHA!

    Love getting to know yoU!


  25. you are the best!!! you deserve it... lovely videos and love the pictures especially the burlesque lady and the last picture... kissess!!!

  26. congratulations for the awards :)

    I was a big fan of Leonardo Dicaprio when I was a kid like your sister, but I only went to see Titanic to the cinema one time. :)


  27. Scottish snowballs sound so good! And I love The Munsters!


  28. i love all the things you love! so fun!

  29. congrats on the awards!!!!! :D


  30. I would love a Scottish snowball now ! Ooh and I loved "The Munsters" as a kid - they were such a fun family!
    Have a fabulous weekend dear!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  31. congrats for the award.
    i used to love Titanic. I don't know why. and maybe i had a small crash with leonardo di caprio. i still don't know why! hahahahahahah

  32. Congrats!!!!
    Great post!!!

  33. Such interesting facts about you, well done for the award! :)


  34. interesting to know more about you.

  35. I too adore Kate Bush and the Munsters!

  36. Scottish snowballs? Ive never heard of those! They look yummy though


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