Have Yourself a Merry little Christmas!

Bonjour my dolls! The day before Christmas Eve, I hope all of you are ready and have all your presents bought and wrapped. Time has gone by fast and I have some little things to finish up, so I am signing off now to have time to get them done. My daughter is off from school now, so now I have time with both of my girls all day. Lots of cookies to bake and presents to finish wrapping. Christmas movies to watch and just enjoy spending the holiday time with. I hope that all of you spend a beautiful holiday time in happiness and love and may the real spirit of Christmas be found in your heart and not in material presents, but in family and love. Have a  wonderful and blessed time & please be safe wherever you may be travelling too!! I will back sometime after for sharing!! Thank you to each and everyone of you for your fabulous comments and most of all time spent with me here! I shall keep you all in mind when I am sitting around my tree. Please spare a moment for those in this world that may find themselves out in the cold and alone. Have a joyous and special Christmas Day!!

Love love love

P.S. I took off reader comments on this post, but feel free to leave any comments on the precious posts, if you wish too!! Not looking for comments, just want to send you all wishes :) Enjoy!!

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