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Hiya darlings!! How's the week going so far?? Good, I hope. Well, I've trying to catch up with my photo editing, but I stumbled upon these that I took before I went on a break for the week. Which is good, as it gave me something to post instead of nothing, haha! This building here was built on the birthplace spot of the famous inventor and mechanical engineer, James Watt, quite interesting to see really. I love discovering new things. Hope you enjoy & wish you a wonderful day!!

Love loves to you all!

{James Watt, FRS, FRSE (19 January 1736 – 25 August 1819) was a Scottish inventor and mechanical engineer whose improvements to the Newcomen steam engine were fundamental to the changes brought by the Industrial Revolution in both his native Great Britain and the rest of the world.
While working as an instrument maker at the University of Glasgow, Watt became interested in the technology of steam engines. He realised that contemporary engine designs wasted a great deal of energy by repeatedly cooling and re-heating the cylinder. Watt introduced a design enhancement, the separate condenser, which avoided this waste of energy and radically improved the power, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of steam engines. Eventually he adapted his engine to produce rotary motion, greatly broadening its use beyond pumping water.
Watt attempted to commercialize his invention, but experienced great financial difficulties until 1775 he entered a partnership with Matthew Boulton. The new firm of Boulton and Watt was eventually highly successful and Watt became a wealthy man. In his retirement, Watt continued to develop new inventions though none were as significant as his steam engine work. He died in 1819 at the age of 83. Watt has been described as one of the most influential figures in human history.
He developed the concept of horsepower and the SI unit of power, the watt (light bulb), was named after him.}

{All Photos taken by me, Timbarika Doll. Photos of myself are taken by Gorgeous Gavin. Please do not use without permission}


  1. You look positively stunning, dear. Hope you had a lovely Easter . . .

    oxoxoxo from San Francisco

  2. Gorgeous pics and GORGEOUS you :)
    Have a splendid day sweet doll,

  3. That is some really interesting history! I am improving my general knowledge thanks to you!
    Lovely pictures and lovely you!


  4. that was interesting. always fun to learn something new and now i will think of that when i shop for lightbulbs and see the watts :) such beautiful pictures! the building colors are so rich!
    hope you had a nice holiday.

  5. Interesting post Doll, I'd never actually heard of James Watt before so it's good to learn about him. I love your skirt and your smile in these photos too, looking fabulous as always doll!

  6. You make me sooooooooo happy when I see your outfit post and your pretty face, moreeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  7. Thank you so much for sweet words on my blog:) Of course I will follow..you blog is so cool:)
    Have a great week.

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis

  8. Love that skirt - such gorgeous colors!


  9. oh dear, you are soo pretty <3

  10. There's nothing better for the mind than learning from History. Delighted to see a picture of your beautiful face here today, my lovely;-)

  11. What beautiful pics (as always!)

  12. Gorgeous photos, sweetie! And you look absolutely stunning! You're such a breath of fresh air. Beautiful outfit too :)

    Hope you're having a great week! xoxo

  13. What a great building! And you skirt is A-mazing!


  14. There is a street named Watt in Philadelphia...must be due to him. Your smile is gorgeous and your skirt is beautiful...love the color and print. Have a great day, dollface. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  15. These photos are beautiful!! And you're just adorable. I love that close up of your smiling face!!

  16. wonderful pictures! and it's only wednesday and i can't wait until this week is over!

  17. What a great story - thanks for sharing about Mr. Watt! You look lovely as always dear and your skirt puts me in a brighter, floral mood!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  18. I love your feminine top! And I have tights just like yours--great styling here.

  19. this place looks lovely, as do you! What a beautiful skirt :) xx

  20. What a beautiful building Kizzy and that outfit looks amazing, I really love that floral skirt!

  21. That's very interesting. 83 seems so old for that time period. You look so cute!! I love that outfit.

  22. You are SO beautiful!!!!!!
    I love these photos & the building where James Watt was born is so cool!!! I love the architectural detail!!!!
    My birthday is this Friday the 13th!!!
    Another year older!!! Gulp!!!
    Hope you're having a great week!!!
    Hugs!!!!! Shannon

  23. i was about to google James watt.wanna check who he was in world history,but u mentioned it later on the post.the place looks beautiful but sometimes all this historical places gives me eerie feelings.i love the way u look,u dont seems like trying to hard,sometime it takes me hours to figure out what to wear and i still looks horrible.i can see u applied less make up on your face,i love it because u hv this charm and beautiful smile thats to me are more than enough to show how pretty and sweet person u are dear.sincerely from me

  24. You look gorgeous doll! And so interesting to hear the story about Watt & Boulton, I love history.-x enjoy your week.

  25. You look so fresh and beautiful! Love the skirt..James Watt was a real visionary! Thanks for sharing this picture! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  26. Great photos, I love your skirt! :)

  27. ..lovely pictures and I love your cute outfit , Fantastic place to take pictures as well !

  28. I love history and buildings with historical significance. Thank you for sharing that with us! Your skirt is beautiful and the tights adorable. Great look!


  29. What an exemplary man. That statue of him is gorgeous. Kizzy your skin tone and complexion is so beautiful. You have the best smile girl. You can light up a room. Love the sleeves on your top and the print on your skirt is too cute. :D

  30. Lovely pictures!! We are having a giveaway on our blog! Check it out and enter to win! http://bit.ly/H6zWJ4

    xx Julie xx

  31. Great photos and love your outfit ;)

  32. What gorgeous pics -- your outfit is faaaaabulous!

  33. YOU LOOK FANTASTIC! Loving the sweet polka dot tights x

  34. YOU LOOK FANTASTIC! Loving the sweet polka dot tights x

  35. This place looks gorgeous. I am in LOVE with that skirt. lovelovelove. The style is awesome.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  36. You look perfectly amazing and gorgeous - the skirt is so pretty!

    Thanks for sharing these snaps with us - looks like a great place to check out and filled with history.

    Have a great weekend!

  37. Lovely blog.

  38. Ahh, these photos are so beautiful, and the light is just perfect! Plus you look really beautiful in your pretty outfit!

    Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  39. Lovely photos, beautiful outfit! Your skirt is amazing!

  40. Such a pretty outfit! I love the bright florals especially! And I love to go sightseeing and take pretty pictures as well! -Jessica



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