{Monday Madness}

I'm a very silly person...crazy even!! Mad as a hatter my husband says sometimes...but it never gets boring in my little world. If things stay the same...I literally go mad, I end up painting my face or tearing something apart to create something new...but I guess that's the mind of an artistic person really. I have to have paper next to my bed or with me always to write down ideas that float into my mind. Madness is genius and silly is definitely better than boring. I can't have blank walls in my house, I have to fill them with pictures and bits and bobs. Or just get my paints out and go to town. I react very much to paints and colour...if the world was just black and white....send me to heaven right now. It's what I love about the world, nothing is as plain as we think it is. There are people who try so hard to put everything in a box...but the world doesn't belong in a box. It's meant to be free, alive with room to grow and expand and continue on. It's just like with art or fashion even, break the rules, create, go mad, be daring...because life's far too short to play safe, follow others or not shine the way you were meant to!! As for me, I'll continue being a mad hatter (or dolly) forever & then I'll know I lived life and not just existed!! Have a wonderful Monday dolls!!


{Taken during winter, it was freezing, I had to do something to keep warm}

{Enjoying a mud mask, I got bored waiting for it to dry, so I decided to add the butterfly and take a picture}

{The very last time I wore trousers in the winter, I felt the urge to jump}

{An out-take from my hat shoot, when we've been taking pictures for a long time, I just end up making faces}


  1. Too right lady! Why be boring, eh? I would agree that it's better to be 'you' and quirky or whatever other idiosyncrasies that society deems well... different/barmy.

    Lovely post and quotes Kizzy! I hope you have a terrific week! Love your red frock!

  2. You made me smile. Never stop being mad in the way you described and continue to paint your face, tear things and create! Being a mad hatter is just the best way of a living! Good quotes and a lovely collection of pictures. My favorite quote is the one with the erased line. Would love to have that on my wall :-D
    Wishing you a wonderful, mad monday, hatter girl! xx

  3. Another fantastic post! I love what you have to say. Your art matters. When I visit your blog and read your posts, your words tend to fill me with motivation, positivity, and inspiration.



  4. Now you look fun:) love the quirkiness :) cute pics

  5. Hahaha you look great in these pictures, freedom is madness sometimes!

    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  6. I love this post so much Doll, especially your justification for being different. I wish I had your courage to just be exactly what I wanted and to not worry about judgement by anybody, it's an amazing quality to have and I wish I had your strength.

    I really like the photos, what you did with that facial was awesome haha, only someone unique could think of that.

  7. I guess we all have our individual flavors... Fun comes from following your own course, and while I do not confirm to the "be Crazy" rhetoric, I do believe that Originality is way more alluring than "me-too".

    Sweet quotes and fun pictures...

  8. Wow!!! Very cool post!! :)


  9. Love this post! It's so life-affirming and fun and - well - mad! Wishing you a fabulous and mad week! Bisous xo

  10. Yes, who needs a boring world?!? Like you, I like to mix things up a bit and shy away from the ordinary...it's just makes us that much more fun to be around and the world a more colorful place! Enjoy your week :)

  11. Haha! Wonderful! During a photo shoot last Saturday I had to apologize to the photographer for my inability to not make funny faces to the camera now and then, in between all the seriousness to do a good modeling job. He said it was ok though... :) You need that bit of craziness to be creative I think. Before the "serious" shoot, I took a very nerdy picture of myself with Instagram, and I have never gotten so many "likes" for a picture of myself as that one got! Not being afraid to make fun of yourself is also an important think among us slightly crazy people ;) But I can't believe you still look that cute in a mud mask! You should se me...Haha! xoxoxoxoxo

  12. Yes, yes, yes! Being silly and creative are wonderful traits! :)


  13. Great post - really enjoyed the quotes and quirky photos! xo

  14. Ahh we all love the mad hatter/doll! We all need to be a little silly and let loose!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  15. I often laugh at the worst times and I consider that my madness saving me from doldrums! It just has to bubble over at times! Its a mad world, x -Dani

  16. I love this post. It's good to be mad and push out of your comfort zone. I have to be sent to heaven if my life could be packed in a box too.

    I love all your crazy poses here. It's refreshing to see your quotes posts together with your own photos.

  17. Love these!! My favorite:: "There's a fine line between genuis and insanity, I have erased this line." too funny! You seem like such a fun character! Have a great Monday!


  18. Love that picture of you with the facial mask :) You look adorable and good that you are taking care of that beautiful skin! Wonderful message here and I so agree. Imperfections are what make us unique and who we are. The SAME is no fun at all. Stir the pot and step out of line!

    Have a wonderful new week!


  19. Fantastic dear! I couldn't agree with this post more. Life is too short to not shine how you were meant to ... I love the Albert Einstein quote! xxoo Hope you have a beautiful week! /Madison

  20. OMG! Your picture with the blue pants is SO CUTE! Also the outfit!

  21. Really love these pics of you. Captures you in every silly mood there is . . .

  22. So true- all of them! We should embrace our little bit of crazy.

  23. Wow, lovely blog!
    I'm your follower n. 385, I hope you follow me back.
    I wish you a beautiful day!


  24. A fantastic post, Kizzy! I so agree with you that life is indeed much to short and that we should make the best use of the time we have by doing something daring. I have always marched to the beat of a different drum and was never a follower. It sometimes makes you the odd person out but I've never regretted anything I did or stood up for. :) Darling photos of you!

  25. I love the crazy pictures of you. I think we would have so much fun together because I am insane in the membrane, too.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  26. Great post and amazing pictures. Thank you for beeing mad and funny, you made us smile :)))hugs...


  27. Beautiful post! And I'm LOVING that first picture of you! Sometimes it's easy to lose sight and feel frustrated when people don't agree with us 100% .... but that's the beauty of it. none of us are meant to be the same. we just have to embrace the differences and appreciate the little flaws each and every one of us has! <3

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  29. Haha, this is a great post. I love your mud mask. And madness quite definitely is genius.

  30. Another uplifting and inspiring post! I love it Kizzy and I am a huge fan of Robin Williams. He is just hilarious!

    visit my blog okay?

  32. What a vibrant photo of you in the red dress - I love it. You remind me of Bianca Jagger.

  33. What a funny post! I love it


  34. you're so funny.love the quotes and them funny faces.xx

  35. Love the jumping picture!

    xo Jennifer


  36. i LOVE the first photograph of you! And imperfections are indeed beauty :)

  37. Cheers to artsy madness doll, and welcome to the club ;) What would the world do without us? We bring rainbows and butterflies! Have a crazy funny week!

  38. haha fantastic post!
    loved the quotes and your crazy pictures xx

  39. OH Kizzy this is just the best post, you put into words (or quotes) something that I have long thought, and the reason that the designers who use little boxes to create their designs with drive me nuts--design (like life) doesn't belong in a box! Love that out-take of you during your hat shoot--hope you blow it up big and put it on your wall.

    Much love to you this Monday!
    xo Mary Jo

  40. This is adorable... Craziness is one of the spices of life!

  41. You're in good company. My husband calls me BSC- Bat sh** crazy.

  42. HaHa Kizzy! That's why i love you! You know how to have FUN! I'm the same way girl. No stuffiness here. We do what makes us feel good. I love these pics of you. Too funny! We're all MAD here. HAHAHAHA Have a great week cutie!

  43. Hello doll!

    Every day I fall more and more in love with your blog! :) There's so many lovely quotes and lovely pictures. It's so artistic, it makes me smile always.

    Btw, you're so beautiful!

    I understand exactly what you mean about not wanting any blank walls in your house! I have a thing for buying prints (they're cheaper than actual painting!) and putting them ALL OVER my walls! :))


  44. Love your personality! I go mad too when things stay the same:-) If I stop moving around, it means - something is wrong with me:-) Cute pictures! Great new profile pic!
    hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena

  45. Excellent post i really enjoyed this
    The mud mask is just to cool!

    Ariane xxxx

  46. You are right, I agree and relate to every word here. Cheers

  47. Doll face, love your silly side, I often think of doing out takes as a post. Mud mask is actually pretty on you and only you could pull off a pretty mudmask. Have a great one...dolly do. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  48. I love this post, so adorable, you sound like a true person in your creativity.

    am following



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