Hiya dolls!! I'm back...I had a wonderful week away, the weather was grand and my daughter had a wonderful birthday!! We made her a chocolate birthday cake and had a party here, she enjoyed herself very much. Later in the week, I had to dress her up as Adam Ant for her school Halloween party, she looked fantastic, she's such a cool girl :) e also used this post to share some random things as well, a bits and pieces kind of post to get me back in the swing of things!! I shall be around to visit you all, I've missed all of your blogs while away...I hope all of you are well & wish you a grand new week!

Lots of loves

I'm now on instagram, user name: mskizzydoll, so do join me there, if you have it too. I'm still getting used to it, but it's fun to share random things I see in my day as I often see something & forget to share it later, now I can do it instantly :)) If your on there, do leave your name from there, so I can follow you, I've not really gone and searched for other people yet, so I need to get going on that :)) 

While I was away, I got a tweet asking me if I would share my 5 core values that I have in life from a beautiful blogger friend, Nannaemma, so of course I said I would :) These are just some things that I value in life, stuff that's important to me. There's other things, but I was only asked for five :)

My 5 Core Values

Faith: I believe in God and the bible. my faith has been something that has gotten me through some dark times. I respect people in all different faiths and enjoy spending a lot of time learning about other faiths and beliefs as well, I feel it's the only way to understand others and grow as a person. I feel it's harder to believe in something, than to believe in nothing. I'm not one to push my beliefs on others, I have friends who don't believe in anything and respect me much more for loving them just the same than trying to shove my beliefs down their throat. I think faith is much more than just words, it's actions to testify to what you believe. 

Family: Family is so important to me. I adore my husband and girls and we try to make sure they always grow up happy and teach them the important things in life. We, as you know have week long birthday celebrations, we spend time together. I learn from my daughters just as much as they learn from me. My husband is my best friend. We like to have our home be our own little haven, where we're all equal, we listen and treat each other with love & respect. We make up our own holidays and traditions too. We eat ice cream in the morning and breakfast for dinner sometimes. We create little plays and perform them and have dance parties in the living room  We sometimes go out all in black and laugh when people stop and stare :) Because I think, if your family is all for you, who cares if the world is!?!

Honesty: There isn't enough of this in the world. I've learned as I've grown up, it's so much better to tell the truth, than to not, even if you think your sparing the other person's feelings or your own. Telling a lie will only hurt more and prolong the healing process as well. 

Being Yourself (Freedom): There is great freedom in being yourself, we were not put on this earth to water down who we are...unless your a crazy fool and need put away somewhere. We often get too caught up in what other people are doing or wearing or liking, that we forget the wonderful things that make us who we are and just as beautiful. I dance to the beat of my own drum, if someone doesn't like what I'm wearing or doing, they know where the door is, so to speak.  I have no interest in being anyone but myself. I do think we can be positively influenced by others, to be better or to love ourselves more or gain confidence  But, at the end of it, it has to be us :)

Kindness: Treat others as you would like to be treated. Kill them with kindness, these are just some things I try to keep with me in life. There is always going to be someone who acts a fool and treats you rudely, let them be responsible for their ways and keep yourself responsible for your own. We are our own keepers of our emotions. The times I've lashed out or got grumpy for someone else's way has been the days that weren't the best. But, when I decided someone else's mood wasn't going to change mine, that's when I had the best days. It takes some practise, but when you master it, good days tend to out weigh the bad ones! And going out of your way to cheer up someone else's day soon makes all things better too. 

Parma Vintage now has it's website up, some of you will remember the interview and store feature I did on them here on the blog. You can now shop from their website from anywhere in the world...check it out!

A lot of you were interested in my daughter's skateboard, she got for her birthday, so here it is for you to see. She's doing quite well on it. I wish I got one at her age, haha :) Thank you to all of you that left wishes for her, it was very kind of you :)

Picture I took on a walk while my daughter was in drama class...the mood was so quiet and peaceful, all I could hear were the soft calls of the birds and the gentle lapping of the water...marvellous :)

Pauline Frederick - the room, the clothes…everything, perfect! Would love to have it :)

To end, some words of wisdom....


  1. I so agree with you in all points, and above all about the relatioship with your daughter because it will grow into something unique. They will understand you like no one, because they are an improved you.
    I do believe in kindness. I couldn´t live with myself otherwise.
    I am so glad to have you back

  2. I love the piece on your five core values and agree wholeheartedly with all of them, the quote at the end has filled me with a lot of joy as well. I'm glad to hear that your daughter had such a cool birthday, I love the Thundercats skateboard! The fact that she got that for her birthday and that you guys helped her go dressed up as Adam Ant is further evidence to me that you and Gavin might just be the coolest parents in the history of parenting, I love it!


  3. Amazing post!

    2 words.. LOVE IT!



  4. I love to read your posts. You weave a story through your pictures and words. And you have done it once again, definitely loved the second last picture. And the words of wisdom of course.

    (New post is up :)

  5. Ah, a chocolate birthday - how lovely. And words of wisdom to bear in mind. A wonderful way to begin the week. I love your core values, too;)

  6. Glad your daughter had a wonderful birthday and that you had an enjoyable week away! She sounds like a very cool little girl. :)

  7. I really agree with your 5 values...
    The picture of the sky and the sea is amazing :)
    and I wish I knew how to skateboard ! :)

    Have a great day !

  8. Welcome back, lovely to hear you've had such a good time away from blogging. This is a beautiful post with a lot of very true and good values - we would be in a better world if more people thought like this. :-) Have a lovely week xo

  9. Such a nice post! Love it ^^ Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, mind to follow each other? :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  10. I'm so glad your daughter had a great birthday. I definitely knew that family and kindness would be among your core values!

    p.s. I'm chicncheapliving on Instagram - I definitely hope to find you there!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  11. I missed you and your clever words. SO with you on all of the points above -especially the one where if people don't like you as you are - see ya laters:))
    That's me exactly - but wasn't always, I have taught myself to believe in myself .
    Super post Kizzy, good to have you back and congrats again to lovely Saffron,

  12. Great post and very nice blog ;))

  13. What a cool skateboard! I always love seeing the different styles on them. Welcome back! And if you want to find me on Instagram I'm @comingunstitched

  14. wishing your daughter a happy belated birthday. great inspirations!!! lurv the pictures too.

  15. As always, a great post, doll!
    Have a nice week.

  16. Kizzy, WELCOME BACK DOLL!!! I missed you and was so happy to see you on Instagram. I knew you would love it, because you're a photographer. It's a great way to capture those little moments and share it with others. There are MANY bloggers on there and you get a glimpse of their personal life. I LOVE your core values!!! I wish everyone had the same (this world would be a better place hahaha) So glad your daughter had a fabulous birthday. She looked awesome as Adam Ant! Girl you did a great job with her costume. Spitting image! She looked GORGEOUS!!! I love her skateboard too. I just read your comment! That has happened to me too. I really thought a couple of bloggers and I were close and they just left without ANY explanation. I wouldn't have the heart!!! For some on here it's just a facade. LOVE YOU GIRL!!! Have THE BEST week doll!

  17. Nice post and nice blog...maybe we can follow each other from GFC and Bloglovin? :D
    New post on my blog
    Facebook Page

  18. What a wonderful post. You always talk so sweet about your family and friends :) Great that you've instagram, I am your newest follower (BodilHuisman). Have a wonderful week!

    LOVE BO,

  19. Hey there love! Welcome back, I actually did a bit of a break as well. I'm glad that you had a great time. I too share these core values. Faith, hope, and love are definitely rank high in my life. Wishing you a beautiful week! ... and welcome to the world of Insta! :) xx/Madison

  20. Hello Kizzy:
    Welcome back! It is always good to know that an absence from the Land of Blog is because too many wonderful things are happening in the real world, and so it seems to have been with you and your family.

    Your daughter's birthday celebrations sound to have been wonderful. She is indeed fortunate to have such a loving and caring family to support her through life. Sadly, there are too many young people one hears about for whom the same cannot be said.

  21. glad you had a nice week and happy belated bday to your daughter!

  22. Glad you daughter and family celebrated the birthday week with fun. I love reading about people and what makes them who they are. I must say I love the traits that make Kizzy, Kizzy! I wish everyone had your core values. It's hard to kill with kindness sometimes as some people can be so cruel, self-centered and mean-spirited with their words. I've had a few of those quiet confident moments when I've been able to express how I feel in such a nice way it has even surprised me!! HAH
    As my grandmother used to say "You win more with sugar than you do with vinegar. HAH

    Take care sweetie. :)♥♥

  23. I know you live these values Kizzy and thanks for always sharing and inspiring . . .

  24. thank you :) this is such a lovely post btw :)


  25. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog! Your blog is amazing!

    xo, H

  26. Beautiful post, love! Your core values are wonderful. And I just love how your daughter was Adam Ant for Halloween! How cool :)

    Happy Monday. Hope you're having a great start to the week! xoxo

  27. Lovely blog! Check out mine? :)

  28. I absolutely adore your core values. You are such a great mama! Sounds like you guys have a lot of fun!


    swaney e

  29. Happy Birthday to your daughter! I agree with all of your core values :) We all need to think more about what is really at the core of our being don't we? Beautiful post.


  30. You're not just beautiful, and creative - you're very wise too! :) Not many people posses real wisdom, but reading what you have written in this post - and in others before - makes it clear you're one of those few wise ones. I'm proud to be your blog-friend, and glad you had a good time off! Sending a big bunch of kisses with the wind. The way it storms here in Sweden right now, they will probably reach you soon! :) <3

  31. Welcome back and belated HBD to your daughter. I love the skateboard ;)
    x, Lara

  32. Very cool post (: I like your blog.

    Juls <3
    from Italy.

  33. I always love your Monday posts! Happy birthday to our cute daughter and the chic cake sounds like the perfect way to celebrate!!

  34. Oh I just love your posts. :) There's always so much to see. I love your serene - mood photo, your daughter has a pretty rad skateboard (I wish I had had one too he!), vintage inspiration is just amazing .. x Thank you for the comments !

    Indie by heart

  35. SO inspiring...thanks for sharing!! xoxo

  36. Thank you so much! I love your values! You're great :)

  37. this is such a wonderful post!! your core values are perfect :) you are such a great mom! :)

  38. Great post! Wanna follow each other?;)

    Eka Theresia♥

  39. Fabulous round up! I love that end quote. And, checking out Parma Vintage now!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  40. What you write about in the "family" values section is so beautiful. Your house seems like a haven for you and your kids and husband. I can only hope that one day when I have a family its something like this! But seriously, that little section touched me. With so many broken families full of judgment it is so refreshing to read something so warm and sweet like this.

  41. Sounds like a fabulous birthday! :)

    I'm following you on instagram now! Yay!

    I loved reading about your core values and I wasn't surprised by them, which is a great thing. You obviously exude these values through your blog and your writing, which shows how true and honest you are. xoxo

  42. Very nice post dear! :)


  43. Just how cool is the Thundercats skate board? Hmmm, really showing my age here! Ha!

    I loved reading about your core values, which are pretty similar to my own too.

    I hope your family had a wonderful time together celebrating!

    Have a beautiful week Kizzy.

  44. Nice to see you again...That last quote, so right...

  45. lovely post, and ur daughter must be thrilled to possess such a lovely skateboard,mine is still young for it,haha..
    Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog !

  46. Very cute post dear!

  47. Glad to hear your daughter had a great time. Happy belated to her! Also glad you had a great weekend away. Nothing like one to get us prepared for the week ahead. xx

  48. Great article!
    I love your blog

    If you follow me, say me, I will follow you back

  49. On 'kindness', agreed for sure! That picture you took is beautiful. You should make it into a print... so calming!

  50. indeed dear! i really like your blog and if you're interested in following each other, it would be a pleasure! love, D.

  51. yeah, I agree with the values you posted <3 and haha yeah Breaking Bad is a pretty awesome show, so intense!

  52. With revealing your 5 core values you prove once again that you don't just have a wonderful taste but as well the opinions of a lovely lady! I think that you really follow this words and see you as a warm, honest and kind person. Wising you a lovely week and thank you for this fabulous Monday post!

    I'm following you on Instagram now :-)

    Love, Sara xxxxxxxxxxx

  53. This is a fabulous post! I love every part of it and your values should be an inspiration to others!

  54. such a lovely post.
    I enjoyed reading your 5 core values :)

  55. Gorgeous photos!! And I just adore how you write! :) x

  56. I couldn't agree more on the Five Core Values. I relate to those at a 100%. Many blessings to you! xoxo

  57. Always love all your quotes and I practise the same value as you in relation to kindness.

  58. This post truly inspired me :) !!

    I loved finding out that you believe in God and the Bible! :) I do too! Faith really does make a difference in your life! :D

    And I love that your family creates it's own traditions!! That's exactly what I dream for my own too! :) Yay for ice cream in the morning! hehe

  59. I agree with your core values, especially faith! I love learning about other people, and i think respecting beliefs of others is the best testament to good character, regardless.

    On a side note, as a skateboarder, i would like to share that if your daughter gets really into it, the trucks on the board, you may want to switch to an aluminum alloy/metal...plastic likes to break and increases an individual's chance of "beefing" (falling into concrete).

    Mind you I am totally catching up on blogs, so I might be behind! congrats on such cool kids! When my hubby and i have them, it's cool to know that dressing up as Adam Ant is not unheard of! :)


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