Get involved in #mightylove!!

Hello dolls! Just a quick post this Friday to say hello & thank you all for your very heartfelt comments on my previous post & to also let you all in on a very important campaign I came across thanks to A Stylish Little Lady. It's about a project called #mightylove. And what is happening is that between now and April 12th, the go mighty girls are wanting to flood the internet with compliments to all the women in our lifes that have made a difference to us. You can use your twitter, instagram, or blogs to send out your love and thanks. Just be sure to include the hash tag #mightylove. Each of these hash tags included on your posts, tweets and other will count towards a goal of 500 compliments given by next Friday. And if the goal is reached, Go Mighty will donate $500 towards a battered women's shelter in NYC! I think it's a fantastic idea and use of these media...I wish more would do this & spread the love!! I hope all of you will join in and make a difference!! So let's go and spread some #mightylove!!

Love, Love - have a great weekend!!

P.S. I'm leaving this without comments, if you want to say something, you can leave them on the previous post, thanks!! 

*"immersed" fine art print by Audrey simper. All info/artwork gotten from A Stylish Little Lady.
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