Farewell to the Muse....

Farewell to the Muse

Enchantress, farewell, who so oft hast decoy'd me,
At the close of the evening through woodlands to roam,
Where the forester, 'lated, with wonder espied me
Explore the wild scenes he was quitting for home.
Farewell and take with thee thy numbers wild speaking
The language alternate of rapture and woe: 
Oh! none but some lover, whose heartstrings are breaking
The pang that I feel at our parting can know.

Each joy thou couldst double, and when there came sorrow,

Or pale disappointment to darken my way,
What voice was like thine, that could sing of tomorrow,
Till forgot in the strain was the grief of today!
But when friends drop around us in life's weary waning,
The grief, Queen of Numbers, thou canst not assuage;
Nor the gradual estrangement of those yet remaining,
The languor of pain, and the chillness of age.

'Twas thou that once taught me, accents bewailing,

To sing how a warrior I lay stretch'd on the plain, 
And a maiden hung o'er him with aid unavailing,
And held to his lips the cold goblet in vain ;
As vain thy enchantments, O Queen of wild Numbers
To a bard when the reign of his fancy is o'er,
And the quick pulse of feeling in apathy slumbers—
Farewell, then, Enchantress I'll meet thee no more! 

{All images of myself taken by Gorgeous Gavin. All other photos taken by me, KizzyDoll. Please do not use any without permission. Copyrighted.}


  1. Wow, I absolutely love the bright foliage as well as your bright dress! Thank you for the lovely peek into the gardens!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. How utterly gorgeous, learning so much. Xx

  3. Such an amazing place!! Adore your pics

  4. Amazing location!!! Love your skirt!
    Chic With The Least
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  5. Gorgeous (you AND the grounds!). Lovely poem, too, thanks for sharing lady! xo

  6. Beautiful photos Doll, you look amazing and the area you're in is just beautiful as well, you get to visit so many beautiful places, Scotland has a lot of inner beauty.

  7. Amazing place!


  8. Kizzy, you look so pretty! I love your dress. I just purchased a black top that has the same flutter sleeves. You eloquently blend in with those exquisite statues in the garden. The layout of his home is absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing doll! Also thank you for sharing your experiences in the UK (maternity). The disparity between other countries and the US is absolutely amazing! More emphasis (unfortunately) is placed on the dollar than a person.

  9. Beautiful, beautiful pictures! I LOVE that brooch against the black! You're just gorgeous, doll!

  10. Well Kizzy.. in light of the birth of a royal baby, this romantic post is perfect! Look at that skirt you are wearing:) I love it! Gorgeous photos here and looks like a beautiful day for you:) xxleslie

  11. Wow such a beautiful location. And you look equally as lovely.

    Tracy @ www.sunnydaystarrynight.com

  12. Lovely outfit...Sir Walter's home is so magical, it doesn't even look real...

  13. These gardens are amazing, an enchanted place, you look great my dear!

  14. This is such a gorgeous place and you beautified the picture more!

  15. Wow, love the outfit and scenery - would love to visit Scotland one day! Have a lovely midweek flower!

  16. What a lovely excerpt from Sir Walter Scott, I love gardens, especially one so resplendent as this. Enjoy your day dear. Thanks for sharing. Gorgeous outfit! xx/Madison

  17. These are some beautiful gardens. I've seen a ton of great flowers recently so I can really appreciate the beauty in these!

    Oh to Be a Muse
    Shop Layered Muse

  18. Such a marvellous place, my dear! And you look gorgeous in that outfit.
    I'm feeling better. Thank you for asking.

  19. The gardens are incredible! I really love your outfit to visit there! The brooch is the perfect accessory!


  20. OMG! you look like a princess in this beautiful place! love it :)


  21. Ah how lovely! A perfect day for it! I love to go to gardens and historic buildings. We have harewood house near us.. In the sun it's just perfect. Thanks for stopping by my blog again and catch u soon x

  22. the perfect setting for a beautiful flower as yourself to be seen! love the gardens (as i could wander there for hours)and find a quiet little space to daydream and read a book. hope your week is going well. x

  23. Wow, it looks gorgeous. that last pic is such a pretty view.

    xo erica

  24. Gorgeous prose and photos! That garden looks enchanting and so do you!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  25. What a wonderful Place! Amazing Photos ,you look gorgeous <3


  26. What at amazing garden! I hope to visit here some day soon! :)
    xo Mary Jo

  27. A lovely place and lovely you <3

  28. It was lovely taking a short break from work to read this poem, and look at the garden pictures. Like a little escape from the office :) Soon it's lunch time, and I wish I could spend it on a blanket in Sir Walter Scott's magical garden... :) <3 <3 <3

  29. Beautiful place inside and outside. You look gorgeous in your feminine mini dress!!
    Have a nice day darling! ;-)


  30. Absolutely gorgeous! I would love to visit someday.... and I LOVE that dress!

  31. hi sweety... lovely outfit, lovely place, lovely flowers...

  32. Hi Kizzy!!!!!
    What beautiful photos!!!!! You look fantastic!!!!!
    How has your week been? My parents just visited; it was great to see them....
    Hugs to you!!!!!
    Shannon :-)

  33. A poem by the owner of this luxurious garden is the perfect complement to such gorgeous pictures. You could have been his muse, graceful dainty flower!
    Coco et La vie en rose
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  34. You look so pretty, Kizzy. The garden is gorgeous too.

  35. You are beautiful and these images are absolutely stunning. I love and feel so inspired by your blog, so I say just keep on with a good thing, darling! xox
    Enjoy your weekend! I hope it's as beautiful as you are :)

  36. Such pretty photos?! Love the skirt you're wearing too. Where is this enchanted place? I love castles and dream of touring some one day! Hope you had a lovely weekend! -Jess L

  37. Amazing!!!!!! I love this place and i love your look! Kisssssssssssssss


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