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Happy Wednesday stars!! I hope you're well so far. It's only mid-week and I am already in need of a nap. After all the sun and quick turn to cloudy rain, it's left me feeling sleepy. I know some of you will have seen this post from my other blog, but since I've stopped that one, I decided to re-post some of my favourites from it here. I love interiors...it's one of my favourite things to do - decorate. My home isn't too far off from this one either, I like to collect things and display them here and there. I have sweets found in different boxes for my girls to have, mannequin heads with big hats on them, art everywhere, books - masses of books. I like to feel as if I live in a museum really - a museum of life. All organised of course ;D Most definitely not for the minimalists out there. Although, my kitchen is a bit more minimal than the rest, since I love to cook, I need the space clean and clear. Florence Welch is one of my favourite people & I adore her home. I think it suits what we see on stage & the whole aesthetic of how she is in public. I hope you enjoy & have a gorgeous Wednesday dolls!!


{Umm...can I have this dress too!?!}

{My two favourite rooms - above & below}


  1. I feel the same, sleepy ;D! It has been warm but today it's rainy! I wish I had a big home to decorate, but we'll be stuck in the tiny apartment until we choose which city shall we settle in.
    Have a good sleepy day Hun :3 xxx <3

  2. Morning lovely doll, now this is a place I can relate to. I think you are like me, loads of stuff, treasures I like to call them, everywhere. I think it brings my home alive, stuff that have had a history :-) Happy day lovely, here the weather is hot and cold too.

  3. Her house has such a fun, bohemian vibe. Ooh and I love her first dress here!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  4. How amazing does Florence look in these shots?! Her home is fantastic - especially love the bedroom xo

  5. beautiful! this pictures are full of inspiration (:

  6. What a beautiful home she has. It's nice to know that I am not the only one who hangs garments from the curtian rods just to stare at them before outfit selecting, haha. Love Florence, she's so good live too! xx/Madison. Happy Wednesday!

  7. I had no idea that Florence had such an amazing home, but it makes sense considering how fabulous she is. I love the picture of her in the blue dress.

  8. one of your best post! love it!


  9. I remember this post from your other blog, and how much I loved the pictures of her home. Since I live with my friends right now, I can't really do that much decorating though. Can't wait to have a place of my own, so I can fill it with things that are ME! :) I also would like to have that light-blue dress Florence is wearing in front of the fireplace... ;) xoxoxoxoxo

    1. :-) I know you'll have your own place doll & it will be wonderful. Haha..yes, me too. The dress is spectacular & those buttons on the sleeves are just marvellous ;) xoxoxoxox

  10. That ceiling window is amazing!!!


  11. What an amazing home! My bf and I have a lot of arguments cause the above is pretty much my dream home: lots of stuff and plenty of pics on the walls. His dream home is super minimalistic. He basically wants to own nothing and have lots of space. ARg.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  12. what a cool, eclectic interior. love how there are collections of things in each room, giving the home a bit of history, story, and design. i could see you living in a space like this (while wearing that dress, of course)! enjoy your day;)

  13. Amazing home and amazing lady. M x

  14. she's a great inspiration, not only for her voice but also for fashion looks!
    I love her house, I've always apreciate this style for an interior!

  15. I never get tired of coming here to inspire me!

  16. The rooms in this home look beautiful. And I want her dress too. I agree with you about needing a nap. Waking up early for work this week has been rough.

    Tracy @ www.sunnydaystarrynight.com

  17. Dear Kizzy, these are fabulous pictures - soooo inspiring! I feel sleepy now too - since 2 days - maybe the moon, or the weather ...Hope we get an energy boost soon! xox

  18. That big, beautiful house! However, I am totally minimalist in my decor ... maybe it's because I need plenty of time to sew and not have to clean this up, lol. But I admire these pictures also.

  19. I just can't get this song out of my head right now Lass and "it feels so good, wo hooo!" Crazy I haven't heard it in probably over a year yet it plays so clearly in my head at a prompt. Love these photos too, such a wonderful house.

  20. this is a dream house ! I used to fancy all these things in my adolescence, Oh wait - I still do !!
    Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog !

  21. Love the fusion of tradition and whimsy in these images

  22. So beautiful! I love the blue walls. HAHAHA They are mesmerizing! It's important for a home to have some "life" to it. If not it can be too bland.

  23. Thank you for commenting, love.
    Hope you are having a great time!

  24. Wow what a wonderful place. Wish mine was like this too. I am sure you have a wonderful home my dear Kizzy. The round window above the table and the mint walls are very cool. And of course her dresses...

    This week was really exhausting, like you I always felt like I could need a nap. I am so happy we have bank holiday over here tomorrow. HOpe you find time to relax too. xxx

  25. Amazing photos... and i love your red shoes <3

    Video outfit luglio YOUTUBE

  26. Love the charming boho vibe of home and yes please to that blue dress. Just lovely!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  27. I can notice why do you like this so much... Is totally your style... How´s your weekend so far?

  28. Oh Kizzy! I remember this post and how fabulous her house is. Sigh.....I really want a turquoise wall too. I don't think hubby would let me though. Lol! So pretty my love! Xoxo


  29. What is wrong with some of the people?? The place looks amazing!!!!
    hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena

  30. That pale blue dress!! I was just thinking the same thing...I want!

    xo erica

  31. Ah, I love that casual, bohemian style! Our house is quite messy at present with not much style to speak of lol!

  32. Amazingly gorgeous photographs and interior is so wonderful! I'm in awe of these superb room decoration, all those things out there have their own hystory, no doubt. Thank You for sharing such a nice post!
    Have a happy time!


  33. I love her!!and the house...wow so great!!
    I love to death!

  34. When I first saw her house a few weeks back, I absolutely just SWOONED. I love how cozy everything looks. I'm with you on a minimalist kitchen though! I have to have space!

  35. Hello Kizzy!!!!!
    This week totally flew by on me!!!! It was just Monday!!!!!
    I love this post!!!!! I want that dress too- absolutely beautiful!!!!!!
    Hope you are having a fabulous afternoon!!!!!

  36. Ooh I love the blue dress and the house is so vibrant! Have a wonderful weekend!

  37. I like a little Bohemian too but I agree.. staying clear of clutter is important too:) I like her style! The long farmhouse kitchen table is gorgeous and I like her closet. xxleslie


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