{Wonder Woman Series #7 } Meet the Exquisite Dawn Younger-Smith

Happy Friday dolls!! Another Wonder Woman to share while I edit more photos from my holiday!! And I couldn't be more happy than to share with you this one! You will know by now how deeply besotted I am with The Boudoir Queen & I now I get to bring you a little glimpse of the beauty behind the wonder creations. Dawn is a genius in my eyes and over the time we have become friends, giggling about pretty things, tea parties with dancing & certain silly stalkers! We both share a great love of old decadent things, Dawn is down-to-earth and oh so passionate about what she does & that's what I love. In her line of business, you have to be passionate about what you do or you're never going to keep going or thrive. I think her creations are a marvel, lush to the max and completely different and exciting in comparison to what's out there today. There are no words great enough to put across how much I adore her creations. And I'm over the moon she let me ask her some questions for this. You will find her recent work all over this post & some marvellous videos giving a peek inside the world of The Boudoir Queen! I hope you enjoy it dolls, have a gorgeous weekend, I'll be back on Monday with lots of new things to share!!

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An awesome bio of Dawn: here.

1. Where would you like to see BQ go in the future!?! Is there anything you would change about the fashion industry and how people dress themselves?

In the near future I'd like to have my own Boudoir Queen Boutique. As much as everyone loves my online shop, seeing, touching and feeling the Boudoir Queen vibe is quite an experience. I could go on an on about fashion today. I wish we could go back to men and women wearing hats and gloves. I think people from the early 1900's would be horrified at the state of fashion today. The point of designing clothing that is not mainstream or on trend is to not look like anyone else. Really when you think about it it why does  everyone want to look alike? I'm all about being unique. Clothing is the extension of ones soul.

2. Who are the women that have inspired you in life?

One of my friends who was a big inspiration in my life was a jewellery designer. Her designs were big in the 80's featured in Vogue Italia and sold at Neiman Marcus. Her name was Barbara Groeger. Not only did she have the greatest style I've ever seen but her home in Hollywood Hills was fabulous. She is the one who got me into designing when I lived in L.A.  Vivienne Westwood is also an inspiration as well as Marchesa Casati.

3.  In your line of work, do you ever come across individuals that have misconceptions about what you do, like it must be easy because you work with clothes or maybe you don‘t acquire the same amount of intelligence as someone doing something else?

I think in general when you have your own business and work from your home people have a tendency to think you don't really have a job. The truth is it's a 24 hour a day seven days a week job.

4. You’re having a tea party, who would you like to invite? 

 Of course you, my son and my husband. Lets see..... lets invite Vivienne Westwood, Diana Vreeland, Kate Moss, Edith Bouvier Beale , Tennessee Williams, Marchesa Casati, Bette Davis, Jim Morrison, Edie Sedgwick, Bob Dylan, Johnny Depp and Edgar Allen Poe, oh and Sir Lawrence Olivier.

5. If you could give all women everywhere, 3 things for life, what would they be?

Hats, heels, lipstick!

{All photos & videos used with The Boudoir Queen's permission. Please do not alter in any way. You can share as long as you link back to the Boudoir Queen}


  1. Great interview, she sounds really nice. Love the photos and I could see myself in some of the things. Thanks so much for your lovely birthday wishes for Dylan, he loves the attention he gets on my blog ;-) Have a lovely weekend with lots of sunshine xo

  2. Very nice pics Adore it all

  3. Congrats for the interview, I enjoyed these pics too, they're great!

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  4. Fantastic indeed.
    Have a fabulous weekend, my dear Kizzy.

  5. I really know what she means by working from home and people not thinking it's real work when it's actually so much work all the time! Lovely interview of Dawn. I really enjoyed reading it.

    Oh to Be a Muse
    Shop Layered Muse

  6. Amazing post! Great pics:)


  7. I absolutely adore her style and designs... Unfortunatley they're a bit out of my reach!! :-(


    1. I understand. But, I think saving up for these creations and other hand made items are worth it. I mean the money we waste for fast fashion items that just break in seconds that don't last, whereas these have lasted over centuries and have been re-worked, it can be worth it in the end to save. But, it just depends on the person really. :)

  8. Beautiful decadence! She makes amazing clothes, and I agree about the fact that most people from earlier times probably would be horrified over what most of us wear today. I'm horrified myself, haha! ;) Have a nice weekend honey!!! <3 <3 <3

    1. Yes, I agree too. People don't care any more it seems. They wear whatever & have no clue where it's from or what conditions it's been made in or anything. They follow what someone tells them to wear and dress all the same. Conscience fashion today is the only fashion that appeals to me, otherwise the fast fashion just puts a downer on it all & sadly that's what most people are buying into. We don't take care of ourselves much either. I'm horrified as well, haha!! You have a great weekend too <3 <3 <3

  9. OOh she's so kind, and I love this collection. It's so inspiring and I fall in love especially with the amazing hats!!! It's matchy matchy with your style doll!!!
    I think you could be a perfect model for this collection!

  10. Nice collection and great interview!
    Have a great weekend


  11. Sound like a great interview, lovely post darling, have a great weekend:)

  12. Thanks for as always inspiring me with your images and I loved reading the story about Dawn !

    I haven't heard from her before but I was already goggling her between reading haha ;p

    Just uploaded a new post and absolutely need your opinion on it :D !

    Have a great day :D

    Happy Friday || Chicknova buys!

  13. Congrats for the interview!! Gorgeous pics!!
    Chic With The Least
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  14. what gorgeous clothes! love the feathers & sequins

  15. congrats! and perfect pict!

  16. I love the idea.... is perfect... I love feathers...

  17. Hats, heels, lipstick! I certanly agree with that!
    I had to stop and share the link with my friends here in Brazil! The design of the site, the amazing clothes, the vintage appeal... we are all falling in love here!


  18. She is exquisite! I love Dawn's designs! What a talent. People don't realize all the work that goes into running a business. It's a lot, but it's so rewarding. I love that she wants to expand into the online market. It's another outlet for her creations to be enjoyed by all. This was a delightful interview.

  19. She's super fabulous and I love how you stay so true to your own aesthetic in the choices of interviews you do :) Have a great weekend Kizzy!

    xo Mary Jo

  20. This was one of my favourite posts from you dear. She sounds like an incredible woman. I pretty much work remotely for work most of the time because of my job I am always away so some of my friends don't get it, it's actually at time more work than when I had a regular 9 to 5 one. Hats, heels, lipstick? Love her, haha! :) Enjoy the weekend doll!

  21. Thanks for this interview! It was really and truly right up my alley

  22. Such a great post, thanks for sharing kizzy! These photos are like grand works of art and I am so lucky to see such beauty! Your friend is so very talented and full of creativity. I love that lipstick was one of the items that she would give to every woman. I cant wait to see photos from your holiday as well! So nice connecting with your blog



  23. Wow!! Amazing pics


  24. Dawn is one awesome Wonder Woman! Thanks for sharing her work and insights!

    Have a fabulous weekend Kizzy!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  25. Amazing pics and dresses!!!!
    Would you like to follow each other?

  26. I didn' know her, she is a real wonder woman!!! I love her creations!!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  27. I'm following you back hun.... keep in touch!!!

  28. Oh my gosh! Ahhhhmazing! Thank you so much for sharing your lovely friend with us. I am so in love with her designs. She is a master craftswoman. I mean it. A TRUE artist. So in love......


  29. So chic! ..and what style she has! Exquisite indeed:) I always enjoy your Wonderwoman Series. Have a lovely weekend!

  30. wow I love the pics, style and dress, so retro!!
    have a good WE!!

  31. This interview is amazing and I loved the pictures Doll, a true Wonder Woman in every sense of the word!

  32. Dawn is a genius, not to mention a beauty! I totally agree with her on the need to look unique, even though it's hard to find affordable unique clothes. I love your interviews,keep them going!!!
    Love love love
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  33. lovely interview, Dawn is so talented and agree with everything she said...a fantastic women...wonderwomen:)

  34. Your posts are just always so comprehensive and this one give amazing insight on Dawn! Fabulous post. :) x

  35. Great interview,amazing post!thank you so much for your comment dear!!

  36. This is a really interesting post. Love the picture with the big white feathers, I am always drawn to them because I had them as table centers at my wedding

  37. Thanks so much for sharing. It's so great when you learn something new from a blog or post and yours is such a blog. Great content a joy to read.

  38. amazinggggggggggggg!


  39. Fabulous photos and great interview.

  40. Hey Kizzy,

    After being connected on Instagram and not being on the blogging scene for quite a while, I'm finally reconnected here on blogger! I'm sorry I disappeared for quite a while on blogger. I was busy trying to finish up all my work before I went for a holiday to Italy. I just came back on Friday and I've to work in a few hour's time... SOBZ...

    I can't catch up with your other posts so I will start from here. You are acquainted with someone so talented? I'm so happy for you. It was a lovely interbiew with many great pictures of Dawn's creations. I don't come from the same side of the globe and I'm ashamed not to hear of Boudoir Queen. Nevertheless, your post with the beautiful pictures of her creations really awe me.

    Instagram is such a double edged sword. While I'm glad to continue connecting with bloggers on instagram, I find that I slowly lose touch with their blogs. Please don't let this happen to us. I'm surpriesed to see that my google friend connect is still working. I've since transferred all to bloglovin. I hope you would do the same too so we don't lose touch with each other.

  41. Amazing ,love this Post <3

    big Hugs :)

  42. wonderful interview! She is such an awesome person! And the photos you've included in this post are GORGEOUS!

  43. They indeed have very unique signature sTYLE!
    hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena


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