My River runs to thee...

My river runs to thee.
Blue sea, wilt thou welcome me?
My river awaits reply.
Oh! Sea, look graciously.

I’ll fetch thee brooks

From spotted nooks.

Say, sea,
Take me!

~Emily Dickinson~

Have a sweet day my dolls

{Dainty Boudoir: Dress - New Look, Flower - gifted}

Dainty Life Lately

Listening - Rolling StonesPavaneLudovico EinaudiHurts, Yann Tiersen, Hans Zimmer & Brian Crain. {I tend to listen to more instrumental music when I need to relax, otherwise songs stuck in my head & it keeps me up at night}

Watching - True Blood, Dexter, Maison Close, The White Queen, Supernatural, New Girl, Nikita & Castle.

Eating - 'Pirate soup' made by my husband, cheese, fruits, yoghurt & lemonade ice lollies.

Writing - A poem for a picture that I found on tumblr, you can see it here. The words just popped into my head & I jotted them down.

P.S. for this shoot, I had one tourist after the other - even a group of them, stopping to ask to take my picture. One lady even got brave and came right up to us & asked, said she was Dutch, I thought it was super sweet. Now I'm part of their holiday memories forever, which I think is quite precious really!

{All photos taken by Gorgeous Gavin. Artistic direction/editing done by me. Please do not use without my permission}


  1. Love these photos, you look fabulous! Such a magical atmosphere. I wish you a lovely day, dear Kizzy!

  2. Gavin has captured you beautifully.
    Love the Emily Dickinson words.
    Have a great week sweetie. M x

  3. Beautiful Lady of the Lake, Dainty!!! Xxx

  4. Great shooting so romantic!Adore your dress

  5. Ahah tourists are the better! Love all in this post dear, perfect dress, location, all!

    wildflower girl
    Facebook page

  6. Oh beautiful nymph!!!
    Lots of love gorgeousness!

  7. Pretty outfit, pretty lady, pretty photos :) Have a lovely day! xx

  8. Oh this poem is so perfect and this look just incredibly matches it, you look great! I have a feeling you're going to take this well these photos looks like the kind of thing that I'd see on mythical paintings of ladies from centuries ago, it's because of the background and your dress and it's just perfect, Gavin has done a wonder here, this photoshoot is nothing short of breath taking.

  9. These pics are amazing!!!Love your dress!!
    Chic With The Least
    Also on Facebook and on Bloglovin’

  10. Your dress is stunning!
    How about True Blood hey?! I hope Eric is still in it, he's the only reason I watch it!!
    Beautiful photos as always xx

    1. Thank you. Oh yes, he's great, I don't think he should go because he has become an even bigger part of the show than Bill. It would be a shame if he left. xx

  11. Drooling over your dress and that flower !! Kisses

    New Post up...

  12. such a sweet dress and love the addition of the flower. ps//if i was a tourist, i would have snapped your picture too and of course, asked to have been in it with you... ha!

  13. I simply adore the sweet, vintage mood of these pictures. It definitely embodies your spirit dear!
    Aww and how lovely that the tourists thought you would be a fabulous addition to their memories of Scotland!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  14. You look beautiful, no wonder people wanted to take your pictures :) The dress is great.
    Pirate soup sounds interesting ;D


  15. Love your dress, love your pics, love your sense of romanticism! You are constantly inspired, dear doll! Have a wonderful week!

  16. beautiful dress and love the floral accessory!

  17. Hello beautiful Kizzy! Of course tourists stopped to watch. Look how lovely you are! These photos are beautiful doll. Xoxo

  18. You look so beautiful in these pictures. Your dress is lovely and I think it is so sweet that the tourists asked to take your picture.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  19. You look stunning - that dress was made for you! I would stop and stare too. Love the sound of those yoghurt & lemonade ice lollies xo

  20. Just gorgeous Kizzy! Love the dreamy dress and photos too!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  21. loving this style to post the look!

  22. Just beautiful- you, the dress & the location!

    always, koru kate

  23. You look gorgeous and I love the white dress against the dark background. The tourist story made me smile and your approach is quite nice - yes, you'll now be a part of their holiday memories, how cool! Beautiful post... xo

  24. Lovely dress and images. I'm also watching True Blood (loving this season) and Dexter. Looking forward to the return of Supernatural.

    Oh to Be a Muse
    Shop Layered Muse

  25. The dress is beautiful on you dear. Charming and very cool shots as well. Hope you enjoy yourself and have a wonderful rest of the evening. xx/Madison

  26. Emily is one of my favourite poetess:) Love these photos, they go so well with the poetry...

  27. Wow ,what a amazing Post! Love the Photos ,adorable <333

    big Hugs :*

  28. those pics are not only so inspiring but translate what is your great soul, I love the purity of your dress in this fairy tale location!!
    You're so gorgeous doll inside and outside, really!

  29. wow these photos are magical!! absolutely stunning! :) i love how dreamy these photos look :) and the poem goes so nicely with these pics :)

  30. Love these gorgeous pics - you look beautiful!

    Sarah xxx

  31. Kizzy, you look absolutely DREAMY in these pictures! I love them! I would've been snapping your picture too! You're like a dainty fairy or ballerina. You exude such a beautiful aura my friend! It's from the inside out. Just heavenly! Love your dress and flower in your hair. Love the pic of you in the water. Exquisite doll!

  32. Kizzy, you look so BEAUTIFUL and DREAMY in these pics! I would've been snapping your picture too! You exude the prettiest aura my friend. Your spirit is so good. It shines within and out. I love the picture of you in the water. Gorgeous! Fabulous dress and flower in your hair. I love it!

  33. Lovely lovely Kizzy, and what an amazing place to photograph. So pretty, beautiful and well done Gavin. PS: lucky tourists ;-)

  34. Wow! These pictures made me gasp! I understand why those tourists wanted to take your picture - SO beautiful!!! :) You look like a fairytale princess set i a Monet painting! Have to look at them again... :) <3 <3 <3

  35. Wow! You look so pretty! Just like a forest fairy. My little sister loves to wear flowers in her hair too, sometimes she asks my Mom to make a whole garden there :D

  36. How nice Kizzy - you look lieke poetry in motion here - and created a memorable moment for some - along with the fashion shoot! Love it!

  37. Love this Kizzy - poetry in motion! xox

  38. The last photo is so stunning of you, just gorgeous! Who takes those photos, is that your husband. Was that a Scottish river....beautiful and so evocative...and cold?

  39. You are so beautiful - I can fully understand why tourists would want to take your picture! The dress is gorgeous and you look so ethereal.
    Have a lovely Friday and weekend, love! Enjoy Dexter - I'm still two seasons behind :(

  40. Beautiful and ethereal -- you are a forest nymph, or a Tahitian princess!

  41. Awwwww! thank you so much for sharing on my blog hop these beautiful pics!


  42. Wow, what a romantic, fun photo shoot! You and the dress are lovely! Pirate soup sounds amazing and I have lost touch of what's happening on Dexter! I need to start the series all over. I also love the Rolling Stones and poetry as you know! -Jess L

  43. You are so pretty!!! GREAT post!!!
    Besos, Marcela♥

  44. I missed this post,so I am really glad you post it again, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Much better than any Vogue editorial, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    A true fairy of the loch.
    Love and sunshine, my friend.
    How are the girls?

  45. You look amazing doll!
    I like a lot the post with you!!! The pictures are so sweat and magic, you look like a fairy
    Saw the picture that inspire you and understand why, its a surrealist composition, and you have a very surrealist and open mind :)
    have a sweet San Valentine my dear Kizzy :)


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