The Scent of a Villain!

Happy Monday dreamers!! As you all know, I love fairy tales, but I just so happen to love the villains in the stories to. Without them, there wouldn't be any suspense, thrills or lessons learned! While browsing along as I do, I came across this story of a designer that created an amazing collection of perfume bottles based on the Villains of Disney; It left me amazed! All you ever see are the Disney princesses, so it was quite interesting to see someone's take on the villains. Japanese designer who goes by the name of Ruby Spark, has ingeniously brought them to life, one can only imagine what they'd actually smell like, but it does set the imagination on fire! I feel these are for a certain woman who appreciates a dark sophistication over the bubbly effervescent of the tales respective heroes & heroines!  
Ruby states, "When I look at them, they have a sort of mysterious sexiness you'd never get from the princess" and I have to agree. Ruby also states that her inspiration for the set came from musing about the different kinds of perfumes women have to choose from. "Perfumes aren't always soft and floral. Some of them have a tempting character, something that feels almost a little dangerous, even. I thought it'd be wonderful to combine perfumes like that with the motifs of Disney villains".
She has crafted perfume bottles featuring villains from 19 Disney films that span over some 80 years. Sadly, very sadly...Ruby doesn't have an official license to produce Disney merchandise, so right now these aren't available to purchase *cries* But, you never know what might happen, maybe Disney will take note & collaborate with her to make these available...not sure if I'd like to see the price tag, but I can just imagine my dressing table adorned with'll definitely smell villainy ever after!
I hope you like them dolls & wish you a marvellous Monday!!


{Perfume Bottles from Top Left to Right: 1. Captain Hook. 2. Prince John 3. Ratcliffe. 4. Ursula 5. Maleficent Bottom Row Left to Right: 6. The Queen of Hearts 7. Gaston 8. Doctor Facilier 9. Mother Gotheil 10. Madame Medusa} 

{Perfume Bottles from Top Left to Right: 1. Lady Tremaine 2. Cruella de Vil 3. Hades 4. The Evil Queen ; Bottom Row Left to Right: 5. Foulfellow & Gideon 6. Frollo 7. Jafar 8. Scar } 

~ And just in case you had forgotten what these villains actually looked like ~

Captain Hook from Peter Pan

Prince John from Robin Hood

Ratcliffe from Pocahontas

Ursula from The Little Mermaid

Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty

The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland

Gaston from Beauty & The Beast

Doctor Facilier from The Princess & The Frog

Mother Gatheil from Tangled 

Madame Medusa from The Rescuers'

Lady Tremaine from Cinderella

Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians

Hades from Hercules

The Evil Queen from Snow White

Foulfellow & Gideon from Pinocchio

Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Jafar from Aladdin

Scar from The Lion King


  1. Oh this is so cool!!! I can't decide which bottle I like best, very very cute!

  2. Fabulous post, and magic you, my dear Kizzy.

  3. Oh I want'em all, I'm a Disney lover!!!

  4. OHHHHHHH Ilove it!!!!!!!! Ineed it!!!!!! kissssssssssssssssssssss

  5. oh my, how cool is that! I have never seen anything like that))) Both children and adults would love to have such perfume, for sure))) Thank you for share!
    Wish you a great day ahead!

  6. I like villains too. And I got really curious about these perfumes, I guess they would be for my taste as I have never been a fan of soft, floral scents but more spicy ones. My fave bottles are Hook and Scar, and Hook is my fave villain, actually, he very funny and I love the movie Peter Pan! I should look for the perfume :D!
    Thanks for sharing, I loved this post a lot! Have a great week :) xxx

  7. Great post! Certain they´re people with many imagination!
    I follow you right now via google friend, visit my blog and follow back if you like it? :)
    Kisses from Spain, Kela

  8. WOW these are absolutely amazing. I'd pick the queen of hearts and the evil queen from snow-white:) How marvelous - what an imagination. Happy Monday doll,

  9. Great job! They are all amazing and chic!
    baci Alita

  10. Morning Kizzy, hope you had a relaxing weekend, mine was rainy but at least I rest!:) Oh you made my day, really! What a shame she hasnt the license to produce the Disney characters, I would have purchased them all for sure!^^ How cute the bottles are, just imagine also the nice scent of each could have!:) Love them all, havent any favs in particular since they all remind me of my childhood, and actually till now Im addicted to Disney :) Have a great week ahead my dear, big hugs! xo

  11. they look great! love Disney movies! :)
    happy day!

  12. Awww they have a fabulous package *-*
    Love all of them babe <3
    Lot of kisses


  13. Aaaww these are so cute!! Would love to have one!!

  14. These little bottles are stunning - but even more so are YOU in the post below! Very pretty these pix!

  15. How awesome!!! I love the Disney tales. I got into Once Upon a Time and the spin-off in Wonderland which is like Alice meets Aladdin. So fun. The villains are fantastic!

  16. The design of the bottles is ingenious! I wonder what they smell like...

  17. I love the designs of the perfume bottles, its really creative.

  18. So cool! So cool! So cool! You're totally right when saying that there are only Disney Princesses all around - sometimes sick and tired from it. But this looks like such a fresh and great idea! My fav is Captain Hook - just wonder how it smells lol. xo

  19. I share your passion for fairy tales so any of these bottles would get a loving home at my place, heh ;) Great post ! ^^

    Indie by heart

  20. These are incredible and so creative! I absolutely love these, and it is definitely frustrating to know that they're not able to be purchased. I also now want to blow off work and spend the day watching Disney movies! (doesn't that sound delightful?).

  21. Kizzy, these are wonderful--I love the idea. Funny, I could also see them as magical chess pieces! I wish that more perfume bottles brands were innovative with their designs, so many of them look the same!
    xo Mary Jo

  22. WOW!!! So cute and funny Kizzy!!!!
    I cant decide wish is my favorite jaja I like all. My favorite villan is Hades, he is so glamorous!! But my favorite bottle is maybe Ursula!!
    Its a great design, thanks for such interesting and original information doll!!!
    Happy weekstart :)))) Kisses

  23. This is pretty awesome. I really hope Disney allows these to go on sale because I'd love to own a few of them, especially the Captain Hook perfume. The bottling is perfect!

  24. I want them!!!This would be quite the collection! Shame they don't really make such perfume bottles!
    (Also thanks for participating in my giveaway, good luck!!!)

    Spotlights on the Redhead

  25. Hello Kizzy!!!!
    This is awesome!!!!! The Disney villains are awesome and fun to watch. I agree with you- the stories aren't complete without them. Love those perfume bottles!!!!!
    Hope you're having a fab day!!!!
    Love & Hugs,

  26. Very originals bottles of perfume!!!
    Have a good week, dear Kizzy!!! my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  27. oh man, I hope she gets the license or gets to collab with Disney, these bottle designs are soooo amazing! I would collect all of these.

  28. My beloved doll, this is an amazing idea!! I really love those packaging, are def to die for!!! Gret finds!!

  29. Yeah! The villains are the most interesting character of a story! And those botles are 2 damn cool!

  30. I am a huge Disney fan and so I'm loving your pictures!! What a fun idea! The Disney villains have so much character. Thanks for sharing:)

  31. If only these were real. Ruby has done an amazing job!
    Have a lovely week Kizzy!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  32. darling! love all bottles! beautiful design
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    would you like to pass from my blog?

  33. OH M GOSH! I love Disney villains, so of course this post is AWESOME! The Maleficent bottle is pretty!

  34. Kizzy, these are soooooo cool! I would want to collect all of them. Disney needs to collaborate with her!!! MAC had a disney villain makeup line that i missed. They're doing Maleficent this Summer! I can't wait to see it. I saw this today (Disney Villain Resumes HAHAHAHA) and thought about you.|blgomd|OMDJanuary|TW|VillainResumes-Disney|InHouse|012714|repost||esocialmedia||| Sorry I'm just responding! It's mass hysteria here, because we're suppose to get snow tomorrow. We haven't gotten snow in years! LOL

  35. These bottles look magical ! i love the look of it :) xx

  36. These are the perfect gifts for Disney lovers! I use to have a thing for perfume bottles and would collect them. I wonder if I should have gottten rid of my collection now! -Jess L

  37. Hello my dear Kizzy, hope you had a lovely weekend! You made my day beautiful with this wonderful post! I like villains too. And I got really curious about these perfumes, I guess they would be for my taste though I have always been a fan of lovely, floral scents. My fave are Hades,Hook and Scar, but Hades is my fave villain, actually, he quite glamorous...hahaha isn't he? I should look for the perfume. Have a beautiful week ahead my dear, big hugs and kisses! xoxo

  38. Those bottles are stunning - let's hope Disney are paying attention! Have a great day lady x

  39. Madame Medusa bottle is my favourite, a lot of fantastci bottles!


  40. omg! this is so awesome!!!
    i love ursula and jafar bottles!
    such a creative mind!
    thx for sharing her!

  41. Gotheil would be my choice!! The shape of the bottles is so charming! Sometimes I wonder how on earth you find these hidden wonders!
    Much much love my dear!
    Coco et La vie en rose
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    International giveaway - Trendy staple for Spring2014

  42. the captain hook bottle is my favorite ... arrrrgh (in my best pirate voice!) hope your week is off to a good start and you are doing well;)

  43. What an amazing idea. I looooove the villiains so much. Not just the ones from fairy tales. How about a Dracula perfume!!! These bottles look marvelous!

    xx Mira

  44. Wow! How unique. I wonder what the scents would smell like for each character. Really interesting post doll. Thank you for sharing. Hope you have a lovely week. :) xoxo

  45. Wow, how imaginative and lovely! Captain Hook caught my eye immediately. I love how she captured the essence of each character!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  46. I saw these a while ago on Facebook, and just like you, I want them all for decoration! :) I'm a big Disney fan, and I hope they will take the rightful decision to collaborate with Ruby soon! :) It would be nice to know what they smell like too... xxxxxxx

  47. these perfume bottles are exquisite!!! i like the captain hook perfume bottle most <333


  48. aaaah how absolutely beautiful are those bottles, i love them all!

  49. What a lovely idea, I love each and every one of them! xxx Annie

  50. So cute. Seriously where do you go to find all these treasures and creatively talented people on the internet. Well, glad you share your finds. Thanks you 'cause this really made me smile. Meanwhile, if she hasn't tried, she should pitch her work to Disney because her work is phenomenal. Beautiful.

  51. Those are incredible! My favorite Disney villain is Maleficent.

  52. Oh how cool, I would love have these, I used to collect perfume bottles when I was younger! I really loved the Queen of Hearts and also villains seem to have the most interesting design don't they! Fab post dear. xMadison :-)

  53. I love this concept! I often consider Gaston too pathetic to be a villain, and Hades is just SO funny! I like Cruella's style though... And Scar is THE villain! I love Scar!!!

  54. I absolutely love these! I wish I could purchase them somewhere!!

  55. I enjoy Disney movies with a passion! The perfumes look so adorable!

    If you'd like come and join my giveaway. Giving away a $100 Ettika Gift Certificate.


  56. Oh wow, those bottles look amazing! I'd love to see Disney make this, and do a line with princess bottles too! What a great idea! :)

    Away From Blue


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