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Sometime ago, I came across a beauty company that I had never tried before called Good Things. I soon realised that I passed by their products numerous times, so since this set of products was on offer, I decided to give them a whirl!


The Good Things Facial Skincare has been developed by Award winning Beauty writer Alice Hart-Davis using her years of expertise in the Beauty Industry. The Good Things range uses superfruit beauty boosters in gentle super-effective formulations. I love that these products are free from nasties like parabens, mineral oils, sodium laureth, sulphates, animal ingredients and just filled with GOOD THINGS!! Each of the products I bought has different berry extracts like, Grape & Pomegranate for the cleanser, Papaya & Acai for the spot clearing gel & Blackcurrant and Goji Berry for the moisturiser - all of these smelled marvellous, so real, light and fresh & I had to remember not to eat them *wink* They just left a very faint aroma to the skin that faded after a while, I found it quite pleasant really. All my thoughts after the jump!! 

P.s. this is not a sponsored post. I bought these with my own money. All opinions are strictly my own.

I don't usually use a creamy cleanser as they've not always worked well for me, but this is quite nice, it's thick but not too thick. Moves well over the skin, nice and cooling really. I use it with or without make-up and it really does get all the make-up off for me, even took off my eye make-up as I had forgotten to use my eye make-up remover the first time, but it had taken it off. I used it as the directions said with a wrung out warm flannel and it worked a treat.

Comes in a small tube, which one might think is not enough, but really you only need a tiny amount wherever there's a breakout. It's quite gentle and didn't dry out my skin or give any irritations to me. But, I found it was strong enough to show a difference the next morning.

Now, I've tried 'Mattifying' Moisturisers before and they've never lasted well with me as I've found them to be too mattifying and my skin was left so dry that it became irritated, but this didn't happen here. My skin tends to go more oily when the spring/summer comes, so I always need to change products. What I loved about this cream is that while it kept my skin from feeling too oily, it didn't dry it out or strip my skin of all it's natural oils. I thought surely through the day it would start to feel dry, but not at all, so soft and lovely. 

Overall I've enjoyed using these products, not only are they filled with great things but actually worked for my skin. Good Things have a wide array of items that I plan on trying next, like their Manuka Honey range. The products are only available at the moment from Boots, Tesco and Sainsbury's here in the UK, but I'm sure any friends able to get their hands on them, would be so kind to send you some until they reach other shores ;) 

I would buy these again and like I said, try other products from the brand as well. It's great to see more brands with products that steer clear of the bad ingredients, while at the same time keeping them so affordable too. Which I love as everyone, no matter what budget should have access to great skin care.

My rating: Sizzling Heart ♥ 5/5

Good Things: Website / Facebook / Twitter

 I wish you all a great weekend, have fun dolls!

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  1. I love natural products too! lovely reviews, makes me want to try them as well. Have a great week!


  2. Im in love with their packaging! It is so beautiful! ANd it's awesome that they were so good...will definitely keep it in mind :) Maybe Im lucky and I find them ? :D


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  3. I shall pick these up next time I'm shopping as I am running low on cleanser at the moment! My son has just hit teeagerdom and the spots have arrived too - he may be persuaded to use this! XXX

  4. Oh the scents sounds marvelous! It's so cool that they are effective as well! Thanks for the product introduction!
    Have a lovely weekend dear!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  5. I have never tried them!! They sound like great products!!
    Have a great weekend!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  6. They seem fantastic my sweetie, would love to try them <3
    Xxx and lot of love



  7. Ooh these sound like a great find. All the scents sound absolutely lush and a spot reducer? A tick in my books. I haven't found a cleanser yet that will take off all my eye make up, so this sounds pretty impressive. One cleanser without any faffing around with eye make up removers and lip make up removers? Wow. X


  8. Great post and good review :)

    Lu, www.balgarka.co.uk

  9. Wow, these products sound like a great pick! It's really great that this cleanser can remove your eye makeup too, very very impressive! The moisturizer and spot clearing gel sound also nice! Would love to try it out and I'm checking this website...hahaha,, thanks honey for sharing these amazing products! Happy Friday doll <3 Kisses and hugs <3

  10. These products sound amazing... I typically don't like cream cleansers either, but this one sounds pretty good!

  11. Recently I've been thinking of changing up my skin care routine. This reminds me that I need to start looking for something that will work for me or slowly ease into new products. I have to preorder in bulk because I'm preparing to be gone for a long time. -Jess L

  12. I didn't know this brand, I would love to try these products!

  13. Wow, a whole 5 out of 5, that is nice. Isn't it always nice to use a product for the first time and it works so perfectly well. Great review Kizzy.


  14. Nice product review, I love that they don't have nasty ingredients too. I always look at the ingredient when I buy any product.

  15. How fabulous that you are sharing what you've learned from experience about these products!
    ~ Violet

  16. This seems like a a great skincare range and the products you tried all sound like they work well and small amazing. I hope that they will come over to the states. Have a wonderful weekend Kizzy!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  17. love your review and i really do love it when i find products that really work well with my skin. such a great feeling! :) have a lovely weekend!

  18. Firstly, Thanks a lot for your comment, I keep the qiote you wrote! Its something special :)
    Also I want to thank you that by you I am learning english jaja so thanks dear Kizzy
    Like a lot this review, its very dificult to find a truely products "free of nasties" and I am very alergic, so always trying to reach new natural products. Adora de berry extraxt in the products of beauty, will try it!!
    Have a sweet weekend doll!


  19. These products sound good!!!!
    Happy friday doll!!!

  20. I'm really surprised that I don't own a spot clearing gel. I totally need to add that to my cleansing routine. Also, really love the photo of the dream catcher dreamer tattoo in the previous post.

  21. These products sounds wonderful. Good Things is such a perfect name! Have a wonderful weekend Kizzy.

  22. They all sound wonderful. I'm always keeping an eye out for skincare products with "good things", glad to hear that there are more and more companies that do that now. Hopefully they'll make it stateside eventually. Have a lovely weekend.

  23. Sound good ,i love creamy Cleanser :)

    Happy Weekend ,kisses

  24. Kizzy, you have introduced me to a new brand doll. I love that they are free of the nasties! That is so good! I'm glad they worked. That says so much nowadays. You have all these companies making claims and they don't do a damn thing. HAHAHAHA Great review doll. Have an amazing weekend.

  25. Such a lovely skin care regimen. It's always best to go natural and gentle ;) and this sounds perfect. Thanks for sharing Doll!

  26. great post, these products are good!!!

  27. These sound lovely ... I will look out for them. Thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog posts and sorry I have not been replying or commenting. I usually only read my favourite blogs at work in my lunch hour but yours is 'blocked' by our filter at work and also you come up as a 'no reply blogger'. I was determined to get up this morning and read all your posts that I have missed and it has been like reading a favourite magazine ... a lovely start to the morning! Can you send me your email addrss and then I can put it in my contacts and will be able to reply to you. Have a great weekend sweetie. M x


  28. Hey Kizzy! These products seem really fab! I love natural and chemical free beauty products too. Great review! And thank you for the follows, am following you back :)
    Keep in touch

  29. Thank you for all your comments in the month of May when I was too busy to reply and visit blogs. I'm catching up on your posts now esp since I also receive the updates on my gmail.

    Good Things sure sound like they only contain good stuff in their products and nothing else. I like how they are free from all the mineral oil and paraben nasties. Most beauty products are full of them that it is quite unavoidable. As long as I know a brand that is eco friendly, I would try them and at the same time feel happy that I'm not applying nasties or harming the environment or animals but sometimes it is just so difficult to avoid.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  30. I'm always on the look for products packed with good ingredients, as I realised silicones and parabens alter my skin's nature. Thank you for this lovely review, it was a treat to read!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook
    International giveaway: win a sparkle made in Italy

  31. Hmmm. the weekend calls for some extra pampering - you just inspired me ;) Have a happy time kizzy!

  32. Great review Doll.....worth checking out if you say so!


  33. So good of you to share all this info.
    have a fabulous weekend, my dear friend, and don´t you claen too much.
    Here we are suppose to have a bit of rain, but no sighn of it yet

  34. The pomegranate cleanser sounds nice. I will have to check this out, because I use all natural skin care. Lovely review dear, and happy weekend. x/Madison :)

  35. Ooh that mattifying moisturizer sounds lovely! I love cream cleansers and I'm glad you found one that works well for your skin!

  36. Ohh sounds bliss sweets - happy happy sunday xxx

  37. really interesting review, I'm also used to change my moisturizer when spring arrives, due to my oily skin crazy reactions, so your advices are very useful!! (I'm using Korres pomegranate balancing moisturizer)
    besos &

  38. Glad to see companies that make skincare like this - without the nasty stuff! :) I haven't tried this range, but it sounds really nice with all those fruits and berries in them! I also have oily skin that is difficult to keep matte looking, so thanks for the tips honey! :) xxxxxxx

  39. Who doesn't love natural products?! Those products look really appealing and interesting, I'd love to try them out:) I also think that the name of the brand "The Good Things" is simply amazing, great idea:) I will keep it in my mind and If I see such products anywhere, I will definitely buy:)

  40. Great review!!
    I would try as well!

  41. I've been very curious about this brand. Thank you for the review!


  42. These seem to be very good products. I am glad you liked them and worked well for you.

  43. Sweet Kizzy, good morning! Hope you had a lovely weekend, wish you a Happy Monday now! Many kisses and hugs <3


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